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Lavrov Kerry

Lavrov: Resolution by UN Security Council on Syria won’t be under Chapter 7.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius in the capital Moscow for talks on Syria. Of course, there is certainly a lot to discuss in terms of the turmoil, threats and the propaganda against Syria, especially between Russia and France.

However, it seems that the upcoming resolution by the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Syria won`t be under Chapter 7 and thus, the resolution of the UNSC on Syria will not allow the use of military force against the Arab country. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also has confirmed this situation after his meeting with the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Moscow.

The Russian Foreign Minister and his counterpart from France have discussed the French draft resolution on Syria in Moscow and also several other topics surrounding the Syrian conflict and the stances of certain Western and Arabic countries on Syria. The resolution for the UN Security Council (UNSC) shall pave the path for the destruction of the chemical weapons in Syria. At least, the resolution that the Security Council of the United Nations will adopt is said to be in support of the Russian proposal and four-step plan to put Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles under an international control of the United Nations (UN) and to destroy them later.

After his discussions with the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Moscow, Sergey Lavrov said that the resolution will not refer to the Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which would allow the use of military force on behalf of the council. Russia’s Foreign Minister then explained the position of Moscow on the resolution for the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Sergey Lavrov said after his meeting with his counterpart from France that the resolution is only meant to “affirm the support of the UNSC” for the roadmap about the destruction of the chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria. The roadmap and plan for the complete destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenals will be penned by the experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

According to the new statements by Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the upcoming resolution by the UNSC (UN Security Council) will outline several measures that fall outside of the authority of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). In particular, about the security of the inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in Syria when they will conduct the inspections of the chemical weapons stockpiles in the Arab country.

The inspectors and experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will observe all relevant process on ground in Syria, so Sergey Lavrov in his statements after the meeting with the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Moscow.

However, Sergey Lavrov confirmed in his statements that the upcoming resolution of the UN Security Council (UNSC) will not include any references to the Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which would allow the use of military force in order to restore peace.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Thus, the use of military force against Syria is not included in this resolution that should in principle just pave the path for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons and support the four-stage plan by Russia. But in terms of France, Britain and the United States, it is often better to remain sceptical about their statements and the real intentions of these governments.

Moscow’s Foreign Minister added that the upcoming resolution of the UNSC (UN Security Council) on Syria will approve the decision by the executive council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), but it won`t be based or refer to the Chapter 7 of the UN Charta. The document for the resolution, on which Russia has agreed on, includes “no single word about it,” according to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


  1. William H. Depperman

    Part IV:
    When the U.S. first authorized its proxy so-called “Israel” to assassinate Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005 the Bashar al-Assad government played the absolute fool and went along with it 100% acting the part of “guilty party!” Instead of explaining the assassination of Rafik Hariri in all detail as a typical U.S./“Israeli” provocation by assassination, which was designed as an attempt to generate anti-Syrian and anti-Hezbollah sentiment, Syria actually played the part of “guilt party” (!) and IMMEDIATELY withdrew all its forces from Lebanon on April 26, 2005, thus weakening Lebanon and exposing it to the planned U.S./“Israeli” bombing campaign and Invasion of Lebanon which started on July 13, 2006. The Russian Federation may also have been behind that disastrous decision! “Israel” followed the “decent interval” rule and used the routine kidnapping of an Israeli soldier as the pretext! Hezbollah saved the day at that time but Syria remains totally self-defeatingly silent and in opportunist collusion with the U.S. and “Israel” on ALL these matters. The simplest truths are never explained! The false indictment of 4 Hezbollah Ministers on June 30, 2011 by the U.S.-puppet “United Nations Tribunal” in what was the U.S./“Israeli” Assassination of Hariri (!) is being used to try to provide a pretext for yet another U.S./“Israeli” Invasion of Lebanon and as an excuse to label Hezbollah and the Lebanonese government as a supposed “International Outlaw,” which must then supposedly be targeted with ever-increasing sanctions in the standard U.S. imperialist formula to try to force Lebanon to turn over the totally innocent Hezbollah Ministers! (New York Times, July 12, 2011). They know that 99% of Americans and a similar number of Europeans can’t follow Middle Eastern politics or even their own! For a more comprehensive coverage of Lebanon and Hezbollah see: Materialist Analysis of the Middle East and Occupied Palestine. Syrian “activists” who were armed by the U.S./NATO in Jisr al-Shughour, Syria (BBC News, June 6, 2011) and elsewhere and the armed Yemeni “Rebels” are all committed anti-Communists and anti-Socialists and in practice support and wish to join new U.S. puppet governments. They care nothing for and do not identify with the Palestinians or oppressed minorities unlike the Syrian government, which despite its bizarre rank opportunism, does in fact support oppressed Arabic minorities!

    The U.S. has been trying to overthrow the al-Assad family and the Ba’ath Socialist Party for decades just like Qaddafi, and install a comprador (puppet) regime and has instigated many previous “uprisings” in 1980 even before the Soviet Surrender by Gorbachev in 1988! See below. Prior to this point the multiple religious and ethnic groups and minorities in Syria have all lived in relative harmony just like in Yugoslavia, but since that 1988 Soviet Surrender the U.S. has been using those differences in an ever escalating attempt to try to divide and conquer Syria just like in Libya, Yugoslavia, etc.! Note that Syria was previously allied with the Soviet Union and that Russia has a naval base currently being upgraded at the Syrian port of Tartus in the eastern Mediterranean. On September 6, 2007 the U.S. used its “Israel” proxy to brazenly bomb Syria with totally unsubstantiated claims that Syria was building nuclear weapons! Those Syrians who follow the U.S.-led and backed so-called “protesters/activists” are chasing an illusion and the genuinely FALSE PROMISES of U.S.-led capitalism, precisely as has occurred in Egypt! The cat is out of the bag: the Egyptian people were used by the United States to carry out Regime Change, but are getting little in return except “elections,” which suddenly pacified the naïve Egyptian protesters and were won by the Islamic Brotherhood, now U.S. stooges, which will set the stage for much sharper division and threat to minorities as planned by the U.S. divide and conquer schemes. (New York Times, December 3, 2011) Early on THE UNITED STATES THREATENED TO CARRY OUT AN AIR WAR AGAINST SYRIA as soon as a couple of weeks after overthrowing the Qaddafi government in Libya. (Yahoo News, March 25, 2011) But the three United Nations VETOS by the Russian Federation and China on October 5, 2011 and again on February 5, 2012 and on July 19, 2012 of the draft Security Council Resolutions condemning Syria for defending itself against the U.S. “Facebook”-Assisted Attempted Coup D’etat and Invasion by Proxy slowed, and finally helped block, the capitalists efforts to overthrow the Syrian government! The U.S. has instructed Turkey to begin to send its RF-4 reconnaissance spy planes over Syrian territory as a deliberate provocation for Syria to shoot down (BBC, June 22, 2012) in order to try to mobilize popular support for NATO to call for a “No Fly Zone” over Syria. The explanation of the Damascus and Aleppo defeat of the main body of the USA proxies is explained above.

    The Huge Libyan Oil Reserves: The Primary Motivation for the U.S. Proxy Invasion!

    In Libya the actual U.S. target is Libyan oil reserves which total 60 billion barrels, the largest in Africa and natural gas supplies of 1,500 billion cubic meters all with minimal extraction costs, all of which capitalism intends to put into the atmosphere! But until August 24th even with Total Air Supremacy the U.S. cutthroats and their NATO imperialist boot-lickers were NOT able to suppress the Qaddafi forces outright. It was not until the U.S., using aerial surveillance, was able to prevent the Qaddafi forces from reinforcing Zawiyah the key oil refinery town did the Libyan forces cease most direct confrontation with the U.S. proxies. It is a fact that the U.S. proxy “rebels,” Jihadists ARE truly hated and despised by the overwhelming majority of Libyans. Not Qaddafi! Yet the New York Times (April 21, 2011) described the so-called Libyan “rebels” in falsely heroic, glowing terms, “rebels” who are documented, in bloodthirsty videos with hyperlinks provided below, to be murderous cutthroats! (!) Videos hyper-linked below show crowds of Libyan Rebels actually executing, BEHEADING and mutilating those in the Qaddifi Army who had surrendered just like they later assassinated Qaddafi! (See: Videos of the brutal torture/assassination of Qaddafi on direct U.S. orders were all over the Internet! Bin Laden was also brutally assassinated and mutilated, and the body in death was so gory the U.S. refused to show its trophy! Remember, the word “democracy” under capitalism is simply a codeword and a euphemism for submission to U.S. capitalist dictatorship and enslavement! Will the Jihadist “TNC” be the new government of Libya? Not likely! The U.S./”NATO” WAS orchestrating almost EVERYTHING which happened in Libya! Two years later the Jihadists prevent the multinationals from extracting the oil which Qaddafi was permitting, but just not for peanuts. In Libya by September 2013 virtually no oil was being extracted and “every village has a militia, and there is no central government” and “the national military and police forces remain largely impotent.” (New York Times, September 13, 2013). Note also that the U.S. recently revealed it had discovered over $1 trillion in “untapped mineral deposits” in Afghanistan, “enough to fundamentally alter…the Afghan War,” meaning the U.S. will NEVER leave Afghanistan either (!), despite ALL claims to the contrary! (front page: New York Times, June 10, 2010)

    United States ordered its Newly-Installed Libyan Regime to Impose
    Sharia Islamic Law and later Ordered its Egyptian Puppet Morse to
    Adopt a New Constitution Based upon Islamic Fundamentalist Sharia Law
    In Both Cases to Intimidate and Divide the Masses and Create Chaos!

    U.S. Murderer Colin Powell once said: “If you invade it, you own it! Pottery House Rules!” At present however U.S./NATO has no occupying military force and the situation in Libya is described as chaos! It is a fact that the masses still support Qaddafi even in death! The Libyan people and the majority of people in the Middle East truly hate and despise the United States, NATO and its proxies, e.g. the Transitional National Council (TNC) USA mercenary proxy invaders! They do not hate Qaddafi! Even in death! No matter how many lies are told! If the Libyan masses, which Qaddafi partially armed, properly organize themselves in a proper guerrilla war and begin to annihilate the U.S. proxy “TNC rebels” it would be possible to carry out a Socialist Revolution in Libya. This possibility may force the U.S. to bring in U.N. “Peacekeepers” (War is Peace!) but only after as many as possible of those Qaddafi armed are mass murdered! The U.S. may elect to bring in Blackwater armed military contractors and others, which after a point outnumbered the regular U.S. mercenary army (“volunteer” is a euphemism) in Iraq. Blackwater, etc. will probably be brought in any case to protect the oil companies while the U.S. & EU steal Libyan oil! In this situation with Libyan infrastructure totally destroyed by the U.S./“NATO” and their leader and government all systematically assassinated or imprisoned (now claimed to be 8,500!) and the country overrun by U.S. “rebel” gang-bangers, U.S.-led world capitalism announced they will stage “elections” (!) to install (a U.S. puppet regime) of “democracy” in 8 months! On October 23rd the U.S. puppet “transitional leader,” Mustafa Abdul Jalil, one of Qaddafi’s previous foreign ministers, announced that “Libya is an Islamic State” and “Islamic Sharia law would be the ‘basic source’ of legislation in the country and that existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified!” before kneeling down to pray, which he never did before! (Associated Press, October 23, 2011) Sharia Law is being implemented in Libya for three reasons: 1.) To intimidate the Libyan masses, religious minorities and women the overwhelming majority of whom supported Qaddafi and who lived under a secular, Arab nationalist, but western-style legal system. 2.) To persecute religious minorities and set them against one another in the new domestic system of Divide and Conquer as done now in Iraq and Egypt with USA-puppet Morsi and already in areas of Syria temporarily controlled by U.S.-backed and armed “peaceful protesters,” and 3.) To appear to assuage the now marginalized Islamic Fundamentalist so-called “rebels” gang-bangers, who assisted the U.S. and NATO Special Services in executing all those who survived the U.S./NATO air strikes and who helped destroy Libya and now terrorize, torture, rob and murder its citizens, the overwhelming majority of whom STILL support Qaddafi and oppose the U.S.-backed coup d’etat!

