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Syrian Minister: Civil War Reached Stalemate – Ceasefire Possible?

Jobar. Photo by A. Filatov / ANNA News

Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister: No side strong enough to win the civil war.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Syria, Qadri Jamil, said in this week that no side in the Syrian conflict would be strong enough to win the Syrian conflict and to end the civil war in the Arab country. Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister added that the Syrian governance of President Bashar al-Assad will call for a ceasefire in case that the planned Geneva II conference and peace talks will really take place.

Qadri Jamil, the Deputy Prime Minister of Syria, told the newspaper “The Guardian” in a statement on Wednesday that no side involved in the Syrian conflict on ground in the Arab country is strong enough of defeating the other side(s) and to win the war.

Jamil also stated that “neither the armed opposition nor the regime is capable of defeating the other side.” The Deputy Prime Minister of Syria also added that this “zero balance of forces” on ground in Syria will not “change for a while” and has thus, reached a stalemate.

The Syrian Minister also said that the economy of Syria has already lost an estimated $100bn during the conflict and war in the Arab country, while the lost $100bn are the equivalent of two years of normal production in Syria.

Qadri Jamil then explained that in case if the armed opposition forces fighting in Syria will accept the ceasefire, such a situation has then to be monitored “under international observation” and suggested that such a supervision could be provided by a UN peacekeeping mission- as long as the UN peacekeepers would come from friendly or at least neutral countries.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his American counterpart, John Kerry, who has recently lied towards congressmen in the United States about the alleged “absence of Al Qaeda in the Syrian conflict”, will meet again at the end of this month to further discuss the planned international peace conference on Syria in Geneva (Geneva II). There are still some differences in the views of Russia and the United States about the proposed international peace conference on the Syrian conflict that shall help to find a political solution to the conflict and crisis in the Arab country.

The main differences remain between Washington and Moscow over who should participate in the Geneva II-conference. Washington has no real interest that Iran participates in the proposed Geneva-2 conference, while Russia says that Tehran is a key country of the Middle East and has thus to participate because a conference on Syria without the participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran would not be balanced. Further, the U.S. administration wants the supported “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC) to drop its boycott of the proposed Geneva-2 conference on Syria and that this Western-backed opposition outside Syria should be the only opposition that takes part in the peace talks on Syria in Geneva.

Jobar. Photo by A. Filatov / ANNA News
Jobar. Photo by A. Filatov / ANNA News

Russia has meanwhile even proposed that a delegation of Kurds should also participate at the proposed Geneva-2 talks on Syria and this seems valid under consideration of the Syrian Kurds and the situation near the Syrian-Turkish borders, including the battles between the Kurds and the Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in this region.

Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil said in terms of the meddling by foreign governments in the situation in Syria that these outside powers have to stop “trying to influence the outcome of events in Syria.” Jamil added that the Syrian governance in Damascus aims to end an external intervention, a ceasefire, and also the beginning of a peaceful political process “in a way that the Syrian people can enjoy self-determination without outside intervention and in a democratic way.”

Qadri Jamil also stated in his recent statements regarding the conflict and war in his country that the government of Syria “wanted to give a lesson to both sides to prepare for a government of national unity and break the unilateral aspect of the regime – and break the fear in opposition circles of sitting in front of the regime” and further explained:

“For all practical purposes the regime in its previous form has ended. In order to realize our progressive reforms we need the West and all those who are involved in Syria to get off our shoulders.”

The Deputy Prime Minister of Syria also said that he thinks the recently published UN report on the use of chemical weapons in Syria and especially about the chemical attack in suburbs of Syria’s capital Damascus on August 21 was not fully objective and is for example missing the evidence, which was provided by Russia, that the chemical weapons could have been sold to the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria by fundamentalists from Libya.

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  1. William H. Depperman

    Materialist Analysis of the U.S. Orchestrated so-called “Arab
    Spring” Regime Change Gambit in the Mideast, Persian Gulf
    And Russia Using “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy:

    The United States of America is an OUTLAW STATE:


    The United States Has Invaded Syria with a Proxy Army of Mercenary
    Terrorists/Jihadists from 29 countries! “There is NO “Civil War!”
    There is NO “Uprising!” There is NO “Sectarian Conflict!” The
    USA cannot Send in Its Own Army which is too Demoralized!

