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Syria Strongly Supports China in Light of Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan, Foreign Ministry

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Damascus, Syria

Syria strongly supports China in its stand to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity against the aggressive acts by the USA against the People’s Republic of China, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement in light of the provocative visit of the US House Speaker Pelosi to the Chinese province of Taiwan without obtaining a visa from the authorities in Beijing.

A statement issued by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs carried by Sana said:

Syria condemns with the strongest terms the US unprecedented escalation and provocative policy against China,” reiterating that “the declaration of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to visit Taiwan during her Asian trip is an act of hostility which does not match with the international law, and doesn’t respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China.”

The statement was issued earlier in the day, yesterday, the 2nd of August, prior to the landing of the senile US corrupt millionaire and second in line of accession to the power in the USA as nobody takes the incumbent US vice president seriously.

“It is an irresponsible behavior which came within the framework of the US successive legislative and executive authorities’ constant endeavors to tension the situation in the region and other areas of the world in a way that threatens the international security and peace and destabilizes the region.” The statement added.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement stressed “Syria’s full and unlimited support to China’s efforts and principled stance in facing the foreign attempts to interfere in its internal affairs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang.”

Stressing Syria’s position in recognizing only one China in light of the US provocations to provoke China and start conflicts in China and around the world, the statement concluded the ‘US hostile and reckless policies targeting states’ sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the right to self-determination clearly seen in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and inevitably, in the European continent.

Syria has faced similar provocations that China is facing now from the United States of America and its Western stooges and regional proxies who collectively and individually have breached Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and continue to occupy Syrian land, steal Syrian resources, attack, kill, maim, and displace Syrians, sponsor terrorist groups under different illegal yet despicable justifications, and has been under a blockade by the USA and its collective agents, contrary to international law and the UN Charter, in stark hypocrisy comparing to their positions on Ukraine, Taiwan, and elsewhere.

Syria’s standing with the Chinese people stems from the realization of the Syrian people and Syrian state to the nature of western and regional evil powers against the real free people of the world.

The US official, under recent questioning regarding insider trading through her husband, whose recent charges of drunk driving were dropped without explanation did land in the evening hours of Tuesday in the Chinese province of Taiwan challenging superpower economic heavyweight China with the largest population in the world. At this time there isn’t provided an official cost of her trip, including massive additional security, during a period when US taxpayers face food and housing insecurity, unprecedented in almost 100 years.

Despite the Chinese strong warnings to the USA including one of the strongest ever by China via President Xi Jinping personally to his US counterpart promising him of burning with the fire the Biden’s regime is starting in Taiwan, we do not see the Chinese state shooting down the plane carrying the 82 years old Pelosi, or a direct military action to liberate Taiwan from foreign-sponsored separatists and unifying it with homeland China.

China President Xi Jinping warning US Biden of burning with fire he is starting in Taiwan

However, the accumulating US provocations tipped with this latest provocation have given the Chinese state the final justification it needed before its people and before the rest of the world to take all steps to restore Taiwan, maybe not immediately, but definitely in the foreseeable future if not in the imminent future.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    Syria sticks to its obligations on upholding international law and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries because we suffered a lot from the breach of those by the so-called international community which is basically the USA and its western puppets only.


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