    Using the Minority to Overthrow the Majority—
    The Technique of the “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy: The
    Takeover of Libya and the Planned Takeover of Syria, etc. Explained:

    The U.S. has organized their Proxy “rebel mercenary proxy armies” in Libya and Syria and elsewhere using FACEBOOK and other so-called “social networking” sites and then armed them. The “rebel army” in Libya, for example, never numbered more than 10,000 USA proxies, of PRO-U.S../anti-Qaddafi FANATICS and ISLAMIC TERRORISTS (for real!) and IS GENUINELY HATED BY THE LIBYAN MASSES AND DOES NOT IN ANY WAY REPRESENT THE ACTUAL MAJORITY OPINION OF THE LIBYAN MASSES the overwhelming majority of which supported Qaddafi! (This is why even after the U.S. and NATO HAD TOTALLY destroyed the Libyan infrastructure with their non-stop bombing campaign their Invasion By Proxy was still at a stalemate!) After the U.S. organizes its proxies through “Facebook” and arms them they are then instructed to attack their own government forces in the initial provocation. When the targeted government fights back and kills the domestic U.S. proxy provocateurs the U.S.-led media and FACEBOOK and TWITTER, etc. all scream: “He’s killing his own people!” “He’s killing innocent civilians!” “Impose economic sanctions!” “The protests are escalating into a civil war!” The U.S. “Facebook” then organizes larger demonstrations and has their armed provocateurs interspersed among the masses of unarmed demonstrators. From the demonstration the armed provocateurs are instructed once again to fire on the government forces. The targeted government, which is counted on never ever to act in its own best interests by simply revealing what is actually going on to the masses—namely The Truth, fires back killing both armed and unarmed demonstrators! This recruits more opposition and this cycle is repeated! The first part applies mostly to what happened in Libya and the second part where the government foolishly fired into crowds and demonstrations, mostly to Syria. (See below.) The U.S. “Facebook” and media scream! This is followed by U.S. & European economic sanctions, and in countries which do not have a Russian Federation Naval Port and strategic importance to progressive forces throughout the Middle East, UN Security Council condemnation, UN sanctions followed by a UN-backed “No-Fly Zone.” U.S. Invasion by Proxy has begun! The U.S. sets up a MINORITY government-in-waiting! Invasion of the Body Snatchers! But this scenario will not succeed in Syria!

    Fake “Facebook and Twitter Revolutions” are U.S. Orchestrated Attempts
    At Regime Change and a Cover for U.S. Proxy Wars and Coup D’Etats!

    Because the situation has in fact deteriorated to such a degree for the United States in the Mideast and elsewhere due to rising organized, militant Islamic Fundamentalism provoked by multiple U.S. Wars and aggression, for example in Afghanistan, where the Taliban has completely pushed the U.S. out of large geographic areas causing the morale of U.S. armed forces to PLUMIT, the U.S. dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires, using their new organizing weapon “Facebook,” has organized a campaign of Mideast-wide and Gulf states-wide REGIME CHANGE and provocation. These extend worldwide even to the Russian Federation itself and Belarus, the former Republic of the USSR, which retains all social programs of the Soviet Union (!), and is being carried out simultaneously against multiple regimes to try to counterbalance U.S. defeats elsewhere and build back rock bottom morale throughout the U.S. government. The U.S. is attempting to tweak many of their puppet comprador regimes to make them more manageable, such as Egypt and Tunisia, while opening proxy wars against other nation states which possess huge natural resources and/or which oppose U.S. imperialist domination such as Libya and Syria! A Comprador Regime is a nation state with a government ostensibly led by native citizens but really controlled by large imperialist countries. The U.S-led world capitalist dictatorship is also targeting Iran, the PRC and Cuba! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship is using its Internet organizing weapons such as FACEBOOK, Twitter, etc. to help instigate, manipulate and organize the regime changes sought by the U.S. capitalist dictatorship. (THAT is why Time magazine made the twerp CEO of FACEBOOK Zuckerberg the “Man of the Year.”)

    Here is a news report showing how it is actually done: “The Facebook group: Syrian Revolution 2011 (!), which has more than 100,000 “FANS’ (!) urged Syrians to take to the streets on Friday.” (New York Times, April 1, 2011) But there are NO and there were NO ”revolutions” whatsoever going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria or elsewhere at the present time unfortunately! A genuine revolution in today’s world with an international Working Class is a SOCIALIST REVOLUTION and involves a CHANGE IN PROPERTY RELATIONS. It means getting rid of the imperialist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires, first and foremost in the United States, the very ones organizing the present regime changes! This is obviously not happening in ANY of the countries with so-called “Facebook and Twitter Revolutions!” The primary objectives of this orchestrated Regime Change and Proxy Invasion Gambit is to try to increase the CONTROL of those U.S. comprador regimes by trying to substitute the sham “elections” of “democratic capitalism” (An Oxymoron!) and false promises of “democratic reforms” for the sometimes very unpopular U.S.-backed strong men who have been in power, many of them for over 30 years, and to overthrow governments in order to steal their oil and natural resources such as Libya or deemed enemies and opposed to the U.S. political “interests,” such as Syria. But the truth is that under capitalism no candidate in any “election” can deliver what the masses really want and really need: a new economic-political-social system based on human need not private profit—Socialism! The reason for this is that capitalism cannot be turned into Socialism because of its (now) One-Way Dynamic or Development Sequence! “Elections” under capitalism keep the false hope of change for the better alive and are designed to perpetuate that false hope, where the only permitted organized “opposition” to Fascist Democrats are Fascist Republican (Both virtual NAZIS!) and the Working Class has no representation! The primary weapon of deception of U.S. capitalism IS the Presidential “election” and ALL elections by extension. There are no exceptions! The reason for this is that “elections” perpetuate the Number One Big Lie of Capitalism—That capitalism can be reformed. But capitalism can’t be reformed because of its ONE-WAY DEVELOPMENT SEQUENCE or DYNAMIC! (See below!) Note that Syria, even though it backs Hezbollah and Hamas, was a chief torture destination for the Bush and Obama Regimes, where U.S. kidnap victims were brought in the “Extraordinary Rendition Foreign-Based Torture Program” prior to the attempted Regime Change in Syria.

    In Syria the U.S. also organized and armed an initially tiny core of “protesters” come “activists” (!), but more recently identified as Islamic Terrorists/Gang-bangers, the very same as in Libya, plus a minority of army defectors to form the self-styled “Free Syrian Army” to supply the muscle and has pledged to continue their Proxy War against the Syrian government INDEFINITELY! Though the Russian Federation and China have VETOED ALL U.N. Regime Change Resolutions they both still refuse even to expose the U.S. “Facebook” weapon which uses a minority to try to overthrow the majority! Syrian government reforms are totally irrelevant one way or the other and are simply used as a PRETEXT to continue the U.S. “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy. Any hypothetical anti-Assad party would be defeated DECISIVELY in any election and THAT is why the U.S.-backed gang-bangers just attack even promised constitutional reforms, saying: “Assad would never institute reforms,” because they know they would lose out that way also. The “reforms” sought by the USA and its proxies are an END of Ba’ath Socialism and support for Hezbollah and Hamas! The US wants some sort of a Libya-style Arab League-backed U.S./NATO No-Fly Zone where the minority can overthrow the majority! The U.S. uses the same Big Lie in Syria that they did in Libya: that they are “defending innocent Libyan and Syrian civilians.” In Libya (and now presumably Syria) the U.S./NATO provided Special Forces officers to control DOCUMENTED Libyan Al-Qaeda “rebel” leadership! The so-called “rebels” were documented to have a mid-level leadership composed of Al-Qaeda although their top leaders were both former foreign ministers under Qaddafi: Mustafa Abdul Jalil and Abdul Fatah Younis, who was assassinated/sacrificed as a provocation by the USA on July 28, 2011 to create a pretext to remove uncontrollable Al-Qaeda personnel (see below), Others included Abdel-Hakim al Hasidi and CIA-man Khalifa Haftar, former head of LNA, appointed chief “rebel” Commander March 17, 2011! (CNN, April 4, 2011) The Libyan branch of Al Qaeda represents a continuum with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, the elite of the Harabi tribe, and the so-called “Transitional National Council,” a concoction of the Obama Regime and NATO, all overlap for all practical purposes. The REASON that the U.S. used Al-Qaeda in Libya (See below.) and other Islamic Fundamentalist groups to provide the muscle for their multiple proxy invasions in Mideast and Gulf States is because the Al-Qaeda basic belief structure holds that all existing Arab and Moslem governments are illegitimate and should be overthrown, because they do not represent the caliphate which Al-Qaeda claims is described by the Koran. See:, which also contains the West Point Study (Admission!) documenting Al-Qaeda leadership. (Note: Webster G. Tarpley, the source of this document on the Internet, was a Lyndon Larouche Fascist stooge and remains a member of the U.S. “intelligence community” motivated by anti-Communism and is a false conspiracy disinformation specialist e.g. on the 911 Provocation, Global Warming, etc. But be aware that the so-called “intelligence community” also often has various open Fascists, closet Fascists, or various right-wing groups release correct politically sensitive information so that the U.S. fake “left” will have a pretext not to report it to their duped membership. For example, Coup D’Etat in America, containing the tramp photos and overlays which both line up positively identifying Nixon’s so-called “Watergate Burglars” as the so-called “Dealey Plaza Tramps,” the triggermen in the JFK assassination, was eventually turned over to the ultra-right in order to try to discredit the claim and the information by source.)

    The U.S. Had Younis Assassinated as a Provocation to Create a Pretext
    To Begin Removal of Al-Qaeda from the Libyan “Rebel Army” Leadership!

