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Syrian Parliament Approved Two Oil Contracts with Russian Companies

oil and gas - Syria

Two oil and gas exploration contracts with Russian companies were approved by the Syrian People’s Assembly (Parliament), the vital economic sector for Syria’s rebuilding efforts.

While the US and its camp of thieves continue to loot the Syrian oil, not because of its quantities, it’s less than 10% of what the US gets for almost free from Kuwait and without a sweat, for instance, it’s an additional step by the criminal junta ruling the US, aka the Swamp, to deprive the Syrian people from one of their main resources in an additional punishment because they refused to die and refused to live as slaves like the others in countries in western Europe and the region.

The two deals approved by the Syrian Parliament include exploration and production in three areas, notably in an oil field in northeastern Syria and a gas field north of the capital Damascus.

Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem said that the awarding of contracts to the two companies is part of the Syrian state cooperating with friendly countries that stood by Syria, referring to the ongoing Syrian combating against the US-waged World War of Terror against humanity.

Ghanem said the ministry is continuing to conclude maritime oil investment contracts, but economic sanctions on Syria have prevented naval contracts with a number of international companies.

Last September, the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources signed three contracts with Russian companies in the field of surveying, drilling and production in the oil and gas sector as part of the 61st Damascus International Fair.

Syria’s pre-war production of oil barely reached 380,000 bpd, which was almost enough for the country, pre-2011, and a little left for export. However, new findings in Syria’s territorial waters as well as northeast of the country and in the central region between the capital Damascus and Homs are very promising and would be an important source of energy and income for decades to come.

During the past 9 years of the current war on the Syrian people, the looting of the Syrian oil was carried out by the FSA terrorists then Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant), then ISIS, then the Kurdish separatist SDF militia, and now directly to the US, ironically, all of them were stealing Syrian oil and selling it to Turkey (at $ 5 / barrel) which in turn sells it to Israel…!

‘Wherever there’s a push from democracy using terror and direct invasion, i.e. the US style, there’s oil’, in other words, you can say: The Americans are always seeking G.O.D. at all costs: Gold, Oil, and Drugs.

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