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Tunisia: Measures Against “Sex Jihad” Trips to Syria

"Sexual Jihad"

Jihad al-Nikah: Tunis to fight “sexual jihad” trips to Syria.

The Women’s Ministry of Tunisia announced yesterday that it will implement a plan to fight against the increasing number of Tunisian women and girls who are traveling to Syria in order to wage the so-called “sex jihad” (Jihad al-Nikah) and to serve the armed terrorist groups and extremists as “comfort women.”

The Interior Minister of Tunisia had in advance confirmed that armed terrorists and jihadists have used some Tunisian women and girls as “sex slaves” in Syria and this partly with the willingness of the Tunisian women who wanted to support the strange “jihad” of the armed Islamists in Syria by their “support”.

Tunisias Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou said in advance of the new announcement by the Tunisian Women’s Ministry that the foreign-backed jihadists and extremists, who are fighting in Syria against the units of the Syrian army and against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, are using Tunisian women and even some young girls as “comfort women”, while “comfort women” is simply another word for sex slaves. The Tunisian women travelled to Syria in order to wage the so-called “sex jihad / sexual jihad” (Jihad al-Nikah).

According to the statements by the Tunisian Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou, these women and girls from Tunisia have had sexual relations in Syria with as many as 100 extremists and returned pregnant to Tunisia. He said to members of the National Constituent Assembly that these women had “sexual relations with 20, 30, 100 (Islamists/jihadists/extremists in Syria)…. (and) after the sexual liaisons they have there… they come home pregnant.”

Tunisia’s Women’s Ministry has now announced on Saturday, that it will present a plan to counter the growing number of women and girls, who are travelling to Syria to serve the extremist groups as “comfort women” and to support the armed terrorists by waging the so-called “sexual jihad” in their fighting against the Syrian government of President al-Assad in Damascus. The Ministry in Tunis wants to counter the increasing number of these women who travel to Syria with the idea of comforting the armed jihadists.

The official statement by the Tunisian Women’s Ministry said that the Ministry wants to increase its cooperation with both government and non-government bodies on this issue of the “sex jihad” to Syria and that it will publish a plan including „appropriate ways to thwart the plans of those who encourage such practices.” The statement by the Tunisia’s Women’s Ministry added that the Ministry in Tunis will work to “introduce a plan of information, sensitivity and education targeting women and families everywhere to warn them of the seriousness of these practices.”

"Sexual Jihad"
Sexual Jihad”

The Tunisian Interior Minister has not announced the number of Tunisian women and girls who have returned to Tunis from their “sexual jihad” (Jihad al-Nikah) to Syria and the Minister also didn`t elaborate on how many of these Tunisian women and girls had returned pregnant with children of extremists and jihadists from Syria.

However, it is already known that the number of Tunisian women and girls, who were traveling to Syria for the so-called “sex jihad” (Jihad al-Nikah), has increased and that there are still women in Tunisia have the idea and plan to go to Syria.The Tunisian Health Ministry pointed out in a recent statement that there is an “increase in the number of young women leaving for so-called jihad al-nikah,” but the statement of the Health Ministry in Tunis did also not include any figures.

The so-called “Jihad al-Nikah” (“Sex Jihad”) allows extramarital sexual relations with several partners and is considered by some strange Salafists as a legitimate form of the holy war (jihad). These hard-line Salafists (Salafis) and some others consider this practice probably as a legitimate form of Jihad because of their self-interest. Who knows…? However, such a practice sounds more like prostitution and it is certainly nothing else.

According to media reports, thousands of Tunisians have joined extremist groups and jihadists across the world in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria over the past 15 years.

And in regards of the Tunisian women and girls who are traveling to Syria in order to wage the so-called “sex jihad” in the Arab country, the media reports say that hundreds of Tunisian women have gone to Syria for this purpose and to play the role of “comfort women” for the armed jihadist groups – in addition to hundreds of Tunisian men joining the armed extremists groups in Syria in their battles against the secular government of President al-Assad in Damascus.

According to statements by the Tunisian Interior Minister Ben Jeddou, some six thousands of young Tunisians have been prevented from travelling to Syria to join the armed terrorist and jihadist groups in their battles against the Syrian Army since March. The border controls have been boosted to stop young Tunisians to travel to Syria in order to join the armed extremist groups. The border controls will monitor and probe Tunisian women who want to go to Syria more intense now, too.

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