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Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

Russia’s Prime Minister: Foreign intervention in Syria outside a mandate by UNSC is a criminal action.

The Russian Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in a new statement that any kind of a foreign intervention in Syria that takes place without a mandate by the UN Security Council (UNSC) would represent a violation of the UN Charter and a criminal action.

The Prime Minister of Russia added that Moscow has never supported military solutions when it was convinced that the issues and conflicts can also be resolved by other means, such as negotiations. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also said that this would mean in other words, that Russia believes in the situation that any kind of a foreign interference and a meddling in Syria is not acceptable and even criminal – unless such an interference takes place in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations (UN).

Dmitry Medvedev made these new statements in regards of Syria and the threats by Washington about a military strike on Damascus during a meeting with members of the Oceania-Asia News Agencies (OANA) in Moscow today, where also the Syrian state news agency SANA has participated.

Russia’s Prime Minister Medvedev also pointed out that a military strike against Syria is unacceptable due to the same basis and that negotiations could still be able to resolve the Syrian conflict. The Russian Minister added to his statement that the people of Syria should resolve their problems themselves and through the means of negotiations and legal trends.

Of course, also the chemical weapons attack in suburbs of Damascus in August and the UN report was a topic of the statements by Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow today. In terms of the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, the Russian Minister said that the situation on ground in Syria would be very complicated and that the use of chemical arms has made this already complicated situation in Syria even more complex.

Medvedev stated that the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict should go under a precise study and that it is already clear that such a use of chemical weapons by any party represents a crime against humanity and such a crime against humanity should be confronted as an international crime. The Russian Minister Dmitry Medvedev added to his remarks about the use of chemical weapons in Syria that detailed and objective investigations should be carried out on the basis of international law.

The Minister from Russia further stated that he believes that the negotiations between Washington and Moscow and the Russian proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under an international supervision and to destroy these chemical arms later was a “prompt action and allowed us to prevent escalation of violence and prevent the use of the military option.”

And while the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev described the charter of the United Nations (UN) and the international law as the solution to resolve the conflict in Syria, he was asked by a member of the Oceania-Asia News Agencies (OANA) to give a statement about the support by foreign powers and certain regional states for the terrorists in Syria.

Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

Medvedev answered and said: “I believe it is important for every country to realize its responsibility with regard to developments in its neighbouring region. Yet, the Russian government believes that this should not be used as a pretext for intervention in the other countries’ domestic affairs.”

The Russian Minister recalled the recent wars in the Middle Eastern region in the end of his speech at the meeting with members of the Oceania-Asia News Agencies (OANA) in Moscow today, and said that these recent wars in the region have caused “a spread of terrorist groups like the Al-Qaeda in the region and the world has not grown any safer than the past”.

Afterwards, Medvedev repeated that Russia believes in negotiations and the power of talks and the disarmament of chemical weapons is able to resolve many problems and that “all countries, including the great regional states should help to this process, rather than standing against it.”

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