    Then on August 5, 2011, lo and behold, events revealed that the assassination of Abdul Fatah Younis on July 28th was actually orchestrated as a U.S-manipulated provocation by fanning the rumors that Younis was still loyal to Qaddafi in order to provide a pretext for yet another newly concocted group, the so-called “Coalition for the Revolution (?) of the 17th of February” (read: Coup D’Etat!), described as “An influential group of lawyers and judges” (!) to demand resignations from those deemed “responsible for the assassination,” and “to eliminate secular divisions” in the leadership. The resignations included a virtual boatload of Al-Qaeda and Islamic Fundamentalist leaders from the so-called “Rebel Army” and so-called “Transitional National Council.” And on August 8, 2011 (BBC) Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who had moved into an unchallenged leadership position following these resignations, dismissed his entire Executive Committee, which eliminated even more Al-Qaeda leaders! This new “Coalition” (sound familiar?) also demanded a consolidation of all Islamic Fundamentalist-led “rebel militias.” (New York Times, August 5, 2011) Though it did not occur this almost sounded like preparation for another “Night of the Long Knives” situation, where Hitler got rid of the leadership of the Sturm Abteilung (SA), which the NAZIs used to organize a significant percentage of the intimidated and manipulated German Working Class in order to help bring Hitler to power (after all the Communists had been arrested!) and then decided to discard as a potential threat in a single night of mass murder at the request of and carried out by both the Reichswehr and the Schutzstaffel (SS)! During their proxy invasion the U.S. also simultaneously openly admitted to having a wide network of CIA agents in Libya! It was the CIA that called in the air strikes! In addition, note that the CIA was the source of any and all “weapons of mass destruction” and “anti-personnel cluster bombs” fired in Libya. The U.S. possesses those weapons! Libya did NOT! Grad rockets (and Scud missiles yet!) are TOTALLY PRIMITIVE in comparison to the U.S. “Hellfire” Missile or Tomahawk Cruise Missile and no more “anti-personnel” than other high explosive weapons! The U.S./“Israel” is documented to have used anti-personnel cluster bombs including white phosphorus (!) in attacking both Lebanon and GAZA! (See below and the George Bush-style LIBYAN WMD Big Lie report in the NY Times, April 16, 2011) Note that in their “FACEBOOK”-Organized Regime Change in Yemen the United States and NATO also admitted to employing known terrorists OTHER THAN THEMSELVES (!). Sheik Abdul Majid al-Zindani, who they first tried to sugarcoat and anoint as a “spiritual leader,” they were forced to admit in their flagship newspaper is actually a “specially designated global terrorist.” (New York Times, May 27, 2011) Zindani is the chief ally of the Ahmar brothers who led the U.S.- directed coup d’etat which overthrew the government of Yemen President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who the U.S. tried to assassinate, but then granted “amnesty!” (Guardian, November 23, 2011) The U.S. fake “left” United Action Center and Workers World Party run by war criminal Ramsey Clark, who signed off on the Martin Luther King assassination when he was Attorney General under Lyndon Johnson, organized demonstrations supporting U.S.-backed Regime Change in Yemen and calling for the execution of Saleh the former head of state! WBAI radio/Amy Goodman supported U.S. overthrow of both Qaddafi and now the popularly supported Bashar Assad Ba’ ath Socialist Party Syrian government. On May 11, 2012 “United For Peace and Justice” held a conference supporting U.S.-backed overthrow of Assad and by extension Hezbollah and Hamas! The U.S. fake “left” has now become an open arm of U.S. imperialism!

    Qaddafi and Libya, unlike the United States (see below!), had no history of ever waging war against its own population and there is no evidence whatsoever that Qaddafi had ever done so. His anti-imperialist history and anti-IMF, anti-U.S. economic imperialism investment policies all the way up to the point when the U.S. began its move against Libya, make it is highly unlikely that Qaddafi would EVER have waged war against his own general population, but only against that INSIGNIFICANT MINORITY organized and manipulated as the so-called “rebel army” by the United States, the CIA, FACEBOOK, NATO, the phony so-called “human rights groups” and so called “Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), all false fronts to assist governmental overthrow. A high percentage of the so-called “rebel army” were Al-Qaeda and other Islamic Fundamentalist fanatics (see above!). These have been forced U.S. Proxy Wars, Coup D’etats or ongoing attempts in Libya, Syria and Yemen, for example, NOT “civil wars.” What the United States did to Libya on a daily basis it did to Iraq and continues to do to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries it has invaded: 1.) First it destroys the infrastructure of the country! 2.) Then it carries out a systematic divide and conquer strategy so that the people, the country and the cities are maximally divided in every conceivable way, religiously, ethnically, and even physically! In Baghdad huge cement blocks wall off whole sections of the city and line all main highways in the city similar to, but much worse than the Apartheid Prison Wall in Occupied Palestine. The full employment, free education to the highest level, no homelessness and free medical and dental which existed in Iraq and Iraq are all ABOLISHED! The U.S. is not simply an “occupier” of Iraq, it is still an active INVADER in the continuing Non-Stop U.S. War of Murder and Plunder Against Iraq even as it “leaves!” The U.S. has installed a stooge, puppet, proxy (comprador) government in Iraq to continue its invasion and the oil companies and private contractors are there to plunder! The U.S. regime reveals by its words and actions that it has total contempt for the intelligence of its own people!!! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship is waging war NOT just against multiple countries around the world one after the other, but also is waging a genuine war of extermination and population reduction against its very own population through a campaign of DELIBERATE ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of the U.S. and world economy targeting the Working Class and the Poor, which the capitalists hypocritically designate their “economic downturn,” (?) which it’s not, biological warfare and psychological warfare and has now lost all credibility and legitimacy to rule and all right to sovereignty here in the United States! OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

    Meanwhile, on a daily basis the mass murdering U.S.A. calmly bombs innocent civilians willy-nilly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere with drone bombers firing “Hellfire Missiles,” warships firing Tomahawk Cruise Missiles on whomever they want and the U.S./“NATO” dropped 1000 lb “Blockbuster” bombs on Tripoli and all over Libya, and continue to shoot people dead in the street everywhere and anywhere and whenever they want! Assassination of world leaders deemed “enemies,” on a growing list, is now openly admitted U.S. state policy! “Protecting Innocent Civilians” and Preventing a Humanitarian Disaster!” THAT’S A HOT ONE! Another Big Lie run to the limit! Everywhere! See below! The capitalist media called Qaddafi “crazy” for saying that the so-called “Rebels” were being led by Al-Qaeda. But “NATO’s top commander, U.S. Navy Adm. James Stavridis, (disingenuously covering himself) stated (what was a well-known fact throughout the U.S./NATO command) that officials had seen ‘flickers’ of possible Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah involvement within the rebel forces” way back in March!! (Associated Press, March 30, 2011) More than “flickers!” (And please note that Al-Qaeda is NOT Hezbollah and that this part was undoubtedly added falsely to try to discredit Hezbollah by equating it to, and associating it with, Al-Qaeda!) See below. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton similarly covered herself when she stated that she was “supremely (her malapropism problem!) cautious about arming the rebels because of the unknowns of who they were and whether they might have links to Al Qaeda.” (New York Times, April 1, 2011) DUH! Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO know very well that they are using Al-Qaeda just as Bush and Clinton did with the 911 Trade Center Provocation! (See below.) U.S. “recognition” of the TNC Rebels on July 15, 2011 was done partly to try to cover up the fact that the TNC was largely Al Qaeda, which the U.S. was already in the process of eliminating from the TNC! Qaddafi on the other hand had become such a total opportunist that until June 11, 2011 he refused to acknowledge that the Invasion of Libya was being LED by U.S./NATO forces in order to steal Libya’s oil, and had delusionally kept calling Obama “his brother.” (!) Meanwhile, the U.S. openly stated the obvious that it was trying to assassinate Qaddafi by bombing. (Reuters, June 10, 2011). In an attempt to inflame world opinion the U.S. directed its puppet “International Criminal Court (ICC) to also falsely charge Libya with “political rape!” Omitted entirely was all mention that Qaddafi’s Security Team was entirely made up of WOMEN and Qaddafi’s role, alone among all Arab leaders, in highly respecting women and assuring that women get better treatment in Libya than in all other Arab countries!!! Islam treats women as baby factories and otherwise as human garbage! But not Qaddafi! The U.S./NATO bombed every square inch of Libya so that reinforcements from Tripoli were not able to even reach nearby towns to squash the U.S. gang-banger “rebels!” The populations of Sirte and Bani Walid including those who left and those who remained supported Qaddafi and a large percentage of the population was armed in addition to the regular Qaddafi forces, not all of whom died at the hands of the imperialist proxies. The towns and all of Libya was systematically flattened by U.S./“NATO” TOTAL AIR SUPREMACY (!) bombing the country FLAT and the TNC/”Rebel proxies/mercenaries ran in and executed the wounded and screamed “VICTORY!” Disgusting from start to finish!

    Freezing Libyan Funds was Designed to Block Libya’s Move
    To Break the World Bank and IMF Stranglehold on Africa!
    The United States Wages War of Economic Imperialism NOT
    Just Against Libya but ALL of Africa and the Entire World!

    The U.S. admitted that Libya had $ billions inside Libya if necessary to pay for all defense against the U.S./NATO Air War and “Facebook”-organized Proxy Invasion. The primary purpose of the United States and European Union in “Freezing” (STEALING) $150 billion of Libyan Sovereign Wealth Funds invested on five continents and in 25 African countries was to prevent African countries from escaping control by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the primary weapons of economic imperialism! By freezing these Libyan assets, the U.S.-led world capitalist dictatorship also prevented African countries from becoming independent from U.S./European satellite propaganda networks, and which would have saved hundreds of millions of dollars per annum. The Freeze of Libyan Sovereign Wealth Funds by the U.S. and EU also forced 14 African countries to continue using the CFA franc issued by France as a means to control its former colonies. See: Il Manifesto (Italy), April 22, 2011. Handing over $30 Billion or even $150 Billion to their puppet TNC/“government” will not change these facts because any government recognized by the U.S. fully supports IMF-WB Policies in subjugating Africa!

    Qaddafi Made Some Errors But Was Still Overwhelmingly
    Supported in Libya When Finally Assassinated on U.S. Orders!

    Despite the fact that Libya had the highest living standard in Africa (!) it has to be acknowledged that Qaddafi made several large mistakes. Qaddafi’s primary errors were: 1.) He invited the capitalist oil companies back into Libya and 2.) He promised (not “threatened” the term used by the capitalist media) but did not follow through on his pledge to redirect more of the oil money to the Libyan people. Hugo Chavez on the other hand actually has redirected the majority of the oil wealth to the Working Class and the Poor of Venezuela and he has no problem whatsoever with popularity except among the rich. Chavez is hugely popular despite unrelenting U.S.-directed false media propaganda campaigns directed against him and non-stop provocations. 3.) Qaddafi also made the mistake of not watching his back. Any LEGITIMATE grievances which the Libyan people had will NOT be improved one iota with the U.S. INVASION and Coup D’Etat and a take-over by the oil companies and private contractors and the installation of a puppet government. While there are tribes and geographic division in Libya, which the U.S. has used to overthrow Qaddafi, the overthrow of the hated U.S puppet King Idris by Qaddafi actually united Libyans in 1969 and gave them a future for the first time. The capitalist regime works to maintain racial, ethnic, religious, national, age, sex and sexual preference division in the United States and elsewhere. Division on every conceivable basis is the U.S. objective while falsely denying it to the rooftops as the supposed “greatest danger:” “WE don’t want what happened in Iraq (which was instigated and orchestrated on all levels by the U.S.), to happen in Libya!” When the U.S. left Iraq in Dec 2011 they instructed their puppet al-Maliki SHIITE-led government to issue Big Lie “terrorist—death squad” charges against the senior SUNNI Vice-President, Tariq al-Hashemi, as a carefully planned provocation to set up a basis for pervasive and long-lasting division! The entire Sunni Arab political block, al-Iraqiyya, then boycotted parliament and U.S.-puppet Shiite al-Maliki then dismissed all the Sunni politicians from Parliament! Then on September 9, 2012 al-Hashemi, a diplomat only, was falsely found “guilty (!) in absentia” of “running death squads targeting Shias and security forces. (?)” A Perfect Divide and Conquer Provocation, which the U.S. capitalist dictatorship has tried to turn into a science! This provides a long-time basis for Shia on Sunni and Sunni on Shia “violence.” The U.S. is now being invited back by its puppet Maliki as so-called “trainers!” Aren’t they clever and aren’t we all so nice and stupid?