    On September 19, 2013 (BBC) Syria revealed Russia had Prevailed on Syria to Effectively Surrender to the USA Jihadists and that Syria would be Partitioned According to a Joint USA/Russian Agreement! The “deputy prime minister,” Qadri Jamil, who is a tool of the Russian Federation, who 100% Opposes Ba’ath Socialism, who Falsely Claimed to be “Communist (!),” stated that Bashar Assad Was OUT as Prime Minister! Traitor Iranian PM Rouhani stated Iran would Help broker “peace through constructive engagement” between USA Jihadists (!) & Syria and implied 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria was a Dead Issue!

    The Sarin Gas Attack in Syria was a USA-Orchestrated Mass Provocation to Create a False Pretext for Cruise Missile Attacks Designed to do the Job of a “No-Fly Zone” and is almost an Exact Repeat of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Provocation Used by
    The USA to Invade Iraq! The Syrian Agreement to turn over all its Chemical Weapons to be Destroyed may indeed only Temporarily Block the USA Cruise Missile Attack! The USA has unleashed a Propaganda Storm Combined with a Huge increase in Provocations and Atrocities by the USA mercenary Jihadists, which are all blamed on Syria to “Condition” the World to Expect another “Inevitable” USA War unless Syria Agrees to Partition and effectively Surrenders! The USA will VERY LIKELY direct its CIA Operatives in Syria and Proxy Jihadist Mercenaries to CONTINUE Sarin Attacks so the USA can Shriek: “Syria Did NOT turn over ALL its Chemical Weapons!” The USA-Orchestrated Sarin Gas Provocations will therefore undoubtedly Continue in Order To Provide a False Pretext for Threat of a 90-Day Cruise Missile War which will Be Extended! The USA Objective is to Overthrow Syria through fake “Peace Process” Surrender & Partition!

    The Russian/USA Chemical Weapons Agreement specifies: “…ANY use of chemical weapons by ANYONE In Syria, the UN Security Council SHOULD (!) impose measures under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.” Chapter VII Specifies MILITARY ACTION “to restore international peace and security!” If the USA
    Decides to Continue Chemical Weapons Provocations the word “should” will only restore the status quo!

    The USA did not Wage their Proxy War to Overthrow Syria for 2½ Years to allow it to End it for ANY Reason! Because the Entire World Opposes a USA Cruise Missile War Against Syria an Agreement to Dispose of ALL of Syria’s Chemical Munitions is initially Supported by Everyone, even WITH FANFARE By the Scheming USA and “NATO/European Union” Warmongers themselves, and is Designed to Provide The Maximum (False) Appearance of “Good Faith” prior to the Planned Reversal following Renewed Chemical Weapons Attacks and Resumed USA Demands for a Cruise Missile War! The August 21, 2013 Sarin Gas Attack was carried out MOST LIKELY by CIA Operatives in Syria in conjunction with USA-Jihadist Mercenary Proxies! This is the Reason that the USA and its puppets including France, UK and the UN Hierarchy are already Denouncing in Advance the as-yet-unseen Syrian Evidence to be Presented by Russia before the UN Security Council implicating USA Mercenary, Jihadist Proxies as the Actual Perpetrators of the August 21 Sarin Gas Attack!! Therefore, further Sarin Gas attacks are highly likely!



    In Libya, Russia GAVE the Security Council Vote which Gave the USA the Green Light for A “No-fly Zone” in a Direct Quid Pro Quo for Membership in World Trade Organization!

    In Syria, Russia Continues to Hide the true nature of the USA Proxy Invasion! Russia has Provided Passive Support for 2½ Years for the USA-Directed Destruction of Syria, but Recently partially reversed itself to try to hide its role which had become OBVIOUS! Russia Covered itself in a carefully contrived way by labeling the August 21st Sarin Gas Attack a Provocation, and now promises to bring Syrian evidence before the UN Implicating the USA Jihadist Proxies as the Perpetrators, but Refused to Directly Accuse the USA of Ordering The Sarin Gas Attack by CIA Operatives in Syria, as in Libya, and its Mercenary Jihadist Proxies! Russia Deliberately Omitted to Mention that Only the USA has the MOTIVE and The Capabilities to Carry out Such a Large-Scale Attack! Language which did briefly allude To Motive Only Appeared Briefly and did NOT mention THE WORD “MOTIVE,” which is Crucial for a Complete Understanding! Putin also Knows his Demand that the USA “Present Evidence That the Syrian Government Carried out the Sarin Gas Attacks to the UN stating ‘Otherwise There IS NO EVIDENCE’” (BBC, August 31, 2013), would be Covered Up by The majority Of the USA-Controlled world Media. Concise Repetition is therefore essential!

