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Turkey: Erdogan – ERDOGONE – In Sha Allah

Hopefully and finally and long overdue normalization of NATO member state Turkey, the Turkish Army, largest in number in the NATO alliance is attempting a real ‘Regime Change’ where it’s a bliss for its first time.

Erdogan, the horrible Muslim Brotherhood fanatic who turned his whole country Turkey into a safe-haven for terrorists from all sides of the world dreaming of creating his ‘New Ottoman Caliphate’ with him on top of the reign is being challenged in his own country.

The Godfather of ISIS, Nusra Front (AlQaeda Levant), and tens of other smaller terrorist groups, infamously known for his radical anti-Islam acts with hypocrite Islamic publicity, is long over due for an international crimes tribunal. He reached power under a ‘Zero Problems with Neighbors’ policy and ended with Zero Neighbors without Problems with him.

He stabbed each person who stood by him and each leader who trusted him from Putin of Russia, to Assad of Syria to Gaddafi of Libya where he cheered for his killing, to Mubarak of Egypt and many others. He had a shaky relationship with GCC rulers and the only steady and strong relationship was with the Zionist illegal border-less entity aka Israel.

Under his ruling his country turned into the biggest prison for journalists, and the open hostel for terrorists pouring in from all sides of the world to help him achieve his fake caliphate.

In his final attempts to remain in power, the dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tried to mend relations with Russia and Israel, and sent mixed signals to Syria hoping the Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad would forgive him and give him a hand like he did once in 2007 leading to the boom in Turkish economy. Dr. Assad won’t fall in the trap again.

Turkish Army should immediately arrest the current Turkish junta including and especially the head of MIT, the Turkish Intelligence Agency known for his false-flag operations to draw NATO against his neighboring countries.

Here’s some photos from our archives for your pleasure, pray with us the military take over is successful in Turkey.

Just for the record: We at SYRIANEWS.CC hate Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood junta with passion, for their role working hard to destroy our beloved Syria and by the way, our website was one of the first victims of Erdogan’s media banning.

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  1. miri

    erDOGan’s “approachment” with Russia has been in progress for some time. His double war crime — of shooting down the RuAF jet in Syrian airspace — was caused by his rage state over Russia breaching the bilateral oil deal (10.25% discount to Turkey, because of decrease in oil prices). Turkey and Russia have been moving back toward each other almost since immediate after the war crimes.

    It is unlikely that Syria could ever forgive Turkey for its heinous atrocities, fully documented throughout this website….so let’s not waste time considering that ‘motive.’

  2. dontgetfooledagain

    This article runs counter to the supposed ‘established wisdom’ that the coup was a CIA-orchestrated plot to remove President Erdogan from power. According to this ‘established wisdom’ Erdogan had shown himself to be independent of Washington, but, thankfully, Russian intelligence learned of the planned coup and warned Erdogan, allowing him to thwart the coup

    Given that 3 years later, after more than 8 years of infiltration by many thousands more takfiris through Turkey into Syria and now, Turkey’s invasion of Syria, how could things possibly have turned out worse if Russian intelligence had not warned Erdogan and the coup had suceeded?

  3. TheTruth

    Interestingly, based on the interview of 31 October 2019, President Assad rather directly implied that Erdoğan orchestrated the July 2016 “coup d’état” to remove Syria-friendly elements within the Turkish Armed Forces. If this is the case, then the supposed fallout, dating to 2013, between Erdoğan and his erstwhile ally Gülen was a highly sophisticated PSYOP directed by NATO. Turkey intervened in Syria to support its own Islamist and Kurdish factions, especially the pro-Barzani elements, against the Iran- and Syria-friendly PYD.

    Curiously, as of August 2016, the Supreme Leader of Iran has defended Turkey against the supposed U.S.-led coup against Erdoğan, while Assad, based on the interview, continues to defend Russia from criticism, even while Russia openly sides with the U.S., Turkey, and Israel. Also, Turkey, like its ally Qatar, financed ISIS at the behest of the Saudis, who in turn received orders from the Israelis and Anglo-Americans. So the whole Saudi-Qatari rift looks suspect as well. After all, Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri started out as members of the Muslim Brotherhood before founding al-Qaida and ISIS.

    Both the MB and its offshoot Hamas were founded by Anglo-American and Israeli intelligence, just like al-Qaida, ISIS, the Taliban, et al. So there really isn’t any conflict at the highest levels. It’s the West, Israel, and Islamists (both Wahhabi–Salafi and, to a lesser extent, factions within Iran) against secular nationalism, socialism, and communism. Realistically, there really isn’t any hope for Syria regaining control of its affairs, given that the whole world is arrayed against it. Appealing to divine justice only confirms the weakness of Syria.