    After the Russians gave the Green Light for the U.S. to invade Libya by Domestic Proxy the oil companies and the United States immediately bought off ALL the Libyan ambassadors, some individuals in the Libyan armed forces and on March 31, 2011 bought off the Foreign Minister, Moussa Koussa and on the very next day Ali Abdessalam Treki, a former foreign minister and U.N. General Assembly President was also bought off. Both took anti-Qaddafi positions. Buying off diplomats is Standard Operating Procedure for the U.S.! Using the same exact tactics the U.S. bought off “several high-ranking Syrian military figures.” (BBC, June 25, 2012) The U.S. also controls the militaries of virtually all of its Mideast allies and also attempts to make inroads into the militaries of its enemies. But they mostly failed in Libya! The U.S. and NATO were given the green light to invade Libya by the Russian and the PRC abstentions, which are exactly the same as a “YES” in the March 17, 2011 U.N. vote, beginning with a “no fly zone,” when it looked like the initial U.S.-directed coup d’etat attempt starting in Bengazi was about to fail miserably! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship also instructed 11 puppet members of the 22-member Arab League, to make a “special request” to the U.S. and NATO and the United Nations to please, please come invade Libya, beginning with a “no-fly zone,” because it was obvious the U.S. proxy “rebel gang-banger army” was collapsing. After the U.S. had “successfully” carried out its Proxy Invasion of Libya and had Qaddafi brutally assassinated, it instructed its so-called “Arab League” which does not represent either Arabs or their interests, to vote now unanimously to impose economic sanctions on Syria (BBC, Nov. 14) against the wishes of the vast majority of the Arab world (the Arab Street), which oppose virtually ALL decisions of their U.S. puppet regimes. The U.S. Proxy Invasions of Libya, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere are more glaring demonstration that Capitalism is in its Final Stage designated: Permanent War and State Terrorism. The “War on Terror” is the pretext used to maintain capitalism in its final stage. Capitalism is fundamentally based on war, mass murder, crime and subjugation to steal new resources and markets in order to increase private profits. The combination of: 1.) a total absence of any genuine Communist Party or organized Working Class in Islamic countries and 2.) U.S. control of the military in many countries through training of their officer corps often in the United States and direct supply of war materiel and money to those militaries and proxies, is how the U.S. is able to buy off and bribe the militaries and ensure that under no circumstances should the social unrest which capitalism has created get organized in the correct direction of a Socialist Revolution. While all religions are inherently reactionary, U.S. capitalism depends on Islam the most reactionary of all religions and the easiest to manipulate. Because there is no genuine Communist Party in Islamic countries, just as in the U.S. and European countries at present, social unrest created naturally by capitalism through exploitation and super-exploitation of the Working Class, is organized through “Facebook” and “Twitter,” etc. to perform the bidding of U.S.-led world capitalism, their very exploiters!

    The United States is the Leader of NATO!
    The U.S is NATO! Libya Was a U.S./“NATO” WAR!
    OBAMATALK is Nothing but Nonstop Big Lies on Every Topic!

    The U.S. dictatorship intermittently attempted to generate maximal confusion and denial with a smoke and mirrors campaign stating that it was “turning over operations in Libya to NATO,” while it continued its very own NON-STOP BOMBING! What a joke! The U.S. IS the LEADER of NATO! The U.S. is NATO! Period! Libya was and still is a U.S./“NATO” campaign! According to the BBC on October 30, 2011, “With the help of America’s massive military machine, NATO managed to sustain the Libya operation.” So it was actually the U.S. from early on when it was openly admitted that “NATO Special Forces” were “providing leadership and training” of the U.S. proxy “rebel” gang-banger army on the ground. (Associated Press, March 29, 2011). The U.S. simultaneously issued the brazen falsely denial: “of having any contact with (their tiny) ‘rebel’ army, (numbering less than 10,000!), because that would mean the U.S. and NATO had ‘intervened.’” “Intervene” is Orwellian NEWSPEAK for INVADE! By March 20, 2011 Qaddafi’s forces had the U.S./NATO proxy “rebels” on the run again and the U.S. capitalist dictatorship was openly discussing full-scale invasion or “arming the rebels,” which they HAD DONE ALREADY, but by July 2011 they were at an impasse with Qaddafi threatening reprisals in Europe for what the U.S./NATO had done to destroy Libya! The murderous capitalist dictatorship first openly discussed where THEY were going to PUT QADDAFI after THEY overthrew him! Totally bizarre warmongers who later openly declared their intention to assassinate Qaddafi (Reuters, June 10, 2011) merely stating the obvious, which they had hypocritically denied while relentlessly attempting to assassinate him with air bombardment! (Note: the U.S. policy of assassination of leaders extends not just to Osama Bin Laden but to leaders of ALL countries targeted for “Facebook”-organized REGIME CHANGE and Coup D’etat who resist! U.S./NATO also attempted to assassinate their former stooge Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of Yemen with a “sophisticated precision-guided weapon” severely wounding him (New York Times, June 4, 2011) and forcing his November 23, 2011 resignation! Now the new U.S. puppet regimes in Yemen and Egypt are calling for the execution of both Saleh and Mubarak! These calls are actually coming from the United States because the U.S. does NOT like to have living and breathing reminders of what it has done.

    The Green Light Provided by the Russian Federation’s United Nations Vote for
    The U.S./NATO Proxy Invasion of Libya Has Ended Up on Russia’s Doorstep!

    The Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Germany, India and Brazil ALL VOTED FOR THE U.S./NATO INVASION OF LIBYA by “abstaining” in the U.N. Security Council vote for the so-called “No-Fly Zone.” Russia and China received huge concessions from the United States in what was a clear and obvious QUID PRO QUO, where the Russian Federation was guaranteed to be made a member of the World Trade Organization which occurred on December 17, 2011 in exchange for handing over to the U.S. and E.U. all of Libyan oil! The U.S. is simultaneously using its “Facebook” Weapon to attempt to organize the beginnings of a Proxy Invasion of the Russian Federation itself with provocations (see above)! The above Quid Pro Quo held despite Russia’s (and the PRC’s) October 4, 2011 and February 4, 2012 U.N. vetoes of resolutions directed against Syria! But the Russian Federation had given the GREEN LIGHT TO EVERYTHING previously as it pretended to be upset about the brutal torture/assassination of Qaddafi and pretended they did not know the consequences of their Libyan UN Vote, namely ABSTAIN MEANS YES! Putin/Medyedev are foolishly still following the opportunist Gorbachev (Stalinist) formula of SURRENDER, falsely believing that in accepting an onerous temporary “agreement” they are “buying time” as Lenin once actually did in WWI with Germany. After signing the 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk they later made up all their losses. While Gorbachev did indeed appear to buy some time they are presently courting disaster not only for the Russian Federation but for the entire world as their “Green Light” has maximally encouraged U.S.-led imperialism, which has inevitably ended up once again on their doorstep! Time’s up! There is no more time to buy and no matter what the U.S. promises the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism is operant! UN “diplomacy” has become just another weapon for U.S. imperialism to begin the process of Regime Change in multiple countries and can be supported only if the result thwarts that process!

    The U.S believes that it has NOTHING TO LOSE—except for actually starting a nuclear war—that it cannot really prevent (!), and which, short of a Second Russian Surrender (!), can ONLY be prevented by a Socialist Revolution in the United States! The U.S. continues to push their so-called “European Missile Shield,” which is simply a transparent ruse to place First Strike Missiles again within striking distance of Moscow in order to try to force a Second Russian Surrender and turn Russia into a complete U.S. puppet! The U.S. wants ALL Russian natural resources and states: “ We will not in any way limit or change our deployment (of the nuclear-first-strike missile shield) plans in Europe,” where Poland and (now) Romania have agreed to “host” the First-Strike Missiles and radar! (November 23, 2011, Deutsche Welle) Russia previously announced that it will station Russian nuclear missiles on its EU borders in Kaliningrad and other areas, which are aimed at U.S. missile defense sites, and stated it would also “opt out” of the 2010 New START nuclear arms reduction treaty and future arms control talks! (BBC, November 23, 2011) The U.S. pretends that was all “Russian pre-election rhetoric,” but any New Cold War will be on the basis of LAUNCH ON WARNING—NOT MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION (MAD) as the previous Cold War was up until November 1983 and the stationing of Pershing II First Strike Nuclear Missiles in Germany 10 minutes from Moscow, which forced the Soviet Surrender in 1988, after Gorbachev lined up key sectors of the Soviet government! The U.S. dictatorship is assuming the Russian Federation will not permit another Cold War on a Launch On Warning basis. Obama bizarrely and disrespectfully ignored the above Russian statements as he did on March 25, 2012 (BBC) stating that he expects Russia to go along with New Start reductions and ignore the First Strike Nuclear Missiles once again to be placed on its borders under the “Missile Shield” pretext! The very next day Obama told Medvedev that “he would have more “flexibility” with the so-called “Missile Shield” after the (rigged) U.S. presidential “election,” (where Romney knows that his role is to assist Obama with anti-Russian remarks and to lose the 2012 “election” precisely for the same reasons as McCain did in 2008—see below!). Note that Romney’s selection of fellow NAZI Paul D. Ryan was to try to provide “left cover” for Obama’s economic policies of economic warfare against the Workers! As the election has approached Romney has escalated his deliberate self-sabotage with his remarks and actions!

    Obama’s “message to Putin” as well as Romney’s criticism of Obama for promising “flexibility” on the “missile shield” is primarily aimed at U.S. voters to manipulate liberals to vote for Obama and also to try to encourage Russia to continue to betray Syria with QUID PRO QUO promise of toning down the “missile shield” just as they did with Libya in exchange for WTO Membership! But the One-Way Dynamic of capitalism will force the U.S. to push some form of “missile shield” which will genuinely threaten the Russian Federation for the same reasons that the U.S. installed Pershing II first Strike Nuclear Missiles in Germany 10 minutes from Moscow in Nov 1983 following the Korean Airliner Shootdown Provocation. At one point the Russian Federation in a show of opportunism virtually turned over the operation of Russian Television (RT) to the United States more or less on a day-to-day basis where Associated Press reports were used to cover many sensitive issues! That traitorous complacency has simply encouraged U.S. imperialism! Another face slap was reported in Izvestia: the United States SHOT DOWN the Russian space probe to Mars, Phobos Grunt launched on November 9, 2011, and according to the Russian Federation, evidently ALL Russian Mars probes since the 1980s with anti-satellite weapons using “very powerful (directed) radar” beams located in Alaska! (See: New York Times, January 11, 2012) These U.S. “capabilities” were also undoubtedly the reason for the failure of the April 13, 2012 North Korean rocket launch, which was then used as the pretext to ridicule North Korean technology while imposing new economic sanctions against North Korea! With the Russian Federation supposedly “backed into a corner” and a military confrontation a real possibility by the Russian military, the U.S. has apparently promised a course reversal on the “Missile Shield.” But this may prove entirely unlikely even if Russia continues to sabotage Syria in its ongoing Syrian Dog and Pony Show with the USA! But the actual U.S. missile shield itself may have actually already have been sabotaged. USA indicated that censors on its SM-3 missile to be used in their adventure “lost calibration” in tests making it impossible to provide valid data to identify warheads and decoys. Making them useless! (New York Times, May 19, 2012 and Tech Online Edition, December 3, 2004) Russia would be making a very large mistake if they were to accept this sort of assurance that the U.S. “missile shield” represents no threat.

