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Syrian Government Enforces Public Holidays to Ration Oil

Syrians suffer shortage of oil petrol معاناة السوريين جراء نقص النفط ومشتقات النفط البنزين والمازوت

All public entities will remain closed on the 11th and 18th of the month to reduce the consumption of oil, the latest measure taken by the Syrian government to tackle the shortages in fuel in the country.

The measure considered by a government’s deliberations on the shortage of fuel extends the weekends of this week and the next week an additional day, a statement issued by Prime Minister Eng. Hussein Arnous Syria’s public weekends fall on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Prime Minister’s statement explained the shortages of fuel in Syria were “because of the blockade and the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the country, and because of the circumstances that delayed the arrival of oil supplies and oil derivatives.”

Another reason the Syrian people are struggling with the shortage of fuel is the continuous theft of their own oil by the US Army in its proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in the northeastern Al Jazira region.

The theft in broad daylight of Syrian oil exceeding the value of 100 billion dollars triggered even China, which seldom comments on international affairs, to slam the USA for.

Public entities whose nature or circumstances require continuity of work will continue their work and will be exempted from the extended holiday, the Syrian Prime Minister’s statement concluded.

Syria produces enough oil for its domestic needs and that oil is being stolen by the Axis of Satanic slaves led by the United States of America, its NATO cronies, and EU stooges, the same fake humanitarian forces that covertly and overtly support Al Qaeda and ISIS against the Syrian people, support Israel in its occupation of the Syrian Golan and its repeated bombing of Syria, and impose the inhumane blockade on the Syrian people for over a decade, these ‘Western Values’ the Syrians denounce.

Note that Syria itself is self-sufficient with oil if it wasn’t for the US and European Union stealing its oil, its Arab brethren are sitting on the world’s largest reserves of oil, namely, the Gulfies and Iraq, and its presumably closest allies, Russia and Iran, are among the world’s largest exporters of oil, and yet the Syrian people suffer because of those Western Values, the direct role of the Arabs in its suffering, and the inability of Syria’s allies to aid even though they’re next on the US’s hitlist!

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