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Syrian Journalist and Three SAA Soldiers Assassinated in Daraa

Syrian Journalist killed in IED explosion in Daraa

Syrian journalist Feras Al Ahmad and three Syrian Arab Army soldiers were assassinated in a terrorist attack in Daraa countryside, southern Syria, yesterday Wednesday 09 August 2023.

The four martyrs were killed on their way back after accompanying the Syrian Arab Army in its combing operation against drug traffickers on the borders with Jordan.

A highly-explosive IED (Improvised Explosive Device) planted in their vehicle by the NATO-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ was remotely detonated in the Al Shayyah area on the Damascus – Amman (Jordan) highway in the southern Daraa countryside.

Syrian Journalist Feras Al Ahmad murdered by NATO terrorists

Though Daraa was officially cleansed in September 2021 , remnants of terror cells have persisted in inflicting all types of heinous atrocities against Syria’s soldiers, its citizens, and their children.

Syrian news agency SANA reporting the terrorist attack said that Journalist Feras Ghassan Ahmad Al Aqayleh known as Feras Al Ahmad was from Daraa, born in Sheih Miskeen town in the northern countryside of Daraa and was working for the Syrian Sama media channel since 2014.

Reports said that Journalist Feras Al Ahmad and two of the Syrian Army soldiers with him in the vehicle were killed immediately, and the third soldier succumbed to his severe wounds soon after reaching the hospital. SANA failed to name the three soldiers in its report.

Locals reported that Ikhbariya TV cameraman Ahmad Al Masalmeh was in the same vehicle as the four martyrs and was severely injured in the explosion.

Syrian journalists have been a main target for the NATO-sponsored terrorists since the war of terror was inflicted upon Syria by the NATO Spring, simply because they didn’t join the ‘revolution’ the Western officials and their propagandists in Western and regional mainstream media painted as ‘peaceful’ and ‘spontaneous’ just like how Russian and Ukrainian journalists are now being targeted in both Russia and Ukraine whose reporting is counter to the narrative of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance.

Some of Syria’s prominent journalists have been kidnapped, tortured, then murdered from the very early days of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition waged against Syria since March 2011. Syrian news channels were attacked by the Al Qaeda FSA terrorists like the heinous terrorist attack carried out against the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel studios in Damascus countryside killing 3 journalists and 4 guards.

The onslaught against the Syrian journalists was in coordination with the US and European Union banning of Syrian pro-state media channels and alternative media channels based in Syria, in addition to media outlets exposing the lies of the Western officials about their war on the Syrian people.

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