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Israel is the first victim of a US-led attack on Syria

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Syria and Hezbollah will target Israel if the United States attacks the Arab country.

Retaliatory measures are already planned by several sides in the Middle East in case if the United States really launch a military strike on Syria and it seems that Israel will be the first target of these retaliatory measures. At least, according to several informed insiders and some statements by Iranian and Syrian officials.

However, also the political analyst and well-known commentator Sharmine Narwani wrote in a recent article that informed insiders have already confirmed that the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah as well as Syria plan retaliatory measures against Israel in case if a US-led military strike on Damascus will happen. This comes as no surprise. Not to mention that you can add Tehran to the list of sides, which will launch retaliatory measures against Israel, in case of a US-led attack on Syria.

The article by Sharmine Narwani is interesting as usual, and was updated by the editors of Press TV with the authorization by the author. The article about the possible retaliatory measures says that informed insiders have confirmed that the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah and Syria plan to respond to a potential American-led war on Syria with retaliatory measures against Israel. One of the insiders has said that “if even one US missile hits Syria, we will take this battle to Israel”, while an Iranian lawmaker has also confirmed in his statements that Israel will be the first victim of a US-led military strike against Syria.

Sharmine Narwani spoke with several insiders and probably also with members of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah. One of the officials told the political analyst and commentator under the condition of anonymity that the decision to retaliate against the Israeli regime in Tel-Aviv “has been taken at the highest levels within the Syrian state and Hezbollah.”

According to statements by a source close to Hezbollah, the “Resistance Front” in the region of the Middle East, the so-called “Resistance Axis”, which consists of Syria, Iran, the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, and several other groups in the area, has allegedly long viewed attacks on one of its member states or groups as “an effort to target them all”. The source, who is an observer close to the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, also said:

“Israel has been itching for a fight since their 2006 defeat by Hezbollah. (…) They have led this campaign to draw the US into a confrontation with Syria because they are worried about being left alone in the region to face Iran. This has become an existential issue for them and they are now ‘leading’ from behind America’s skirts.”

Afterwards, the article mentions the increased aggression by the Israeli regime in Tel-Aviv against the “Resistance Axis” in the region and says that the Israeli aggression has reached a new high in 2013. For example, by the recent airstrikes against targets in Syria. The Israeli regime has conducted at least three separate missile strikes against targets on Syrian soil in this year.

Despite the alleged professional Syrian air defense. These Israeli airstrikes against Syria, which violated international law, have indeed ended the 40-year ceasefire between the both sides. As stated, the article by Sharmine Narwani is again very well written and hits the bull’s eye.

Syria holding Israel by the neck
Syria holding Israel by the neck

You can find the updated article “Yes, Syria and Hezbollah Will Hit Israel if US Strikes” here.

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