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Syria: SAA Eliminate Scores of Obama Regime Thugs in Hama and Daraa

SAA Armored Vehicle

The two following reports come from Hama province and Daraa. The contents of the videos embedded are GRAPHIC in nature and your discretion is advised.

Syrian Arab Army, the Guardians of the Homeland, are fighting the world’s filthiest filth represented by a criminal organization called Al Qaeda operating in Syria under the umbrella term for various terrorist factions called FSA, or Free Syrian Army.

Worth noting that the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization was founded by the US Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, and has been re-labeled throughout time while being used in different countries targeted for ‘regime change’ and the outright theft of economic and natural resource based wealth: Mujahideen, Islamists, Al Qaeda, Nusra Front, Jamaa Islamiyeh et al. All pseudonyms for the same criminal death squads financed by western citizens through their ‘democratically elected’ governments and sometimes on account of their own welfare, such as in the current situation with the partial government shutdown in the USA right now.

In Hama’s northern countryside, and near Treimsseh village in particular, an SAA unit addressed an attack by a group of foreign western backed terrorists, killing scores of them and confiscating their weapons. The following report shows some of those killed. Again: ‘GRAPHIC Contents‘.

On the Hama – Idleb highway near Maardess village in the same countryside, SAA engineering units dismantled a number of IEDs planted by Obama Regime death squads.

In Daraa, south of Syria, in the town of Tafas, a group of anti-humanity, anti-Islam, anti-civilization from the Obama Regime thugs in Al Qaeda FSA terrorist groups were wiped out by an SAA unit, their friends cry for them and upload the video on an official YouTube channel in order to show their employers and receive their payments accordingly.

This report also contains highly GRAPHIC images and your discretion is required before viewing it. Note how the terrorist calls for Islam and Sunnis while he’s a Wahhabi and doesn’t represent anything of the over 1 billion Muslim whom the majority of are Sunnis who definitely condemn these terrorists and their acts. It’s enough these terrorists are backed by anti-Islamic regimes like the US and the UK, these ones alone are responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, mainly Sunnis, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere:

Killing own people‘ comes to mind when thinking of the Obama Regime depriving its own people from their salaries while financing these death squads across the planet and continuing the daily cash smuggling to Israel, at a sum of $8.5 million every single day in cash – not to mention discounts and waivers on high-tech weaponry, and technology, even shared NSA satellite information.

For Obama, there are good and bad terrorists.
For Obama, there are good and bad terrorists.

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  1. Lee Abend

    If anybody read this report and actually believed it you would have to have an educational level of a first grader whose family raised them holding an ak47 saying killing in the name of god was right and idolizing suicide bombers. Nazi Germany all over again. History does repeat itself make no mistake.

  2. The T Ford

    How come many of the dead rats have their weapons laid on their corpses with shoes removed?

    Could it be they were unshod to stop them running away before use as target practice.

  3. melek

    What’s the point of that shouting gunman? It seems he ist complaining to the world that his fellow gunmen were hit! How dare he expect running around illegally armed will not be punnished? So, stupid, can’t belive it.


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