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Three Oil Exploration Contracts Signed with Russian Companies During Damascus International Fair

Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources Signed 3 Contracts with Russian companies

Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources signed three contracts with Russian companies in the oil and gas sector yesterday. The signing ceremony took place at the Syrian Ministry’s wing at Damascus International Fair.

The contracts were signed on behalf of the Syrian side by Bassam Tohme, general manager of the General Petroleum Corporation, on the Russian side by the Director-General of Velada Olek Kirillov and the General Manager of Mercury Dmitry Green Kyiv.

“Today, on the sidelines of Damascus International Fair we signed 3 contracts with Russian companies in the field of surveying, drilling, and production in the oil and gas sector in the central and eastern regions.” Syrian Minister of Oil and Mineral ResourcesEng. Ali Ghanem was quoted after he attested the contracts for the Syrian government.

“These contracts are the fruit of the Syrian-Russian cooperation in the economic field and as a result of the protocol of cooperation between the two countries and the road map signed between the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources and the Russian Ministry of Energy in 2018.”, the minister concluded.

The General Manager of Mercury said: “The contract signed is for oil exploration and its large area, where it will be drilling later in the places where oil is expected to exist,” he added: “This will create the region and build the required infrastructure, pointing out that this contract will create great jobs in areas related to the company’s work.”

In turn, the Director-General of the company Velada confirmed that the contract was the result of negotiation and a great effort extended for about six months to reach the final version and said: “We are working to develop the economic relationship between the two countries based on the principle of mutual respect between the two parties.”

The signing ceremony was also attended by the Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Muhammad Samir Al-Khalil, State Minister for Investments Mrs. Wafiqa Hussni, and State Minister of Organizations Affairs Ms. Salwa Al-Abdallah.

Russian companies are the best option in cooperating with taking in consideration a number of factors not limited to: Their contracts are more transparent, they tend to cooperate with the local partners to develop local communities instead of importing foreign engineers with high salaries and less productivity depriving the local communities of most of the benefits, they are less politically aggressive, almost incomparable with what comes from Western and in particular US corporations, they’re very much affordable and most importantly they’re sincere.

The regime of Donald Trump and his cronies in the West have imposed sanctions on their countries and their companies depriving them of any chances of business dealing with Syria, and with many other countries with high potentials. The destructive policies those politicians are carrying out against their own countries’ interests are very counterproductive and contributes to the already shrinking economies they have for short-sighted political gains.

The Russian Federation has been a strong ally to Syria in the fight against international terrorism and has directly intervened upon an official request by the Syrian state to combat NATO-sponsored terror since the end of September 2015. The Russian intervention alongside Syria has been very essential to counter the ‘Regime Change’ War of Terror led by the USA and championed by a number of western countries, regional states, and financed by the most retard political regimes in the world. The support Russia provided has also benefited Russia in thwarting a large number of terrorist attacks, removed itself from the list of countries to suffer a regime change by NATO-sponsored terrorist invasion, and brought it back firmly to the international stage as a superpower.

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