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shebaa otf damascus countryside

An SAA unit in action

The town Shebaa (Shab’aa) in Damascus countryside, Eastern Ghouta, has its strategic importance only for its proximity to Damascus International Airport Road, the only road that connects the Syrian capitol to the country’s main commercial airport. The town is now ‘OTF‘, Obama Thugs Free, after the Syrian Arab Army managed to control it.

Wahhabi Canniabl Sex Jihadists, the mercenary groups trained by NATO and smuggled into Syria has only one role: Turn the sovereign nation into a failed state. Plenty of high important reasons for that which I’ll mention some of below, but do take a look at the map and think for yourself: what kind of military importance would controlling this town by ‘rebels’ backed by the self-claimed ‘international community‘ presumably wanting to spread ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ in Syria?

Shebaa town in Damascus countryside near Airport road
Shebaa town in Damascus countryside near Airport road – the red dotted selection includes the countryside graveyard

Self-claimed ‘international community‘ as more than half of the world’s population and the vast majority of the countries are not members of this ‘community’! Russia, China, India, to name a few very heavy weights.

Obama’s Alqaeda thugs dug sophisticated tunnels to hide from the SAA connecting many places together which made the task for the SAA difficult but not impossible. One of the tunnels reaches under the airport road. The airport is mainly used by Syrian citizens for travelling and for pure commercial purposes. The attack on civilians is never an issue for the ‘humanitarian bastards‘, look at Iraq after 10 years of its ‘liberation’ for instance.

The military operation to clean turn the town into an ‘OTF‘ took the bravest men, the Syrian Arab Army 2 days, remnants of Obama thugs from Nusra Front which operates under the FSA, Free ‘from’ Syrians Army, fled to neighboring Der Assafir town, which we expect will be secured soon after their bones were broken in Shebaa.

The following report was done by Russiya Al Youm, the Arabic version of RT from inside Shebaa, just in case a spokesperson of Al Qaeda FSA claims they’re still in control and he’s inside the town.

Isn’t it a bit weird that Al Qaeda terrorists never have a lack of finance issue? They always seem to be having excessive cash at their hands and in huge amounts, sniper rifles with zooming and night vision costs more than $12,000 and there are thousands of the latest of these rifles in the hands of Obama thugs. Who’s financing? We know part of the answer to that, check the masters of manufacturing and exports of bads, for one of the parties financing these ‘freedom fighters’.

A humble Syrian house that presented 3 of its men to defend their homeland from Obama thugs
A humble Syrian house that presented 3 of its men with pride to defend their homeland from Obama thugs

Meanwhile in the USA, the Obama regime keeps convincing its citizens it’s robbing them because the money they produce is not enough to cover the regime costs of serving them, and do not mention the Obama’s Regime financial support to AlQaeda and the money the US citizens need to pay to keep the Navy near the Syrian shores because the stupid monkey went high up the tree..

Obama raises taxes and cut spending on welfare but not on financing Al Qaeda
Obama raises taxes and cut spending on welfare but not on financing Al Qaeda

Some of the reasons the Zionist & their Wahhabi offshoot camp wants to turn Syria into a fail state: Secure Israel, Turn in the Syrian central bank into the hands of the US Feds & their Rothschild, peg the Syrian Lira to the ailing free falling US dollar, turn the self-efficient country into a dependent country on the US regimes, turn the country into a market for US corporations, steal the fields of vast amounts of discovered natural gas off the Syrian shore and north of Damascus, steal the rest of the Syrian oil, among other things.

We’ll try to keep updating our site with the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian armed forces heroes with their operations through our contacts from the battlefields and our sources, so keep checking this site or subscribe to receive an email when a new post is posted. You can also follow us on Twitter (

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  1. Canthama

    This is indeed good news, SAA havs been quite effective in the street by street figth, this is a warfare know how very few army in the world is prepared to face. The easy way to the most powerful army in the world in a similar situation was to bomb to the city to the very ground with cluster bombs and chemical weapons (White Phosporus)…of course you all know I am talking about the US army in Fallujah, Iraq.

    • Arklight

      Don’t forget the depleted uranium, C. You’re right that SAA is becoming ever more proficient at urban infantry warfare. It’s a tough trade.

  2. ragnar

    May God be with the syrian people! You should traine your own terrorist and send to Saudi Arabia to put their Oilfields into fire! This is the only language they understand!

  3. yousef

    While I support the article on shabaa I can not accept the saying about Obama being a monkey,not only is it not tasteful,it was down rite raciest of you.I am a Moorish American muslim that support the Syrian arab army against those tunnel rats.Be mind full of what we say and how we say it.Its alot of African shias in Africa and the world.

  4. AH

    I am stunned and impressed by the patience and thoughtfulness which President Assad showed during the FOX News interview, after all the false accusations and lies that the US and allies have thrown at Syria and him. Brave man! Watch:


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