    By 2007 National Public Radio Reported the U.S. Capitalist
    Dictatorship had Already Caused the Deaths of 1.2 Million
    Iraqis! Today that Number is Close to 2 Million Dead Iraqis!

    “Stop the Killing! Stop the Killing,” the U.S. hypocrites scream at Syria! The United States also hypocritically vilified Saddam Hussein as the “Butcher of Baghdad” and the war-mongering Reagan regime which invaded Lebanon, Grenada and ran multiple Proxy Wars in Latin America and around the world while carrying out a runaway nuclear arms race against the USSR, ludicrously labeled Qaddafi the “Mad Dog of the Middle East.” But Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi are small potatoes compared to Barack Obama and George Bush, their predecessors and successors. The real Butchers of Baghdad and Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere have been the Bush, Clinton and Obama Regimes and U.S.-led world capitalism-imperialism, which caused the deaths of over 1.2 million Iraqis already by September 19, 2007 (!), since the start of the U.S. invasion in 2003, according to a blipped report on National Public Radio Online, “Survey Puts Iraqi War Dead Above One Million.” Day to Day NPR Radio Program, . Previously the English Medical journal The Lancet (October 11, 2006) reported the death of over 655,000 Iraqis since the start of the U.S. Invasion, “an increase which would not have occurred without the 2001 U.S. Invasion.” By 2012 when the U.S. falsely claimed to have “left Iraq” that figure was certainly at over 2 (two) million dead Iraqis! NOW in 2011-2012 the U.S. uses “Facebook,” etc. to encourage their “U.S. armed-to-the-teeth “proxy activist” CANNON FODDER to go attack the Syrian Ba’ath Socialist forces of Bashar al-Assad falsely assuring them: “the U.N. and Arab League support you!!!” THEY MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT!!!!!!! THE MASSES—the overwhelming majority from the 137 countries which voted “yes” and the people from the 17 countries which voted “abstain” (the same as “yes”) in the non-binding February 16, 2012 UN General Assembly resolution condemning Syria support Syria, which is defending its still overwhelmingly popularly supported government (!) against an OVERTHROW by a MINORITY of U.S.-armed and U.S.-directed and U.S. media-hyped gang-bangers. In Syria the U.S.-backed and U.S.-directed Gang-Bangers routinely use innocent civilians and herd adults and families with children together as HUMAN SHIELDS by firing heavy weapons at Syrian government forces from apartment buildings, while threatening tenants not to flee, while THEY LEAVE to avoid the slaughter!!!!! Simultaneously the USA directed their gang-bangers on May 28, 2012 to dress up as Syrian Army and Militia and commit atrocities by systematically going into houses and mass murdering everyone including children. Al Qaeda also massacres Syrian civilians through huge bomb provocations to try to discredit the Syrian government. (BBC, May 26, 2012) Some “uprising!” This is a CLEAR ATTEMPT TO OVERTHROW Syrian Ba’ath Socialism by U.S.-Led Imperialism! The masses of those 137 countries OPPOSED the UN votes by “their” U.S. puppet (comprador) regimes to condemn Syria. Those 137 governments (!) have been threatened, blackmailed and bribed by the United States to get that “politically useful” but non-binding U.N. General Assembly vote condemning Syria! Such is the present state of the world! Only the governments themselves “support” the U.S.! The U.S. mass murderers of the world are fooling VERY FEW except a percentage of their OWN brainwashed population. We are supposed to believe the U.S. government which murdered 2 million people in Vietnam and 2 million people in Iraq is suddenly the “good guy” as it tries to overthrow yet another country!

    Libyan Deaths Caused by the U.S./NATO “NO-FLY ZONE and well over 7,500 to
    10,000 Bombing Sorties (BBC !) Were Covered Up but Numbered into Tens of Thousands!

    The United States has been after Libyan oil for over 40 years (!) and realized that now was the time to take it while they are taking it in Iraq and everywhere else! “Protecting Innocent Civilians.” What a clumsy Big Lie pronounced with such grandiloquent pretentiousness and tyrannical puffery always with plastic false smiles and/or phony posed stern expressions! The haughty poseur and Fascist purse-lipped twerp Barack Obama makes no decisions himself except regarding his bodily functions and not always about that either, and is merely the front man for economic and political decisions made mostly by consensus of the largest capitalists and “intelligence community!” Regarding U.S. domestic statecraft, it should be noted that con man/demagogue Obama works closely, hand in glove with the Republicans and Tea Bags who provide him with his “left” cover, meaning a form of political deception and manipulation where they falsely and almost comically denounce Obama as a “Socialist” or a “radical” in order to provide him the necessary support he needs from among the traditional brainwashed Democratic party constituencies, so that HE and his fellow Fascists, proto-Fascists and Bonapartists are able to move the entire political spectrum ever closer to the right and harden the capitalist dictatorship. Left cover was used very effectively with the so-called “Budge Deficit” and in getting rid of the Payroll Tax in order to undermine the Social Security Trust Fund! In both cases Obama, Tea Bags and the Republicans falsely declared they were in “political gridlock!” There was no “gridlock” with the “Budget Deficit” or “Obama payroll tax cut”—a Social Darwinist tactic designed to undermine the Social Security Trust Fund NOT to help falsely designated “middle class “workers” (an oxymoron!),” or “help a (non-existent) fragile economic recovery” or anything else! This was all staged and in accordance with the (now) One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism explained below. The capitalist dictatorship staged yet another ridiculous sham presidential “election” in 2012 to keep the Fascist Obama in power by pitting him first against a group of equally Fascist/NAZI, widely hated, laughable incompetents, crazy and even highly despised opponents of the “religious-right.” Openly racist, sermonizing, pink slime-eating Elmer Gantry-type Republicans such as Rick Perry proudly adorned his Texas property with a huge “Niggerhead” sign! (The Atlantic Wire, October 2, 2011) But the dictatorship just decided to use Perry temporarily in order to bring out the Black vote for Fascist Obama and even after Obama leaves office after 2 terms (!) he and his Fascist programs will all be attacked on a false racial basis! And no one will ever reverse them because the Republicans and Democrats both represent ONLY the capitalist class! From the beginning the U.S. dictatorship clearly preferred to go with Willard Mitt Romney not Fig Newton Leroy Gingrich or Richard Sanatarium! The reason was that Romney knew that his role was to take a fall for Obama, to lose in the same way that McCain knew his role was to lose the election in 2008! Newt Gingrich and the others however were not in confidence on this scenario and would have had to have been steered to defeat by the media and manipulated through provocations. Mitt Romney understands that the capitalist dictatorship can much more easily implement the warmongering and population reduction policies of End-Stage Capitalism—which severely limit or abolish the function of social programs, which is to keep Working Class and the Poor alive—with a Democratic constituency! Ever since Watergate the outcome of ALL Presidential elections has been determined in advance between the candidates except for 2000 and 2004 where the Democrats won both elections despite their best efforts to lose, but then permitted what were actually coup d’etats. Bush was a usurper and was never the “president!” of the United States. His entire regime was illegal on its face. All elections under capitalism are illegal because the Working Class is not represented. “Pluralism” simply means multiple parties all of which ONLY represent capitalism never the workers!

    The United States—NOT Libya—Blew up the Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie Airliner
    As a Provocation Directed Against Libya to (Falsely) Justify Economic Sanctions
    Designed to Weaken and Ultimately Overthrow the Highly Popular Leader!

    On April 30, 2011 the U.S. tried to assassinate Qaddafi with aerial bombing, killing his youngest son and 3 grandchildren! Twenty-five years earlier on April 15, 1986 Ronald Reagan murdered his daughter and almost killed Qaddafi himself with an aerial bomb. (On August 26, 2011 the U.S. began a propaganda campaign that Qaddafi’s daughter was still alive to discredit Qaddafi, take the focus off that earlier assassination attempt and the most recent decision to assassinate Qaddafi. The U.S. order was carried out on October 20, 2011!) After that first assassination attempt on Qaddafi the United States—NOT QADDAFI—NOT LIBYA—brought down the Lockerbie jet airliner (Pan Am Flight 103) on December 21, 1988 with a bomb as a MASS PROVOCATION killing 243 passengers sacrificed as part of an escalating war against Libya and Qaddafi in order to take control of Libyan oil. THINK MOTIVE! The Lockerbie Airliner Provocation has been used ever since as the pretext to wage a never-ending media onslaught against Qaddafi and Libya, combined with years and years of ECONOMIC SANCTIONS. Finally in 2000 Qaddafi, who had by then become a total opportunist, decided, with that person’s agreement, to frame up a very high-ranking scapegoat, bdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, the former Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies in Tripoli (!), who apparently agreed to the frame-up, and as a highly motivated Libyan patriot, agreed to go to jail as part of the strategy of having the economic sanctions completely lifted. Later Ulrich Lumpert, the Mebo AG engineer who testified to the validity of the Lockerbie bomb timer, admitted in an affidavit to lying in court and stealing that timer from his employer after the attack whereupon it was planted. The case itself was ridiculous from start to finish. See:

    The Scottish government with the support of British Petroleum, who knew the whole thing was a total farce, and under direct pressure from Qaddafi, later freed Megrahi in August 2009 on compassionate grounds for medical reasons. British Petroleum wanted access to and concessions from Libya, which they received! In late August 2011 Megraphi was found at home in Tripoli in a partial coma with his family on oxygen and an IV, not eating, with no physician or medicines or telephone or advice, according to his brother, Khaled. (BBC, August 28, 2011) Neither Qaddafi nor the U.S. nor its proxy “TNC/rebels” wanted Megrahi to reveal what really happened so he was apparently left to die, which he finally did on May 20, 2012. The U.S. proxy “TNC/rebels” used Megraphi for falsely legitimizing propaganda, declaring that THEY, unlike Qaddafi, would not turn over any Libyan including Megraphi to be extradited! After Megrahi’s death the U.S.-backed gang-bangers stooges promised to “investigate”—meaning concoct—all the crimes” of Qaddafi after U.S. and British pressure (BBC, May 20, 2012) to try to pin the bombing, which had been carried out by the United States, directly on Qaddafi! Qaddafi, “that fuzzy-headed tyrant (BBC)” was found guilty from very early in his tenure in power of inflicting on his subject population the highest standard of living in all Africa in addition to: 1.) full employment, 2.) free education to the highest level, 3. no homelessness and 4. ) free medical and dental all paid for on oil revenues and was assassinated on direct U.S. orders! The U.S. has a long history of blowing up airliners and sinking ships and then blaming the victim in order to create a pretext to start wars and invade countries. On June 23, 1985 the U.S. blew up Air India Flight 182 after Rajiv Ghandhi told Ronald Reagan during his visit to the U.S that he had no intention of becoming a political ally of the U.S. and taking a position against the USSR, India’s long-time ally and loyal friend! The Soviet Union had taught India how to feed itself rather than to remain mostly dependent on importing grain from the United States, Great Britain and other imperialist powers where early newsreels recorded airplanes dropping bags of rice on the heads of the Poor in outlying areas in India! THINK MOTIVE! The Air India bombing occurred shortly after that refusal to turn against the USSR. Later, Rajiv Ghandhi was assassinated outright on May 21, 1991 by the U.S., which is the only country which had the actual MOTIVE, which was to set a precedent and intimidate any others who would thumb their nose at the United States. The U.S. is also the only country which had the so-called “intelligence,” the spying capability and technical capability to know precisely where the extremely popular Rajiv Ghandhi would be to the minute and hour in rural India in order to allow the transportation of the Tamil Tiger assassin/suicide bomber Thenmozhi Rajaratnam to the tiny obscure village, Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu state!

