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Terrorists Blow up Military Bus in Damascus: 1 Martyred, 11 Injured

Damascus bus explosion kills a Syrian soldier and injures others - تفجير عبوة ناسفة في باص مبيت في دمشق يقتل عسكري

Terrorists have blown up yet another military bus, this one at 07:25 on 15 February. This latest bloodbath occurred near the Customs roundabout in Damascus. As is the wont of the cowardly savages, the bus was blown up via remote detonation.

One Syrian Arab Army was martyred, and eleven others were injured. The extent of their wounds has not been released.

SAA Martyr Ghadeer Hussein Killed in the bus explosion in Damascus الشهيد غدير حسين قتل بانفجار باص المبيت في دمشق
SAA Martyr Ghadeer Hussein Killed in the bus explosion in Damascus

Terrorists’ gutless remote detonations have been responsible for hundreds of Syrian deaths and thousands of Syrians being maimed. Such detonations, along with targeted assassinations, date back to 2012, when the western supremacist-supported FSA terrorists engaged in brain drain genocide, with the slaughter of physicians, scientists, and teachers, whose deaths were ignored by NATO stenographer media — because imperialism dictates that Arab lives do not matter, particularly when supremacists plot to impose a new Sykes-Picot.

In May 2013, Senator John McCain became the first politician and first American illegal to overtly enter the Syrian Arab Republic. During this war criminal aggression, he met with kidnappers, ISIS colleagues, and assorted FSA vermin.

Criminal McCain illegally entered Syria, met with kidnappers & other terrorists.

Twenty-two days after McQaeda McCain met with a gang of savages — wildly cheered in US media, in true war criminal bipartisanship — his FSA/JaN friends remotely detonated the car of a Syrian professor, on her way to lecture.

On 18 June 2013, this al Qaeda gang which received pay in USD, remotely detonated an IED attached to the car of Dr. Seham Dannoun, a professor at Damascus University.

Professor Dannoun's legs were blown off when terrorists remotely detonated a bomb in her car.
Professor Dannoun’s legs were blown off when terrorists remotely detonated a bomb in her car.

Though Syrian surgeons were able to save her life, they were forced to perform bilateral above the knee amputations, as her femurs were shattered, her musculature decimated, and her veins and arteries completely gone.

At this writing, official Syrian sources have offered scant details of the carnage, and one has used an archived photograph for its featured image.

Terrorist remotely detonated another military bus in Damascus.
‘Archive’ photo offered by state medium.

The official report did mention the similar IED detonation by terrorists in October 2021.

Terrorists attack targets a bus in Damascus - Syria

To date, there has been no news report that these buses are checked for explosives placed by terrorists, prior to their deadly explosions. Nor has there been a whisper that the government has negotiated attempts to bring in the Giant African Pouched Rat, which can be trained to sniff out explosives without detonating them.

The terrorists responsible for a series of previous explosions targeting mainly the Syrian capital Damascus including the above-mentioned bus explosion in October 2021 were apprehended and gave detailed confessions confirming they were hired by a terrorist commander operating out of Idlib which happens to be Al Qaeda’s last stronghold as per NATO officials and also the safe haven of choice for ISIS heads both allegedly killed by US presidents in the same place, which not surprisingly, also happens to be under the control of terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan; Turkey is NATO’s 2nd largest country and army.

Miri Wood

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