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Syrian Army gained control of Shabaa, Damascus Countryside

Syria - Douma, Damascus countryside

Douma: 15 to 20 thousands armed terrorists are there.

The operative military units of the Syrian Army gain more and more ground in all the regions of Syria. The war on the terror of the foreign-backed terrorist groups of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and also against the Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists on Syrian soil makes progress and even in Jobar and Duma, there is a bit of progress in the battles against the terrorists.

Although the gradual encirclement of Douma (Duma) was launched by the Syrian Army recently, the units of the Syrian military will not carry out a frontal attack on Duma.

The battle about the control of Douma (Arabic: دوما‎) will last longer, similar to many other battles in Syria. In contrast to e.g. Jobar (suburb of Damascus), there are still many Syrian civilians in Douma (Duma) and thus, the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) won`t launch a frontal attack on the Syrian city.

Douma (Arabic: دوما‎) is well fortified and there are still 15 to 20 thousand armed terrorists in the city. The Syrian Army will carry out the annihilation of the armed terrorist groups in Duma with caution due to all the Syrian civilians who are still in the city. The usual “district to district” warfare, which will last long.

At least, new reports from the suburbs of Syria’s capital Damascus confirm that the units of the Syrian Army were finally able to gain the full control of the Syrian town of Shabaa, which is located on the suburbs of Damascus.

However, the battles by the Syrian forces against the foreign-backed terrorists are still on-going and not only in the suburbs of Damascus; a lot of battles are currently taking place between the Syrian Army units and the foreign-backed terrorists or the Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in several regions of Syria.

However, there is currently not more information available from Shabaa and from many other places. At least, it is confirmed that the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have now gained the full control about the town of Shabaa on the suburbs of Syria’s capital, Damascus.

And in terms of the Syrian city of Douma, which is occupied by 15 to 20 thousand armed terrorists according to the information by the Syrian military, the battles will really last a long time. The Syrian Army has begun with the gradual encirclement of Douma (Duma), but due to the situation that many Syrian civilians are still inside the city, the units of the Syrian Army proceed with caution and the progress is slow. As stated, a front attack of the armed terrorists in Douma (Arabic: دوما‎) will not happen.

The Syrian city of Douma is about 10 kilometres away from the capital, Damascus. It is located in the north-east of the countryside of Syria’s capital (Rif Dimashq). Since the beginning of the armed terrorism on Syrian soil, the city of Douma (Duma) has already experienced a lot of battles and violence.

Armed terrorist groups of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” had the control above Douma at the end of last year. Although there were often some reports about the progress of the Syrian Army units in Douma, the real situation was often in contrast to these reports. As mentioned, the Syrian military estimates that there are currently 15 to 20 thousand armed terrorists in Douma (Arabic: دوما‎).

There is nothing more to add in terms of the propaganda that is maintained by both sides since the beginning of the conflict and armed terrorist on Syrian soil. The battles about the Syrian city of Douma (Duma) will probably be more intense than e.g. the battles in Jobar or other regions in the suburbs of Syria’s capital, Damascus.

At least, the Syrian Army units make progress and gain more and more ground in the battles against the armed terrorist groups on Syrian soil. However, the progress is slow, but this is understandable under the consideration of the situation and conditions in many regions of Syria and especially in regards of the urban warfare that takes place in many areas of the Arab country.

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  1. Arklight

    I don’t envy SAA their task in killing the rats of Douma. I do take my hat off to SAA in the care they take in trying to not cause civilian casualties as they move forward, and all my best to SAA, NDF and the local defense forces fighting the Obamabots anywhere in Syria.


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