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Biden Forces Steal 100 Tankers and Trucks of Syrian Oil and Wheat

US forces steal Syrian oil and wheat -file photo

Western Values: The occupation forces of the ‘woke’ regime of war criminal Joseph Biden stole an additional convoy of 100 tankers loaded with Syrian oil and wheat from the Syrian province of Hasakah and smuggled them into neighboring Iraq, multiple sources confirmed.

Within one day, the Biden forces illegally occupying Syrian territories and operating to aid terrorist groups stole an additional 74 tankers loaded with Syrian oil, 30 of the tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil were smuggled into neighboring Iraq through the Al Waleed illegal border crossing.

44 tankers filled from the Al Sweidiyah oil fields in Hasakah province were smuggled into Iraq through the Al Mahmoudieh illegal crossing.

A convoy of 20 lorries loaded with stolen Syrian wheat was spotted heading from the Al Malikiyah area into Iraq through the Simalka border crossing, the convoy was accompanied by US army units working for the head of the US Democratic Party.

The Syrian news agency Sana reported this latest plundering by the Biden forces through its sources in the northeastern province of Hasakah adding that the convoys were seen heading to the US illegal military posts in Iraq.

Syria is facing a massive shortage of food and fuel due to the global crises and exacerbated by the terrorist groups and their sponsors working hard to destroy the last secular country in the region to justify the existence of a Jewish state, the last apartheid regime in the world.

The terrorist groups operating in Syria supported and protected by forces of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance are depriving the Syrian people of their own food and fuel in order to effect the regime change they failed to achieve through the decade-long war of terrorism, attrition, and blockade.

Occupying other people’s land, stealing their resources, imposing a blockade on population, destroying the infrastructure of other countries, and sponsoring terrorist groups are all war crimes the citizens of the United States of America and the European Union are responsible for, they finance with their tax money, they elect their officials who order these crimes, and they never hold their officials accountable for the crimes they have committed in their names and with their money and by their own armies.

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