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Syria’s Chemical Weapons: Date and Cost of destruction in 2-3 months

Homs: Rally in Support of the Syrian Arab Army

Yemen: Ten of thousands protest for Syria.

While the Russian administration has announced that the date and cost of the removal and destruction of the chemical weapons arsenal in Syria in line with the recent agreement between Washington and Moscow will be announced in about two or three months, an Iranian lawmaker has already said that Syria’s chemical weapons will be transferred to Russia.

And in Yemen, tens of thousands have protested the American threats of war against Syria. However, the Yemenis also protested against the US plots against Arab countries and especially against the Syrian nation on Friday.

An Iranian lawmaker has welcomed the announcement by the Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadril Jamil that the Syrian government might propose a ceasefire at the long-delayed international peace conference in Geneva (Geneva-II) in the case that this peace conference on the Syrian conflict will take place and under some preconditions, of course.

However, the Deputy Prime Minister of Syria also explained that no side has currently the power to win the war on Syrian soil and thus, the Syrian conflict has reached a stalemate and the Syrian people as well as the economy of the Arab country suffer because of the stalemate and the violence in Syria.

Another legislator from Tehran said in regards of the US-Russian agreement on Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal and to put the chemical arms stockpiles in Syria under an international supervision and to destroy these chemicals later that the decisions by the Syrian government to get rid of its chemical weapons were good and that the international community should support Syria in these steps.

The Iranian legislator also stated that the chemical weapons will be transferred to Russia and that the OPCW should pay the costs for the removal and destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons since the Syrian government has joined the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

As mentioned, Moscow has in the meantime published the statement that the date and cost of the destruction of the chemical arms in Syria, agreed under a US-Russia deal, will be announced in 2-3 months.

And already yesterday, tens of thousands of Yemenis have carried out protests against the war threats by Washington in direction to Syria. The many Yemenis protested against the threats by the United States against Syria, but also against the Western plots targeting the Syrian nation. Further, many Yemenis have also protests against the endless support by the U.S. administration for the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv.

According to the report by the Syrian state news agency SANA, tens of thousands of Yemenis have marched across the streets of Sana’a and protested against the weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Israel, but also against the US plots against the Middle East and especially against Syria. The many protesters in Sana’a called upon the so-called international community to stand against the endless American support for the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv, which is known to include weapons, money, and the support for its nuclear arsenal.

Homs: Rally in Support of the Syrian Arab Army
Homs: Rally in Support of the Syrian Arab Army

SANA reports that the tens of thousands of Yemenis on the streets yesterday have rejected the American-Israeli plots against the Middle Eastern region, which also involves the incitement of sectarian seditions in order to divide the people and to weaken the Arab states. Many of the protesters in Yemen have condemned the meddling of the U.S. administration in the internal affairs of Arab states in the Middle East.

Also in the city of Sa’ada, many people took to the streets to protest against the US machinations in Syria and to voice their support for the Syrian nation. The participators of the protests in Sa’ada called upon the international leaders to get rid of their double standards and to refrain the use of such a hypocritical policy when handling the conflict in Syria. The protesters further called for a general disarming and to put all weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) under an international supervision and to destroy these kinds of weapons. Of course, this also includes the nuclear arsenal of the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv.

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