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The Long Journey of Gisella Cárcamo: The Chilean Terrorist Captured in Syria


Recently, Gisella Cárcamo; a Chilean lady was detained along with her husband, a Tunisian man inside Syria, in what was an attempted terrorist attack, against a group of Syrian soldiers. According to SANA, Cárcamo was driving along with her husband Radwan Hamidi, in an unregistered truck, when they “attempted lash out at a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint near a canning factory in Idlib”.

During an interview aired by a local Syrian channel, she claimed to have come to the Arab country after she got married in Spain under Islamic law, where she met her husband, while she was studying medicine and he was studying engineering. After that they had a civil marriage in Tunisia.

She confessed that Jihadists anti-Islamic, Islamists groups from multiple nationalities (Tunisians, Yemeni, Saudi, Chechens, Turks, Germans, etc..) contacted her husband to fight in Syria, because a matter of “religion”. It is well known and it has been denounced by the Syrian government at the UN countless times, that these criminal gangs come together in Turkey , with all the approval of the Caliph wannabe; Erdogan, to continue the illegal entry to Syria, with the aim of overthrowing the legitimate Syrian government. Now let’s see what kind of “peaceful protestors” the Arab Spring has brought us from South America and other places..


In a letter dated October 12,2011 , entitled “THE  GISELLA CÁRCAMO CARCAMO FRAUD CASE (NADIA CHAHBI)” signed by María José, Naryis Intishar and Hanna Firdaws, posted by the Facebook page  “Conociendo el Islam y Musulmanes” (“Knowing the Islam and Muslims”); are exposed some of the frauds made by the Chilean terrorist.

Here are quoted the first known cases by who called herself  “Nadia Chahbi”, reportedly in the text “date back to mid-2010”. Nadia Chahbi, who was allegedly a muslima from Ávala (País Vasco) and originally from Tunisia, reached to be aired in the Spanish media (Antena 3) by the famous case of the woman who didn’t want to take off her nikab, during a medical examination. In that TV program, she appeared along her husband Radwan Hamidi, claiming  “discrimination and racism” by the doctor. The letter, denotes “a very  peculiar detail” of the TV program, this is the Southamerican accent that she has and is ” very notorious”.


The Chilean woman and her husband, on a TV program aired in Spain

Acording to the letter posted in the social media, Nadia Chahbi was in touch via internet with many Muslim “sisters”, asking for economic aid  in many opportunities , with the aim to travell to Tunisia along her husband, after the lost trial against the doctor, and “lose thousands of euros” that she couldn’t pay. Adding that she had  uterine cancer that she had never treated (because of the Niqab and economics issues, of course)  and  caused her successives abortions  ..

Gisella Cárcamo “performing” Nadia Chahbi an alleged Spanish woman originally from Tunisia with a very suspicious “south american accent”


The letter says that, with the beginning of the “Arab Spring”, already at Tunisia, she (Nadia Chahbi) started to ask desperatly legal and economic aid to help a Chilean neighbor, Gisella Cárcamo, to return to Chile,  because “she had suffered a detachment of the matrix being  pregnant, due to the beating of the police while she was defending her husband leaving  the Mosque”.  That was the moment when started  a global help by different ways, and a Facebook page was created to help Gisella Cárcamo  Cárcamo to leave  Tunisia, wich included the movement of many Chilean youths, wich through interactions with the embassies sent money, to realize the woman’s  return  to Chile. The economic aid gived to the scammers was via Western Union.

The success of the operation reached to the point of ” finally the Chilean Government took the decission  of  help to moving her  from the  arab country, and had all ready to February”, but, allegedly Cárcamo, didn’t want to go out from Tunisia without her husband, again Radwan Hamidi, who supposedly couldn’t  exit from the country  because he hadn’t the required documentation to do so. The case went nowhere.

Acording the complain made in the social net , Cárcamo created a new profile with the name “Muslimah Palestine Love”. In this account, she identify herself as Nadia Chahbi,  and despite the remove of many  people and gaining the distrust of   some  “sisters”, she contacted with the group appointing that her cancer was “advanced” and that she needed  “urgent” help, but this time she asked charity with “discretion”. At this point “the sisters” already suspected that Cárcamo and Chahbi was the same person.

Despite this, Chahbi created a new group in the social net asking help to leave Tunisia. She gave her data to prove that , in fact she was living there, however, she gave again the name and the account of her husband, the same than the previous case of Gisella Carcamo, wich generated more suspicions.

Once again, the alleged lack of her husband’s documents would complicate her moving to Spain. ” Because of the inconsistencies in the case and due, that Nadia and Gisella have the same husband, and besides Nadia has Southamerican accent ( Chilean specifically) we proceed to close the Facebook group of helping, to avoid  scams and problems”, it has stated.

We don’t know if there are more… but  this is a clear case of  “peaceful and revolutionary” people..

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