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150 Families Displaced after Erdogan’s Forces Bombing Hasakah Province

Erdogan terrorists of the Turkish army and Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood bombing of Tal Tamr and Abu Rasin Hasakah countryside

The Turkish madman Erdogan insists on showing the evilness of his soul and that of his proxy terrorists of Al Qaeda and ISIS which did not spare the new year eve as his Turkish army and the armies of terrorists continued their indiscriminate savage shelling of villages in the northwestern Hasakah countryside forcing hundreds of families out of their homes.

In his continuous work to Israelize large areas of northern Syria, especially where the Syrian main oil, water sources, and wheat are, the Turkish Zionist caliph wannabe Erdogan ordered his forces to intensify their war crimes against the Syrians in the towns of Abu Rasin and Tal Tamr who still did not leave their homes in order for him to replace them with the families of terrorists loyal to him whether Syrians from other regions or from the Chinese Uighur terrorists he imported from the Xinyang province in western China.

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.
Erdogan terrorists of the Turkish army and Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood bombing of Tal Tamr and Abu Rasin - Hasakah countryside

150 families fled their homes in the coldest and last nights of the year 2021 joining 1341 other families who fled earlier and were hosted in temporary shelters under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army in the city of Hasakah.

Local authorities in Hasakah with the help of the special social support task force in the Syrian ministry of social affairs rushed additional teams to the shelter centers to provide assistance to the newcomers including medical care, food baskets, mattresses, blankets, portable lights, hygiene baskets, and winter clothes as most of them didn’t have any chance to carry their belongings with them.

The criminal shelling the night earlier targeting the village of Al Asadiyah, the town of Abu Rasin, and the vicinity of Tal Tamr has already killed 3 civilians including a child and a woman. Erdogan’s terrorists of the Turkish Army and the Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated radicals widened their shelling to other towns in the Haskah northwestern countryside.

The deafening silence and acquiescence of the so-called self-proclaimed ‘international community’ and the peoples of the countries members of NATO including those of Turkey on the ongoing war crimes of Erdogan, the sworn servant of Israel and enemy of Islam in his own words and his sponsors in Israel and the USA against the Syrian people can only be understood as their approval of these war crimes.

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  1. Roy A Booher

    Do you think that they’re trying to say something? Or did their minds just go numb? For a couple of weeks now my thoughts have been on a number of large swimming pools filled with human blood, so I don’t feel very well towards those individuals who don’t seem to be able to think about anything else but to keep those pools filled. On the other hand I noticed the light of day shining down on the trains as they passed by in the subway that was dug for them, some 50 or 60 feet below the surface.
    Like a bored cat, playing with a mouse, ‘What to do? What to do?’ I have no doubt that leaving the choice to mankind, that he will indeed choose the pools filled with his own blood; at least then he can say that he did it all on his own with no help from the God’s.

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