    The United Nations so-called “secretary general” Ban Ki-MOON, just like Kofi
    Annan Before Him, Reveals Himself as Nothing But a United States STOOGE!

    As an open declaration of his status the so-called “secretary general” of the United Nations U.S. Puppet from the Beginning, Ban Ki-moon, an undisputed “Moonie,” acted as an hysterical warmongering mouthpiece for his United States master in accusing Syria, which is fighting a U.S./E.U Coup D’etat-Proxy Takeover of his country of “waging war against its own people” by using heavy weapons to fire into civilian areas in Homs. But Ban Ki-Moonie knows the TRUTH—that the U.S. backed and armed the U.S.-backed gang-bangers were actually using innocent civilians as human shields! And as far as firing heavy weapons into civilian areas, Ban Ki-Moonie acts like he has never heard of the Battle of the Kursk Salient where the U.S.S.R. pushed the NAZIs back from Kursk all the way to Berlin where, in addition to many other towns and cities, similar NAZIs also took refuge in “civilian neighborhoods.” Ban Ki-Moonie statements have prejudiced the entire UN-Arab league observer mission to spew lies of the U.S. bent on overthrowing Bashir al-Assad in order to get at Hezbollah and Hamas and Iran and to take over Syrian Oil! On December 14, 2011 the U.S.A.-puppet UN “Human Rights” Commissioner Navi Pillay recommended that the entire Assad government be recommended to the International Criminal Court (!) for killing “anti-government protesters,” (!) a disingenuous Big Lie as the situation has become totally ridiculous. The U.S. doesn’t even recognize the (ICC) court! But the truth is that b

  2. William H. Depperman

    Final Part V:
    U.S./“Israel” Wages Overt Military, Economic and False Propaganda
    “WMD” War Against Iran— It’s Just Like IRAQ—déjà vu All Over Again!
    The Russian Federation and China Have Refused to Support U.S. Sanctions
    Against Iran For Patently False Re-circulated Nuclear Weapon (WMD) Claims!

    The Russian Federation and China both refused to support the patently false re-circulated 2009 “report” accusing Iran of developing an “implosion warhead” for use on the Shahab-3 Missile. The report was first issued in 2009 by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and was immediately refuted by Mohamed ElBaradei the IAEA Director General (!) on the eve of his retirement. ElBaradei “call(ed) the threat from Iran ‘hyped’ and said there was no evidence that the Islamic republic will soon have nuclear weapons.” (The Australian, September 2, 2009). But since his retirement in November 2009 the IAEA, which had been infiltrated at that point hence the report, has now been totally taken over and turned into a false propaganda weapon of the U.S. According to the New York Times, November 9, 2011, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told Interfax news agency: “The World community will see all additional sanctions against Iran as an instrument for regime change in Tehran. This approach is unacceptable to us, and the Russian side does not intend to consider such a proposal.” The Russian Foreign Ministry later issued another statement characterizing the report as “a compilation of well-known facts that have intentionally been given political intonation,” stating further that the authors of the (totally concocted) WMD report “resort to assumptions and suspicions, and juggle information with the purpose of creating the impression that the Iranian nuclear program has a military component.” Russian lawmaker Igor Barinov of United Russia compared the U.S.-dominated world media-hyped IAEA “report” submitted by its new “director” (U.S. puppet/goon) Yukiya Amano, “who oversaw (its) production and content, …to the (proved deliberately fraudulent) intelligence reports promulgated by the Bush administration in the prelude to the 2003 Iraq invasion, which asserted that” Iraq was developing “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” The Russian Federation, correctly interpreted the re-issued false report as signaling a possibly imminent full-scale bombing attack on Iran by the U.S./“Israel” and “warned” against such an attack, saying it would be “a catastrophe” (duh!)! But Russia appeared to object at that time for all the wrong reasons, stating that it would: “increase Sunni-Shiite division” and a cause a “chain reaction.” (BBC, January 18, 2012) But Sunni-Shiite division is a chief U.S. Divide and Conquer OBJECTIVE throughout the Mideast and bombing Iran would NOT cause such division OR a “chain reaction” although it could unite the entire Mideast more solidly against the U.S./“Israel.”

    The New York Times claimed that the Russian position on the (phony) re-circulated IAEA report “signaled the Kremlin departure from the ‘cooperation on Iran’ that was a hallmark of the ‘reset’ in relations with the United States.” (Emphasis added. Did they mean Libya?) Meaning that the Russian position indicated that they would NOT continue to provide a rubber stamp in the UN Security Council as they had previously with their UN Security Council “abstention,” which gave the Green Light to the U.S. to invade Libya with a “No-Fly Zone.” (Note that the U.S. was at no point operating in good faith regarding a “reset” in its relations with the Russian Federation. Even the little RED reset button gift that Fascist Hillary Clinton gave Sergei Lavrov on March 7, 2009 had “OVERCHARGE” written on the button—not “reset.” But there was no “translation error,” but simply one more U.S. provocation indicating that the U.S. intended to move forward in aggression not in peace!) As mentioned Russia’s GREEN LIGHT ABSTENTION in the U.N. Libya vote was simply a criminal Quid Pro Quo to be finally admitted to the World Trade Organization, which occurred on December 17, 2011 (BBC) in exchange for handing over Libyan oil to the United States! China, one of Iran’s main trading partners also does not support more sanctions against Iran and also refused to limit oil imports from Iran! Robert Kelly, nuclear scientist and a former director and inspector for the IAEA, stated: “(The phony re-circulated IAEA report) is certainly old news; it’s really quite stunning how little new information is in there.” (Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 9, 2011) The U.S. goal is to try to provide a pretext for its proxy, so-called “Israel” to bomb Iran first and foremost in order to: 1.) Discourage Iran from providing military support to Syria if the U.S. persists in its “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy and 2.) Try for a Regime Change in Iran and STEAL IRAN’S OIL, the same as with Iraq and Libya, which is much less likely, and then only in that case to 3.) Eliminate the Hamas and Hezbollah-led revolutionary national liberation struggles! On November 2, 2011 Israel test-fired a missile said to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and reaching Iranian territory! (New York Times, November 3, 2011) The bottom line is that the U.S. false propaganda campaign deliberately ignores the Combined December 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) that Iran had ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and the fact that Iran has NOT enriched ANY of its uranium to bomb-grade level a fact which the U.S. dictatorship has itself previously been forced to report by its OWN intelligence community! (Quotations all courtesy of New York Times, November 9, 2011.) Parentheses added. More recent attempts to reverse the NIE on Iran are being carried out for the political objective of providing a false pretext to bomb Iran!

    Simultaneously the U.S. evidently authorized its Proxy—“Israel”/Mossad to blow up the Bid Ganeh military base in Iran killing 17 Revolutionary Guard soldiers, including the simultaneous targeted assassination of General Hassas Tehrani Moghaddam, the founder of Iran’s missile program—NOT BALLISTIC MISSILE PROGRAM!! (New York Times, November 12, 2011) Iran decided NOT to formally accuse the U.S./“Israeli” Axis of the obvious sabotage and assassination because Iran does not want to fall double victim to the provocation designed to ratchet up to an OPEN SHOOTING WAR—which it already has become! Iran has previously stated that if the U.S./“Israel” bombs Iran Tel Aviv can be precisely targeted with large conventional bombs as well. (New York Times, November 14, 2011) On January 10, 2012 the U.S./“Israel” escalated the war against Iran by assassinating yet another nuclear scientist and university lecturer, Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshana with a magnetic car bomb planted by 2 motorcyclists and then contemptuously denied all responsibility! In October 2010 the U.S./“Israel” bombed another Revolutionary Guards military base in Lorestan killing 18 people. A day after the sabotage (or air strike!) of the Bid Ganeh base, on November 13, 2011, 2 U.S./“Israel” agents on a motorcycle assassinated Darioush Rezaei, a nuclear scientist and also lecturer in Tehran. In November 2010 the U.S./“Israel” assassinated another nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari and just missed killing Professor Fereidoun Abbasi, a nuclear laser expert, wounding him. Earlier in 2010 the U.S./“Israel” assassinated Professor Massoud Ali Mohammadi, another nuclear scientist with a bomb attached to his car. In addition, the U.S. takes all sort of covert and overt credit for designing the Stuxnet, Stars Malware and Flame computer viruses and worms, which they managed to upload into Iran’s nuclear enrichment program setting back the program several months. (BBC, November 15, 2011) And on November 14, 2011, BBC proudly announced that the imperialists had then uploaded the Duqu Trojan Malware indubitably specially designed by the National Security Agency, onto Iran’s computer system. Duqu and Flame are described as keylogging programs like the Stars Malware, which is designed to steal data to help launch further cyber attacks and have been used by the U.S. against 8 countries to date! (Gosh, everything is just coming up roses!) All of the above assassinations, bombings and other criminal acts were carried out as PROVOCATIONS merely, having NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH REALITY in order to try to generate the false belief and false justification that such assassinations, etc. were supposedly BECAUSE Iran and they personally were supposedly involved with nuclear weapons work! This is just another hard-sell version of their false “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” Big Lie propaganda being used as a pretext for Regime Change in order to try to undermine HEZBOLLAH in Lebanon and HAMAS in Occupied Palestine, and to simultaneously undermine Syria, which also supports these 2 anti-U.S. and anti-“Israel” national liberation groups. The U.S./“Israel” continues to step up its provocations, its false propaganda and Internet War to misshape world opinion and on and around February 14, 2012 carried out totally fake “assassination attempts” of Israeli diplomats in Delhi, Tbilisi and even Azerbaijan (!?) in the standard U.S./“Israeli” modus operandi using magnetic bomb slapped to targeted car by motorcycle assassin with the “target” as part of the staged scenario! These latter provocations, followed by false accusations and “indignation,” were staged in order to provide more of a pretext for U.S. Proxy “Israel” to bomb Iran.

    The U.S., U.K and E.U. Have Declared War on Iran with Economic Sanctions Against
    The Central Bank of Iran, Combined with a European Union Ban on Imports of Iranian
    Crude Oil under Pretext of Transparently Fabricated U.N. (IAEA) Nuclear Accusations!

    In order to wage direct economic war against the Iranian people supposedly in order to try to create economic dissatisfaction with the Ahmadinejad regime and to undermine the overall Iranian economy the Obama Regime on January 1, 2012 imposed economic sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran. The UK and Canada also sanctioned Iran’s Central Bank with all UK and Canadian credit and financial institutions being forced to cease all transactions with that bank or any other bank in Iran! These sanctions have nothing whatsoever to do with any Iranian “nuclear program,” which is only a pretext for reasons explained above. On January 30, 2012 the entire EU is supposed to agree to an embargo of all oil or petrol from Iran even if it drives up oil prices astronomically in the EU, where the capitalists are already waging economic war against their own people with harsh austerity programs in order to reduce their own populations with applied Social Darwinism, while blaming their targeted victims. (See below.) This move by the EU will kill two birds with one stone—simultaneously economic wage war against Iran and their own people! This is End-Stage Capitalism.

