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Syrian Army Dismantles IEDs Planted by NATO Terrorists in Daraa

NATO terrorists planted IED explosve devices in Daraa

Syrian Arab Army units in the southern region dismantled several explosive devices planted on the sides of roads in the southern Syrian province of Daraa to target passer-by civilians, and the Syrian border guards shot down a drone used by NATO proxy forces on the borders with Jordan.

A statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defence [conveyed] by the Syrian news agency SANA said:

“Members of the engineering units of our armed forces operating in the Daraa countryside dismantled several explosive devices camouflaged in the shape of rocks by terrorists, prepared to target passers-by on the side of the road in the towns of Busra al-Harir and al-Muzayrib.”

Syrian border guards shot down a drone near the borders with Jordan, the statement added.

Syrian Border Guards Shoot down NATO Terrorists drone near Jordan borders

Syria’s southern provinces have seen an increase in the activities of NATO-sponsored terrorists and NATO proxy forces ever since the US Army built its illegal base in the Syrian Al Tanf area on the joint Syria – Iraq – Jordan border triangle area in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert.

Remnants of ISIS who fled the city of Daraa in September 2021, sought refuge within the so-called 55 square kilometers protected perimeter set by the illegal US Army base in Al Tanf from which these terrorists launched numerous terrorist attacks against the Syrian people including heinous massacres, assassinations, and terrorist explosions mainly in the Syrian southern provinces of Daraa, Sweida, Damascus Countryside, and Quneitra.

In addition to the terrorist attacks, the remnants of ISIS terrorists were involved in different crimes across the borders including the trafficking of people and drugs through the open desert connecting Syria, Iraq, and Jordan, and from Jordan and Iraq to Saudi Arabia.

These activities by the terrorists were not bothering the Jordanian regime, on the contrary, the authorities in the ‘Hashemite Kingdom’ were facilitating the operations of the terrorists against the Syrian people.

Palestinian factions operating in Syria, on the other hand, started sending weapons to their brethren in Palestine to help them defend themselves in the face of the US-Israeli genocide, this has triggered the Jordanian regime to carry out several heavy military operations within Syria’s borders claiming these cross-border operations violating Syria’s sovereignty were to combat drug traffickers.

Jordanian law enforcement did not bother to inform their Syrian counterparts who are more capable of handling the drug traffickers more efficiently, instead, the Jordanian Army was engaging in real war-like operations against the Palestinian groups and the aerial bombing of Syrian villages under the guise of combating the drug traffickers, something Jordan was facilitating for over 12 years when it was harming the Syrian people.

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