    Russian presentation of Evidence implicating USA Proxy Jihadists would be Admirable But If that Evidence is not properly presented it will be undermined, weakened and discredited!
    Russia’s “Explanation” that “the chemical weapons could have been sold (!) to the rebels by Fundamentalists from Libya” is absurdly PREPOSTEROUS and designed to MISLEAD!

    The Sarin Gas Provocation was carried out to create a Pretext for the USA to do the work of A “No-Fly Zone” in Ninety Days with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles: To Destroy the entire Syrian Air Force, all Airfields to prevent Re-supply by Iran and to destroy Military as well As Civilian Infrastructure not Already Destroyed by USA Mercenary Jihadists and to Overthrow Syria Completely—Just the OPPOSITE of Obama’s BIG LIES—or Weaken and Force Syria to accept Ethnic-Religious Partition, Permanent War and Subjugation by USA!

    But RUSSIA, and both Syria and Iran, which allow the Russian Federation to Control and Dictate their Politics, cover up the Damascus Sarin Gas Provocation, by accusing “Rebels” Merely And Never breath the words: USA Sarin Gas Provocation, and Deliberately Omit The obvious fact that the scale of the Sarin Gas attacks indicates the USA Jihadists with help Of CIA Agents already in Syria, obtained the Sarin Gas from USA with Direct Instructions On How, When and Where to Use it, and Omit that ONLY the USA HAS MOTIVE for Huge Sarin Gas Attacks in Syria and Divide & Conquer Bombings in Lebanon…AND IRAQ!

    Earlier, Russia Falsely Appeared to Partially Reverse its Sell-out of SYRIA and Claimed it Would Not PERMIT a Syrian “No-Fly Zone! USA Media Covered Up a June 17, 2013 G-8 Announcement by Russia (See BBC) that it “Would Fundamentally Not Allow the Scenario” Of a No-Fly Zone in Syria, supposedly also recognizing the Ba’ath Socialist Government as “The Legitimate Government of Syria,” motivating the USA to begin Arming its Jihadists Openly although the USA has been DIRECTLY Arming them and Paying them Since 2011!!

    The False USA Claim that it was “NOT arming” its Jihadist/Mercenaries “Directly” was to HIDE the Fact that the USA is ALSO Supplying them with Sarin Gas! On June 16th IRAN Stated it would Deploy a Tiny “4,000 Strong Force” but only a Handful of Iranians are Documented to be in Syria! This Means Iran will NOT Honor its Mutual Defense Pact with Syria which would End the USA Proxy Invasion! Iran apparently agrees opportunistically in Practice to Permanently Partition and Divide Syria with Iran next on the Chopping Block!? Note: the USA Directly Threatened both Iran and Lebanon in its Resolutions to Bomb Syria! Iran must NOT be Intimidated by the Threats of the Obama Regime or so-called “Israel,” And must put All boots on the Ground in Syria! The USA Directed its Jihadist Proxies to Drive Unarmed Syrian Kurds into Iraq as a Step Toward Syrian Partition because the Kurds support Ba’ath Socialism and Oppose Sharia & Refuse to Support USA Jihadists!

    On the Issue of USA/“Israeli” Air Strikes: Russia Previously Responded Falsely by Going Through The Motions: Antiaircraft/Anti-Ship Missiles promised to Syria to Defend
    Against USA/“Israeli” air strikes were Cancelled, which would permit a Tomahawk Attack!
    Russia’s lowered its “No-Fly Zone” stance to: “It would be a violation of International Law! Russia also then DISMANTLED similar Missiles Destined for Iran from a 2007 Contract!!! Turning over Syrian Chemical Weapons to the UN would Remove the pretext for USA
    Cruise Missile Campaign and make Antiaircraft missiles unnecessary if the USA did not Plan to CONTINUE its Sarin Gas Provocations, which it most certainly DOES!

    The USA and Russia Continuously Work Together to Try to Distract Hezbollah and LULL
    Iran with fake “Nuclear Talks” to Prevent Iran from Honoring its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact
    With Syria, which would End the USA Proxy/Mercenary Invasion of Syria ON THE SPOT!
    Syrian and Hezbollah Forces alone Cannot Liberate Aleppo & Areas of Northern & Eastern
    Syria from the USA Proxy Invaders from 29 Different Countries! Iran’s Help is Required!

    Capitalism is Fundamentally based on War, Mass Murder and Subjugation to Steal New Resources and New Markets in order to increase Private Profits!
    We Need to Get Rid of Capitalism! An Idea Whose Time Has Come!


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