    • Arabi Souri

      All true except the last part. There’s big hope and indications that Syria is going to regain full control over all its stolen regions and even beyond, believe it or not. Everybody needs Syria, Syria doesn’t need them, they create the circumstances trying to make Syria need them. Remember when did Russia intervene directly on Syria’s side? Before that it was weighing its options in Syria and trying to court the Muslim Brotherhood, so did Iran which still doing, to large parts, sadly.
      We warned them all from the beginning they can never crack Syria, they might cause damage and carnage, that we’re used to, but they can’t handle the consequences of their own deeds, that they’re not used to.
      See each party and each country that intervened negatively in Syria back then using a counter for Syria’s days and see where they are now?
      There’s a very hard core in the heart of Syria that is not possible to crack, it’s even praised by God and mentioned that the last standing believers would be in Syria.
      We see them all and know where they’re heading, ‘we master playing on the abyss edge, if we fall we’ll fall over the bodies of our enemies’ Late Hafez Assad, they’ll never understand and they’ll keep trying until end of times, and they’ll keep losing.

  4. TheTruth

    As far as Islamic eschatology is concerned, I have heard that a number of hadith indicate that Syria will be completely destroyed and conquered prior to the arrival/return of the Mahdi and Jesus. Certainly, the Shia who believe in the Twelve Imams predict that the Sufyani will achieve great success and enable the rise of the last Dajjal, just as the Hidden Imam returns to the Arabian Peninsula. Of course, Sunni narrations place more emphasis on the Dajjal than the Sufyani, but there is some degree of overlap. Either way, things look to get much worse before they get better.

    In the United States, Zionists frequently refer to the supposed “destruction of Damascus,” along with the West’s millennia-long record of genocidal success, to support their and their fellow Westerners’ contention that (the) God has blessed their endeavours to build a one-world, messianic, fascist regime. Christian Zionists, in particular, have done their best to infiltrate and co-opt world faiths on behalf of Western fascism and white supremacy. They truly believe that all is permissible to bring about the Apocalypse. After all, sin “must” increase prior to the return of “Christ” (the Antichrist).

    I have done my own research on religion over the years and think that there is some degree of truth in all civilisations and cultures, but am quite divided as to the degree and value of truthfulness in each. The Islamic Republic of Iran frequently sells itself as a friend of Syria, the Arabs, and the ummah, yet all too often has seemed rather indulgent toward the Muslim Brotherhood. The IRI, especially its pro-Western compradors, supported the West’s breakup of Yugoslavia and the MB’s “Arab Spring.” The latter, of course, was a Western-driven series of colour-revolutions, notably in Egypt and Libya.

    Unfortunately, the Islamists have been very successful at deceiving Muslims into supporting the West’s Wahhabi–Salafi operations worldwide, from the Balkans to Myanmar, from Kosovo to Algeria, Afghanistan, and Xinjiang, and everywhere in between. Backed by Western petrodollars, the MB has effectively marshalled Islamist “identity politics” bearing a pseudo-progressive veneer. A telltale sign is that it always favours religious, racial, ethnic, sexual, and other wars instead of anti-capitalist class struggle. (The “Rojava” project is part and parcel of this Western-based matrix.)

    So, at this point, I really do not trust anything that does not put all other distractions at the disposal of—and subordinate them to—the long-lost agenda of the old, hard left: for resistance to Western-led capitalism is the only thing that can possibly hope to save the planet and break down all other inessential identities for good, while averting the all-but-inevitable New World Order. I think that religion is just another tool to divert the masses from deserving targets. At any rate, at this very late stage in the game, there is no real chance to prevent disaster, so I am more or less immobilised.

    After all, the vast majority of Westerners only care about material comfort, the opiate of the fascists. Most of us in the West benefit from Imperial rapine; we complacently grow up believing in racial and religious supremacy. Biology and faith and culture are linked in the Western mind. Wealth and power are signs of divine blessing. Success, no matter how brutally attained, is all that matters, both to man and (the) God. For a long time, I was afraid to speak out on these matters, but since the “opposition” is so weak, I doubt that the All-Seeing Eye of NATO’s Intelligence worries too much about me.

    Anyway, Dystopia is here and will only get infinitely dystopian.

    • Arabi Souri

      ‘At end of times lies spread’, that’s a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad.
      There will be damage in Syria prior to the emerging of the anti-Christ, but that would be the beginning of Armageddon, the biggest and last battle. Do you think the rest of the world would be at peace while the last battle on the natural Syrian land – the Levant – taking place?

      Don’t buy in what the radical books sell. Radical on all sides and within all religions.

      The position of Iran is they promote what I called before ‘Beardocracy’, they think anybody bearded and calling for an Islamist state is righteous, they refuse to realize that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabis, though being Beardocrats, but they’re on Satan’s side.

      That’s their problem. The same goes for the Saudi aka Wahhabi religion, which one face of it is the Muslim Brotherhood and another side is no other than Zionism itself.

      After the anti-Christ takes control of his kingdom in Palestine and March towards Damascus for the Armageddon, Jesus Christ will descend from heavens over the white minerate of the grand mosque in Damascus.. The minerate was not built the time this revelation was mentioned. Before that some signs will emerge one of which the re-establishing of Constantinople, the Blue Mosque will return to its original state, a cathedral, because Islam prohibits what the Ottomans did there, it has to be fixed.

