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Tunisian Women Used as Sex Slaves by Terrorists in Syria

"Sexual Jihad"

Armed infighting between Al-Qaeda and FSA in Deir ez-Zor.

While new reports from Syria say that several armed people were killed in new power struggles between Al-Qaeda-linked groups and groups affiliated with the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, the Interior Minister of Tunisia confirmed that armed extremists have used some Tunisian women as sex slaves in Syria.

There is not much information available about the new armed infighting between the al-Qaeda-linked groups and groups of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor that is located in the East of the Arab country.

It is so far only mentioned that several people were already killed in the new clashes between the extremist groups in Deir ez-Zor. Of course, this is just another confirmation that the armed power struggles are increasing and that the amount of clashes between the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoots such as the “al-Nusra Front” (Jabhat al-Nusra) against the groups linked to the “Free Syrian Army” is steadily growing. The death toll is not reported until now and it is to hope that no Syrian civilians were killed in the growing infighting among the Al-Qaeda-affiliated extremists and the armed terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

And in terms of the “sexual jihad” of Tunisian women in Syria, the Interior Minister of Tunisia said today that the foreign-backed extremists fighting in Syria against the units of the Syrian army and against the government of President Bashar al-Assad are using young Tunisian girls as “comfort women”, while “comfort women” is simply another “word” for sex slaves.

The Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou said to members of the National Constituent Assembly today, that several Tunisian women who have travelled to Syria in order to serve the principles of Jihad were then used as sex partners by the foreign-backed terrorists. However, it seems some did it with their free will and really were convinced a so-called “sex jihad” is different to prostitution. It is not. This kind of “jihad” is prostitution – without getting money for such a “work”.

Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou added that these Tunisian women have had sexual relations in Syria with as many as 100 extremists and returned pregnant to Tunisia. The Tunisian Minister stated that these women had “sexual relations with 20, 30, 100 (terrorists/extremists/jihadists/whatever)…. (and) after the sexual liaisons they have there… they come home pregnant.”

Although Lotfi Ben Jeddou did not mention how many Tunisian women went to Syria for such a “sexual jihad“, it is to assume, under consideration of earlier reports, that it were around 70 Tunisian women and several girls from Tunisia – the girls were 17or 18 years old. While several media reports stated that around 100 women went from Tunisia to Syria in order to wage a “sex jihad” and to serve the armed extremists with “comfort work”, it seems more realistic to put the figure at 50 – 70 Tunisian women and girls.

“Sexual Jihad”

And while such a story always makes a headline, it is to mention that not only women from Tunisia have gone to Syria in order to serve the fighting men, but that also many Tunisian men have travelled to Syria in order to join the ranks of the extremist groups in the battles against the Syrian army. Some joined the Al-Qaeda-linked groups, others joined the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

However, more are now fighting alongside the Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups – due to the situation on ground in Syria and also because the people from the countryside in Tunisia are in principle not far away from the people who are living in the countryside of Egypt. Not to mention that Tunisia has so or so a Salafi problem (Salafist problem) and that it is not far-fetched that Salafists have joined the ranks of the extremists groups in Syria.

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