    The U.S. Ordered its Imperialist Stooge “Arab League” to Suspend Syrian
    Membership and Impose Economic Sanctions, and Ordered its Imperialist Puppets
    Jordan and Turkey to Hypocritically Denounce Syria and also Impose Sanctions!
    The U.S. then Directed its Syrian Mercenary “Rebel Army” to Attack Syrian Bases
    While the Russian Federation Weakly Condemned Arab League Suspension of Syria!

    In response to failure to obtain increased U.N. sanctions against Syria the U.S. ordered its imperialist puppets, the so-called “Arab League” to suspend Syrian membership (November 11, 2011, Washington Post) and days later to impose economic sanctions. Then it ordered its slimy obsequious puppet “King Abdullah” of Jordan and its Turkey-puppet Erdogan both to demand that Bashar al-Assad resign and denounce Syria EXACTLY as had been done with Libya in early 2011 and had Turkey impose sanctions and threaten military invasion! They both hypocritically called for “urgent action” to overthrow Assad with a “FOREIGN INTERVENTION”-backed
    coup d’etat, while vehemently denying it. A day later the U.S.-backed and armed gang-bangers, the self-styled “Free “Syrian Army” fired rockets and machine guns at an air force intelligence complex in the Damascus suburb of Harasta.”(“Voice of America,” November 16, 2011) Syria responded to the U.S.-ordered Arab League suspension by organizing yet another million-strong demonstration in support of the Assad government, a government which has blocked all previous coup d’etat attempts since 1980 and all U.S., French and British efforts at Divide and Conquer Strategy in Syria! (BBC, November 13, 2011),

    From the beginning U.S. plans for Syria called for setting the various religious sects against one another as well as one religion against another, which the U.S. proxies in Syria are now actually organizing, while blaming it on Assad (!), as was done in Iraq, etc. in order to deflect focus away from the U.S. Invader and its Syrian proxies. The Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned Syria’s suspension from the Arab League, stating that it looked “pre-planned,” meaning a conspiracy. Duh! (New York Times, November 13, 2011) “Conspiracy” is simply another word for “Planning.” Meanwhile Bashar al-Assad pursued the precise same clumsy course of action as previously where he had refused to arrest, formally try and expel the U.S. and French ambassadors/agent provocateurs/death squad oranizers, as explained above, while allowing France to call Syria’s Ambassador on the carpet in Paris! (See above.) These U.S./French “ambassadors”/agent provocateurs defined themselves by their crimes and lost ALL right to diplomatic immunity prior to November 16, 2011 when the French officially broke diplomatic relations with Syria and withdrew their ambassador! Bashar al-Assad foolishly allowed himself to be put on the defensive repeatedly, when he could have taken the offensive and arrested, tried and expelled both the U.S. and French Ambassadors and had Syria break off relations with those criminal, outlaw states. Syria appears not to have a single person in its government who knows the proper way to deal with the United States attempted regime change/coup d’etat and was obviously following Russian Federation instructions all along, and jars inappropriately with the March 20, 2012 Russian partially harsh criticism of Syria!

    Despite overwhelming domestic popular opposition in ALL Arab countries to the economic sanctions against Syria, suspension from its membership and the revelation that it is simply a tool and puppet of U.S-led imperialism, the so-called “Arab League” has officially imposed but not yet implemented those harsh economic sanctions. On December 20th Assad allowed into Syria an Arab League observer team composed of 88 observers convinced that it would be easy to demonstrate the fact that the so-called “protesters” (U.S. “Facebook”-organized and armed gang-bangers) who Bashar al-Assad opportunistically called “foreign-based terrorists,” would be easy to demonstrate. But the U.S. was laughing out loud and reported that they had given instructions to all those involved in this most recent armed attempted minority overthrow of the majority backed Syrian government to hide their weapons and hold demonstrations by dancing, singing and laughter. (New York Times, December 20, 2011) The capitalists hoped the Arab League Observer Team would go along with it and report “peaceful protests NOT warranting the armed crackdown” in self-defense by the Syrian government. But that dancing/laughing plan was not followed and the U.S.-backed “Free Syrian Army” kept firing on the Syrian government forces which mostly withdrew at least temporarily from the areas of proxy invasion so there was no genuine ‘violence” originating from the Syrian government to report! But the U.S.-dominated world media just continued to report: “the violence is continuing!” “Due to armed provocations” (!) was omitted from the reports. That same day the so-called 6-member “Gulf Coordination Council (GCC),” a puppet U.S. INVENTION from 1981 designed to further U.S. policies and maximize religious and ethnic division in the Middle East and Gulf States, did the bidding of the U.S. and threatened both Iran and Syria (!), falsely accusing Syria; 1.) of harboring “weapons of mass destruction (WMD!!! tooooo much!),” and 2.) to stop “interfering in the internal affairs” of Gulf States (Whaa?) and threatened Syria to either allow the overthrow of their majority supported government by the U.S.-organized and armed minority of mercenary “activists” or risk possible invasion by the combined forces of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates! (AFP, Dec 20, 2011) Saudi Arabia and Turkey, that great bastion of “freedom” and torture, which prosecutes journalists who even mention Turkey’s Genocide of 1 to 1.5 million Armenians from 1915 to 1923, also threatened individually to invade! On January 14, 2012 the sniveling Sheik Hamad bin Khanlifa Al Thani of Qatar called for Invasion of Syria! Then the U.S.-puppet Arab League opposed by the overwhelming majority of Middle Eastern Arabs, arbitrarily announced that in 2 months Syria was to form a “national unity government” with the U.S./NATO directed and armed mercenaries! (BBC, January 22, 2012) ABSURD ultimatums! Buckets for throwing up are to be found in the back of theatre!

    Just like Bush, Obama Supports the CONTINUING U.S./Israel War on Gaza
    Which is Carried Out to try to Weaken Hamas and Force a Fraudulent 2-State
    “Solution”—so-called “Peace Process”—Down the Throats of the Palestinians who
    Are To Live in a “Bantustan State Prison” Behind the Apartheid/Prison Wall!

    On December 27, 2008 when the U.S. authorized and directed its Proxy Israel to begin the War Against Gaza starting with a relentless bombing campaign, which was followed by a ground invasion on January 3, 2009, which killed over 1300 Palestinians and wounded over 6,000 Palestinians, made more than 20,000 homeless, destroyed over 40,000 houses and caused at least $2 billion worth of damage in trying to bomb GAZA back to the Stone Age, and which was followed by a ground invasion on January 3, 2009, Obama said nothing except that he was supposedly “monitoring the situation.” The U.S. proxy, so-called “Israel,” openly used white phosphorus against civilians and Gaza and enhanced their atrocities with delayed action anti-personnel bombs designed to look like harmless toys to entice children to pick them up and die. These are the “cluster bombs,” manufactured in the United States (!), and also used in the 2006 U.S./“Israel” bombing and invasion of Lebanon. The United States ordered its Israeli proxy state to attack Gaza prior to Obama actually taking office in order to try to change the facts on the ground by weakening and undermining support for Hamas which won the election in GAZA with 72% of the vote and is now supported more strongly than ever! When Fatah, which supports Israel and the U.S. and is in fact also their proxy, tried to take over militarily in 2006 Hamas easily routed Fatah because they were traitors who were already well known to work with the U.S./“Israel” against Palestinian interests. Fatah also helped murder Yassar Arafat, once their front man, when he ran out of credibility. Fatah has virtually no popular support and was driven out of Gaza. The U.S. authorized its proxy so-called “Israel” to keep bombing the tunnels where virtually all supplies come through from Egypt, which ALSO has carried out a campaign against the tunnels up until the recent U.S. regime change in Egypt when it was temporarily suspended! See: Materialist Analysis of the Middle East.

    The so-called “Palestinian Authority” is controlled by Fatah, despite the fact that Fatah had won only about 28% of the popular vote in the 2006 election! The West Bank is controlled entirely by the U.S. through its proxy state of “Israel.” The capitalist dictatorship believes that it can enforce a ridiculous “2-state solution” on the Palestinian people! Obama thought he could send George Mitchell, who refused to meet with the group which won 72% of the Palestinian vote, and impose “peace” with a “2-state solution!” They think that the Palestinians will be more likely to agree to live behind the Apartheid/Prison Wall, which is more than 5 times as long and over twice as high as the Berlin Wall! (See below) To accept such a “peace” would be ridiculous! It would be like telling the inmates at Leavenworth Penitentiary that they are now all citizens of the “free and independent state of Leavenworth…Penitentiary!” On May 30, 2012 “Israel” threatened to unilaterally impose its own borders of such a Palestinian Prison State and may actually implement it! As a demonstration that the “peace process” is just a fraud and a sham deception and fully supported by the USA dictatorship with its war machine and its $billions “Israel” ordered construction of 300 new homes to be built in the West Bank Settlement of Beit El. (BBC, June 6, 2012) The only serious answer is to support a single SECULAR State of Palestine! This requires the abolition of “Israel” and Zionist rule but does not permit any anti-Semitism or any anti-Islamism! This goal can ONLY be achieved by first carrying out a Socialist Revolution in the United States as explained below. The heavily media-hyped call for full membership of a Palestinian state or even the more realistic “nonmember observer state” status by U.S./“Israeli” puppet Mahmoud Abbas at the 2011 General Assembly Meeting, the latter of which was then granted on November 29, 2012, was done: to try to boost support for Abbas among the overwhelming majority of Palestinians who have supported Hamas, to try to falsely legitimize the ridiculously fraudulent “Two-State Solution” and to try to reunite the sellout Hamas misleadership Mashal and Haniya, see above, with Fatah and thereby regenerate credibility of the “Palestinian Authority.” Approval of 1,600 new settler homes in Gilo, Jerusalem on Sept 27, 2011 and approval of 3000 new settler homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem on November 30th revealed the Palestinians’ new status as just a sham! Note also that the October 11, 2011 Prisoner Exchange of 1,027 Hamas prisoners for one “Israeli” soldier, Gilad Shalit, was a victory for Hamas, not Fatah or Abbas, but will do absolutely nothing for “peace” in the Middle East. The U.S./“Israel” continues the naval blockade of GAZA in full force. So much for the phony “Quartet peace process,” while the U.S. uses its “Facebook” weapon to wage war against both Syria and Iran primarily because they support Hezbollah and the Palestinian National Liberation Movement! The virtual daily U.S./“Israeli” air bombardment of GAZA intensified for an “8-Day War” following the Palestinian retaliation for the assassination of Jabari (see above). On March 27, 2013 NAZI Obama told the Palestinians while in “Israel” (!) that they should “drop their demands for a freeze on Israeli settlement building,” meaning that the whole so-called “peace process” is a sham!

    The Only Basis for Genuine Peace in the Middle East Requires
    As its Precondition: Socialist Revolution in the United States!

