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Turkey: Erdogan – ERDOGONE – In Sha Allah

Erdo-Gone in God's Will

Hopefully and finally and long overdue normalization of NATO member state Turkey, the Turkish Army, largest in number in the NATO alliance is attempting a real ‘Regime Change’ where it’s a bliss for its first time.

Erdogan, the horrible Muslim Brotherhood fanatic who turned his whole country Turkey into a safe-haven for terrorists from all sides of the world dreaming of creating his ‘New Ottoman Caliphate’ with him on top of the reign is being challenged in his own country.

The Godfather of ISIS, Nusra Front (AlQaeda Levant), and tens of other smaller terrorist groups, infamously known for his radical anti-Islam acts with hypocrite Islamic publicity, is long over due for an international crimes tribunal. He reached power under a ‘Zero Problems with Neighbors’ policy and ended with Zero Neighbors without Problems with him.

He stabbed each person who stood by him and each leader who trusted him from Putin of Russia, to Assad of Syria to Gaddafi of Libya where he cheered for his killing, to Mubarak of Egypt and many others. He had a shaky relationship with GCC rulers and the only steady and strong relationship was with the Zionist illegal border-less entity aka Israel.

Under his ruling his country turned into the biggest prison for journalists, and the open hostel for terrorists pouring in from all sides of the world to help him achieve his fake caliphate.

In his final attempts to remain in power, the dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tried to mend relations with Russia and Israel, and sent mixed signals to Syria hoping the Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad would forgive him and give him a hand like he did once in 2007 leading to the boom in Turkish economy. Dr. Assad won’t fall in the trap again.

Turkish Army should immediately arrest the current Turkish junta including and especially the head of MIT, the Turkish Intelligence Agency known for his false-flag operations to draw NATO against his neighboring countries.

Here’s some photos from our archives for your pleasure, pray with us the military take over is successful in Turkey.

Tens of Erdoğan Forces Killed
Turkey MÏT Chief Hakan Fidan, Erdoğan Closest confident
Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad (right) sincerely welcoming Caliph wannabe Erdoğan (left with obvious fake feelings)
image- putin erdogan obama
Erdogan Eating Twitter
Erdogan jailer of journalists
Syrian cartoon about the violent machinations of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.
Turkish Spring
Erdogan, USA with you
Erdogan FSA Relation
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Just for the record: We at SYRIANEWS.CC hate Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood junta with passion, for their role working hard to destroy our beloved Syria and by the way, our website was one of the first victims of Erdogan’s media banning.

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