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Syria: Brief Roundup and FSA Losses 20 September 2013

For Obama, there are good and bad terrorists.

NATO propagandists are working hard now to whitewash the image of the FSA terrorist groups fighting the Syrian armed forces and massacring civilians to justify the continuous support the western governments give these groups under the cover ‘they are only supporting the moderate terrorists who fight the extremist terrorists’.

The fact is: All were created by the CIA, MI6 and the Turkish Intelligence agency which reports directly to the Ottoman caliph wannabe Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. They are all financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar (pronounced Gutter), and from the hard earned tax money of the Sheeple citizens of those western states.

After the Syrian Arab Army regained Shebaa town in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside, and declared it OTF, the Syrian Armed Forces continue battling the different groups of terrorists beyond the town and up north to reach Douma and nearby Mleiha. Douma is considered Al Qaeda FSA terrorists last stronghold in Damascus countryside due to the large number of people taken as human shields by these ruthless death squads sponsored by the Obama Regime and its stooges.

Obama Regime's Generosity
Obama regime’s generosity to terrorists and mafias and despise to own people

First part of the following report by Hussein Murtada to Al Alam News Station, a station banned by the ‘freedom lovers’ and ‘humanitarian bastards’ in the west, sheds a light about the demonic plan the terrorists had in mind digging long tunnels to reach Sayyedah Zainab’s shring, the grave of prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter highly respected by Muslim Shiites and NORMAL Muslims, who make the vast majority of the Islamic world.

The terrorists wanted to blow up the shrine from under and inflict the long awaited and highly promoted Sunni – Shiite war advocated by criminal minds in the west like Bernard Lewis, Bernard Henry Levy, Henry Kissinger and others from the same cult.

The second part of the report discusses the situation in Azaz in Aleppo Countryside near the Turkish borders and follow up on Eastern Ghouta battles. (view on YouTube click here)

The losses of the FSA terrorists in Eastern Ghouta can be seen by their statements threatening to enroll young men in the region by force to aid them.

The following statement issued by the Alqaeda FSA different terrorist groups, all names for a group of outlaw thugs, shows their desperate need for reinforcements as they’re losing big. We reported in our post Happened Just Before the Chemical Craze how the Obama Regime thugs lost more than 4,000 of their men in one of the most complicated yet swift preempting operations by the SAA in the same region. The losses that lead to the alleged chemical weapons massacre and the ‘Red Line Crossing’ aggression threat.

FSA Calling for Jihad by Force
FSA Statement Calling for Jihad by Force

Literal Translation: 

By the Name of God Most Merciful Most Gracious

Statement issued by battalions and brigades operating in Esatern Ghouta, Mleiha area and around

– Due to what our country is facing from a fierce aggression by enemies of Islam and by Assad gangs recently.

– And the need of our Mujahideen (holy war fighters) on the fronts for constant supports.

– And in order not to leave any passage open without guard.

– The commanders of the battalions and brigades decided to grant a grace period of maximum 24 hours from issuing this statement to all youth born 1994 to 1983 and then whoever defaults will be taken to his Jihadist duty by force.

Forewarned is forearmed.


Sharia committee in Liwa Islam

Commandos Forces –
Saad Bin Obada Khazraji Brigade

Sharia Committee in Mleiha

Liwa Islam
Abdalla Bin Abbas Batallion

Guidance Youths Brigades

Barada Youth Brigade

Ghouta Commandos Brigade

Martyr Hassan Badawi Brigades

This statement was issued 16/11/1434 Hijri, 20/9/2013 Gregorian

You must be remembering when the Syrian Crisis was called a ‘Spontaneous Popular Uprising Against a Brutal Regime’, right? If you believed that narration that time despite our continuous efforts trying to explain the opposite, you were fooled long enough by your own governments and your own media.

In Azaz however, and back to the opening of this post, the efforts to whitewash the image of the ‘FSA secular terrorists’ fighting the ‘Al Qaeda radical ones’ is doomed to fail. Part of their failure can be seen in the following statement declaring truce by 2 CIA backed terrorist groups engaged in the recent fighting there: the FSA’s North Storm Brigade and the anti-Islamic ‘Islamist State in Iraq & Sham’ aka ISIS.

FSA Inner Groups Truce
FSA Inner Groups Truce in Azaz

Literal Translation:

By the name of God Most Merciful Most Gracious

Thanks to God and blessing to God’s messenger Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him

This is what the two parties agreed to

First: Islamist State in Iraq & Sham

Second: North Storm Brigade

to: 1- Cease fire immediately

2- Release of all captive due to the conflict within /24/ hours from this date

3- Returning all confiscated possessions at both parties

4- Tawhid Brigade places a barrier between the two parties until the problem in Azaz is over

5- The reference to resolve any dispute will be a Sharia committee respected by both parties

First Party: Abu Abdul Rahman Kuwaiti (from Kuwait)

Second Party: Captain Ahmad Ghazaelh Abura

First Witness: Abu Tawfiq – Tawhid Brigade

Second Witness: Abu Ibrahim Chechen (from Chechnya)

 In case you need to refresh your memory, North Storm Brigade are the ones responsible of kidnapping 11 Lebanese Shiite civilian men after raiding their buses passing through the borders with Turkey over a year ago. They were featured in our post here when members of this CIA backed group were seen taking memorial pictures with the US senator John McCain, we titled the article: McCain the Kidnapper. The below picture is from our post where there’s condemning evidence compiled in a report by Lebanese Al Jadeed News station.

Hawkish US Senator John McCain (C) poses with infamous kidnapper in Syria, Mohamed Nour (seen with his hand on his chest and holding a camera)
Hawkish US Senator John McCain (C) poses with infamous kidnapper in Syria, Mohamed Nour (seen with his hand on his chest and holding a camera)

‘Spontaneous Public Uprising’ or regime change for oil, gas, central bank robbing, enslaving by market corporations and weapons manufacturers lobbies gain in addition to some other reasons that we should never forget the security and enabling of the ‘Jewish state of Israel’ status among them.

A collection of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria
A collection of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria
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