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Syria: Meanwhile SAA in Old Homs

SAA Unit

Syrian Arab Army continues its operations in the old district of Homs, the central city of Syria which witnessed the fiercest battles in the ongoing NATO led war of terror against the Syrian state and all what it represents.

After cleansing Baba Amro district, which was considered as Stalingrad for Al Qaeda as what NATO and stooges strategists planned, the terrorists were scattered all over Syria’s largest province, Homs and its countryside. Their next fortification was Qussayr, lesser groups infested Old Homs, the historic old central area of the city. Khalidiya and Qussour had their biggest share of terror and their cavemen style of cannibalism and culture the Obama Regime wanted to spread in the region.

Homs Governorate
Homs Governorate

SAA units focusing on cleaning one district after the other, above the ground and in the complicated networks of tunnels the terrorists dug with the help of intelligence experts from all over the self-proclaimed ‘international community’ western countries and their regional ‘humanitarian bastards’.

Lebanese Al Manar TV visited an advanced post for the Syrian Arab Army heroes in Al Qussour district where they fight and kill scores of Obama Regime Al Qaeda FSA terrorists and vow to eliminate them all to the last caveman of them.

Worth noting that Homs and its countryside, beside its position in the center of Syria, borders 3 countries: Lebanon to the west, Iraq’s desert to the East and is connected via the vast desert to Jordan’s desert in the south east. Homs was initially targeted as a stronghold for Obama thugs due to its location in an attempt to cut north of Syria and Aleppo in particular from Damascus and south of Syria and to ignite a sectarian war since Homs province hosts all the mosaic of Syria from all religions and sects living peacefully since ever.

Obama Regime ‘strategists’ fail to read history and repeat their same mistakes that will lead them to their final collapse. The regime that cannot afford paying salaries for its employees but never have a problem financing Al Qaeda terrorists in targeted countries.

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      shut up troll, the SAA is smashing the terrorists all over northern and central syria. even the PKK and various palestinian security committees are helping, as well as Hizbollah. the so called rebels are getting their assees whipped in every major engagement.


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