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Syria’s Wheat Enough for More Than a Year

Wheat silos in Adra

Despite the ongoing crisis for the past 30 months, Syria’s strategic inventory of its most consumed food grains are better than many countries out there.

It’s no secret that NATO backed terrorists from all different names they call themselves targeted systematically Syria’s infrastructure, agriculture, industries, heritage in addition to targeting the Syrian people. Definitely not a revolution rather a war of attrition led by the western ‘humanitarian bastards’ against the sovereign state that managed to achieve self-efficiency in most of the essentials needed by its people, even export surplus to neighboring countries and beyond.

Wheat silos in Adra
Wheat silos in Adra, Damascus Countryside

The agriculture sector of the Syrian economy suffered great amount of losses with NATO’s death squads aka FSA or Al Qaeda Levant or Nusra Front or whatever, going amock like swarms of locusts landing on green planes. Not only the grains were stolen and smuggled into Turkey, silos burnt down, roads destroyed and lands mined, even truck drivers transporting their produce were sniped and killed, since the very first week of the crisis.

Fuel tanks, Homs oil refinery, oil pipelines were among the destroyed and targeted facilities making life more miserable for the farmers as if the depreciation of the Syrian Lira, the country’s currency’s value was not enough for them.

In spite of all of that, and thanks to the policies set by the most hated by Zionists and Wahhabis party, the Baath party in Syria, the country is still far better than many of those in the region, like countries totally dependent on food and other types of aid to survive, namely: Egypt, Jordan, the Zionist colonies of foreign settlers known in the west as Israel, and others.

Head of Syria’s General Establishment for Cereal Processing and Trade Mr. Mussa Nawwaf Al-Ali stated that Syria’s storage of wheat is enough to cover the country’s consumption for more than a year.

Syrian government continues to work hard to keep the supplies flowing for this strategically important product by sponsoring local producers and buying their produce at competitive prices or by importing further more quantities to keep in the safe side.

Syria stores around 3 million Tons of wheat in silos all over the country to feed its 23 million population. Syria’s production of wheat dwindled 40% over the past 30 months, since the Obama’s regime and stooges decided to democratize the country NATO-style.

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  1. Arklight

    This is not a good situation. I hope that the Syrian government has developed sources for food grains that do not have GMO components. Government should get on that, most rikitik.


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