      Other signs are there but no Sufiyani, no hidden Imam, maybe a Mahdi but only at the end.

      NATO is owned by those who own the USA, you need to check this:

  5. TheTruth

    Honestly, the West is simply too powerful for Syria to win on its own.

    Every successful resistance in history has only prevailed with the aid of external parties. During the peak of the Vietnam War (1961–73), the Vietnamese received ample supplies of up-to-date military hardware from the then-Soviet Union (USSR) and China. The popular revolutionary government of Afghanistan (1979–89) received fully-fledged Soviet backing against NATO’s Wahhabi–Salafi mujahideen.

    Until the West seized internal control of the USSR via revisionists such as Gorbachev, the Afghan people and their Soviet allies were winning against the Wahhabi–Salafi mercenaries. The key is that, for a long time, the USSR and other socialist countries offered strong, sustained support to the Vietnamese and Afghans. These are but a few cases; others include Cuba, Angola, Ethiopia, the anti-fascist partisans (1941–5), et al.

    The hard reality is that brute force, wealth, organisation, and fanaticism always decide conflicts. Besides basic self-interest, the West has a firm belief in the Christian-Zionist crusader cult. Christianity is the deadliest weapon in human history. Had Christianity not oppressed the Jews (and others), Zionism would have never come into being. Christian anti-Semitism and racism, in fact, demand Zionism.

    Zionism was always a Christian objective: to divert the Jewish and non-Jewish masses from socialist causes, while imposing a permanent exodus of Jews from the West (and elsewhere) to Israel. The Jews could then be concentrated in one place and incinerated, along with those heathen, subhuman “Arabs” and “godless” Slavic, “negro,” and “yellow” races. That is the Christian vision of World War III, at least in the West.

    Israel is the “bait” that the Christian West is using to draw the entire world into the Apocalypse. And by Apocalypse, we mean biblical: nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiological. With 5G, GMOs, “race-specific” PNAC bioweapons, directed-energy weapons, and all manner of black-budget investment thrown into the proverbial brew…

    As far President Assad is concerned, he still seems to be (more than?) a bit naïve. In a recent interview (Press TV), as of 16 December 2019, he continued to speak of the ever-immanent insurgency against NATO’s occupation in the east of Syria. This insurgency has been spoken of since 2014, yet it has consistently failed to materialise. This is because neither Russia nor Iran is giving aid to the resistance, and both states are forcing Syria to stand down.

    Overall, I find that Hafez al-Assad was a more skilled strategist than Bashar—given the military pedigree of the former, who was a better judge of men and nations. Hafez built a sovereign Syria; Bashar outsourced it to Russia and other external actors (circumstances). He implemented neoliberal flirtations with the West since 2000—leading in part to the conditions, greatly aggravated by the West, that precipitated the false-flag colour-revolution and invasion since 2011.

    Even Hafez, of course, made mistakes—such as abandoning the PLO, compromised and corrupted though it was, to Israel’s “mercies” in Lebanon. If anything, Hafez was too pragmatic; even he sought to ease tensions with Israel at certain critical moments. A better strategy would have been to go on the offensive and capture Lebanon (and Jordan), while seeking the breakup and partition of Turkey. Turkey still needs to be partitioned into Syria-friendly buffer-states.

    Two key preconditions: the restoration of Greater Armenia and the return of Hatay to Syria.

    Anyway, Syria has no allies or partners, even of convenience; it has only itself. That is not enough.

  6. TheTruth

    “For instance, the use of blackness, Ethiopians, and Egyptians as polemical devices in the work of Tertullian, who used the notion of Egypt and Ethiopia as sinful lands to discourage Christians from attending spectacles (or other events popular among pagans) in the Roman Empire. Writers such as Jerome refer to Ethiopians and blacks as being ‘blackened’ by their sins while Origen looks at the black bride in Song of Songs as a metaphor for the Gentile Church, which becomes beautiful and white through conversion and baptism.

    So ethno-political (actually racial – ed.) rhetoric of Christian authors could reflect poorly on blacks (as sinful, heretics such as the Arianist or Nestorian ‘heresies,’ and lustful as in the stories of Egyptian monastic communities and their fear of Ethiopian demons symbolizing lust and temptation)…

    It…can be used to suggest blackness is demonic or aesthetically inferior…”

    According to informed sources, there is no evidence of racism in the ancient world pre-Christianity:

  7. Roy A Booher

    WOW!! I had no idea so many people were into the Christ/anti-Christ mythology. Not to give away the plot, but it’s rather obvious that both those roles follow certain rules; which is to say that the very definition of those roles make the rules that they must follow, impossible.
    In the end, it’s much like it was in the beginning; love sees through all, hatred blinds us all, and all this discussion of saviors creates goyems that are little more than imaginary slaves that wish nothing more out of life than to be dead. And, that is the real problem, because without that death wish, there would be no evil.


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