    In the Middle East Newspeak style Big Lies also form the basis of ALL U.S. policy and “diplomacy,” where in Zionist Invaded/Occupied Palestine (so-called “Israel”), the U.S. falsifiers absurdly claim that a “pause” or even a “freeze” in settlement building could serve as a legitimate basis for a peace agreement between the U.S. Proxy “Israel” and the Palestinians. (!) It is not! In addition, the Egyptian military tried to legitimize U.S./“Israel” stooge Fatah and coax and/or force Hamas to “unite” with Fatah and accept the fraudulent, ridiculous “Two-State Solution” and so-called “Peace Process,” falsely telling Hamas that the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad is about to be overthrown. (It’s NOT happening and is not going to happen if IRAN will elect to HONOR its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria!) Hamas won the 2006 election with 72% of the vote with a 80% turnout in Gaza (the Zionists and Fatah stopped the election in the West Bank immediately after learning the result in GAZA!) The U.S. puppet, Fatah has NO AUTHORITY AND NO CREDIBILITY! Muhammed Abbas and others in Fatah directly assisted the U.S./“Israel” in poisoning Yasser Arafat in 2004, causing him to die finally in Paris of an isolated thrombocytopenia, a cause of death which can ONLY be produced by poison. So said his physicians in Ramallah and some of the house staff in the Paris hospital. (See: Materialist Analysis of the Mideast and Occupied Palestine.) This is known throughout the Middle East!


    The truth is that the only possible basis for any sort of genuine Mideast peace agreement at the present time would require that the Zionists exit the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem and LEAVE ALL the settlements in place for exclusive use by the Palestinians and entirely dismantle the Apartheid Prison Wall, which is over five (5.1046 actually) times as long and over twice as high as the Berlin Wall. (The Berlin Wall was 13.12 feet high and 96 miles long.) The Israeli Apartheid Wall is 28 ft. high (30 feet high according to “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid” by James Earl Carter). As of December 28, 2008 it was 490 miles long and counting, with 95-315 ft. of buffer zone with electric fence, trenches, cameras and security patrols, which according to the then Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, of the new so-called “centrist” Kadima Party, would form the basis of the PERMANENT boundary between “Israel” and a proposed Palestinian State (Prison)! The Israeli Apartheid Prison Wall is built entirely within Palestinian territory and is projected to be at least three and a half times as long as “Israel’s” presently recognized border (!) and includes 375,000 Palestinians (and counting) on the “Israeli” side of the wall, 175,000 of whom are outside Jerusalem. The Apartheid Prison Wall is designed to incorporate large tracts of valuable Palestinian land and resources into so-called “Israel” in huge West Bank settlements, while leaving the Palestinians with a few nonviable disconnected Bantustans (not Cantons!) as in South Africa—not Switzerland, which the US and Israel and the Russian Federation ridiculously try to call “a future state for the Palestinians!” Oy! Both Obama and Kerry want the Palestinians to abandon the 1967 borders as a starting point for “peace negotiations” to be imposed on the Palestinians, who have no legitimate leadership at the present time.

    When the Zionists signed the agreement with Egypt in 1979 they vacated ALL settlements in the Sinai, which were then demolished, which was a really bad idea. But the U.S. and its so-called “Israel” proxy have no such intentions of even vacating the settlements much less turning them over to the Palestinians, so everything is done to string people along, while steadily waging a WAR OF EXTERMINATION against the Palestinians. The only real solution for the Middle East is one secular State of Palestine, which has as its precondition Socialist Revolution in the United States! Granting Palestine “nonmember observer state” status at the 2012 General Assembly Meeting was also part of the attempt to keep stringing people along. To “Keep Hope Alive,” meaning hope in the non-solutions of End-Stage Capitalism, such as the “2-State Solution.” Because of growing worldwide awareness of the prison-like situation in the West Bank “a United Nations Human Rights Inquiry has called on (“Israel”) to remove all Jewish settlers from the Wet Bank and cease all settlement activities without preconditions, adding that Israel must immediately begin to withdraw all settlers from the occupied territories (OPT), stating that the settlements violate Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and are an attempt to drive out Palestinians through intimidation.” But the inquiry said NOTHING about the Apartheid Prison Wall, which must be removed in its entirety! (RT, January 31, 2013) The UN report itself was otherwise unreported in the regular media.

    Despite the Fact that the United States is Behind the Regime Change
    Gambit, Communists Must Give support to ALL Oppressed Peoples

    Despite the fact that the goal of those involved in organizing the Regime Change Gambit is not Socialism, just the opposite, it is still important to support the struggle against what in many cases is autocratic rule by a previously U.S.-backed strongman and now against the new strongmen such as Mohamed Morsi, etc. despite the fact that the end result sought by the misled majority of protesters is only to substitute sham rigged capitalist “elections” in order to impose a new Moslem Brotherhood dictatorship in order to impose PERMANENT DIVISION and CHAOS in these “Arab Spring” countries in order that the USA-led World Capitalist dictatorship can exploit and manipulate them and their natural resources. In such a climate organized and dictated by the USA the capitalists hope that the political climate will never loosen up enough so that it eventually becomes possible to actually organize a genuine (Marxist, Engelsist, Leninist) Communist Party in those Islamic countries. If that nevertheless does occur through a rank and file mutiny in the armed forces of some of those countries then this would be possible, but the truth is that by late 2012 that possibility was no longer likely. Therefore, it should be understood that the so-called “Arab Spring” was entirely a USA creation designed to more easily control the Middle East and cannot be supported by progressive people. This is more clear proof that the responsibility to create a new system based on human need not private profit rests with the people in the United States. It is our responsibility not the responsibility of some other countries. After a Socialist Revolution is carried out in the United States, the center of world capitalism, that still leaves the rest of the world to deal with. The Socialist Revolution will triumph simultaneously in all developed countries but not so easily in backward theocratic autocracies, for example. That means that Communists and all progressive forces must always explain that Socialism is that new system based on human need not private profit and that Socialism is the best political-economic-social system for all religions, because it does not oppose any particular religion and does NOT deliberately play one religion against another as done very brazenly by the USA! That is why Lenin always recommended giving support to ALL oppressed peoples. The citizens of Syria and Iran are not oppressed peoples! The people of Libya and Egypt for, example, now are! The new U.S. puppet minority supported government of Libya has implemented Sharia Law in order to try to intimidate the masses and generate maximum divide and conquer. Iran is a special case and although it does have politically inept and provocateurish, politically naïve leadership Iran must be defended because it supports oppressed peoples. Other Mideast and Gulf States, where the U.S. has organized Proxy Invasions/Coup D’etats and bombings on a daily basis with drones operated by the CIA in Langley, Virginia and elsewhere must be defended.

    Obama Tried to Compare Libya to Yugoslavia! So Yes, Let
    Us Briefly Examine What the United States Did to Yugoslavia!

    Obama brazenly telegraphed U.S/NATO intentions in Libya by comparing Libya to Yugoslavia (!), where the U.S. ever since the end of WWII had fanned the flames of national and ethnic divisions through so-called “Radio Free Europe” and VOA, in a country where everyone got along peacefully and well under Marshall Tito, intermarrying and living together, despite a continuous false U.S. propaganda barrage from the moment Tito took power. Tito died in 1980. So in 1992, after the 1988 Soviet surrender to the threat of a nuclear war (see below) and after the USSR had already given the U.S. the green light to invade Kuwait and Iraq in 1991, Russia also gave the green light to the U.S. and NATO to use the Strategy of Divide and Conquer with Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia the U.S. deliberately played national groups and ethnic/religious groups off against one another, divisions which the USA had kept alive for decades with VOA and so-called “Radio Liberty.” By using highly radioactive DEPLETED URANIUM in U.S. munitions in the Bosnian War as they had in the 1991 Persian Gulf Slaughter, the USA made large sections of former Yugoslavia radioactive even today! The U.S. has done the same in Iraq causing an astronomical cancer rate there and has also made Iraq uninhabitable!

    U.S. Divide and Conquer and Atrocities in Yugoslavia

    Atrocities, such as the July 1995 Srebrenica Massacre, were used in order to provide a pretext for Fascist Croat and U.S.-backed ethnic cleansing of Serbs and Bosnian Muslims in Western Bosnia, which involved several hundred thousand Serbs from the Krajina area in Croatia and was almost entirely covered up by the capitalist media. That massive ethnic cleansing operation was carried out with U.S. approval and logistical support within a month of the Srebrenica events, and it involved the killing of more Serb civilians than Bosnian Muslim civilians killed in the Srebrenica area in July. Kosovo Albanians led by the Fascist KLA and backed by the U.S. intensified anti-Serb, anti-Montenegrin and anti-Macedonian riots, which began within a year after Tito’s death, provided a pretext for the Serbian call for a de-Albanianization of Kosovo and a revocation of Kosovo autonomy and caused a large migration of Serbs out of Kosovo in the mid-1980s. That in turn resulted in the KLA call for a “greater Albania” including all the Albanians living in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. Those charged with the Srebrenica Massacre were former Communists/Serbian nationalists who received false promises from, and became paid proxies of (later cutout patsies of), the U.S., but who were discarded and later hypocritically denounced by the U.S. as “war criminals,” arrested and sent to the so-called “International Criminal Court (ICC)” in The Hague. Some high profile cases were later poisoned outright in their jail cells AFTER they had ENTIRELY WON their case in court, e.g. Slobodan Milosevic (BBC TV) in March 2006. Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, the latest previously manipulated U.S. patsy cutouts extradited to The Hague to face the same false blame-the-victim charges as Milosevic and possibly the same sort of fate especially if they win their cases or expose and embarrass the U.S. as the prime mover in the dismembering of Yugoslavia. The U.S. has instructed its stooge ICC NOT to give Karadzic the time he needs to prepare his case and has instructed its media to downplay this trial as much as possible. Ratko Mladic is sick but still feisty and declared he did not recognize the ICC, but unfortunately it looks like he too will be easily led to the slaughter. Note that the U.S., which was behind EVERYTHING in the Bosnian War, has declared that IT is IMMUNE from any and all actions and findings of the ICC! Although the present opportunized comprador Serbian government made a pro forma protest against the U.S.-instigated “independence” of Kosovo, Serbia is now a virtual U.S. puppet/proxy state which was installed after the final U.S. division of Yugoslavia.

    Kosovo Today is Nothing but a U.S. Military Base and Crime Center:
    The Final Division of the Yugoslavian Workers’ State

    The capitalists’ divide and conquer efforts also included on May 22, 2006 the division of Montenegro from Serbia thereby waging economic war against the Serbian people and permanently cutting it off from the sea! The U.S. had already installed a puppet government in place in Serbia to facilitate this divide and conquer of Yugoslavia and also granted “independence” to Kosovo, which is an integral part of Serbia. The U.S. puppet government in Serbia only went through the motions of “protest” when the United States and NATO countries granted Kosovo “independence.” Kosovo has another name: Camp Bondsteel, the largest U.S. military base built in Europe in a generation. Kosovo is a U.S./NATO puppet and is run by an appointed High Representative and bodies appointed by the U.S., European Union and NATO. An old-style colonial viceroy and imperialist administrators have control over all aspects of foreign and domestic policy. The U.S. has merely consolidated its direct control of a totally dependent colony in the heart of the Balkans. The “independence” of Kosovo is in direct violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, which the leaders of Yugoslavia were forced to sign to end the 78 days of NATO bombing of their country in 1999. Even this imposed agreement affirmed the “commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Serbia, a republic of Yugoslavia. U.S. imperialist domination does not benefit the occupied and subjugated people. Kosovo after nine years of direct NATO military occupation had a staggering 60 percent unemployment rate. It has become a center of the international drug trade and of prostitution rings in Europe. The once humming mines, mills, smelters, refining centers and railroads of this small resource-rich industrial area all sit silent. The resources of Kosovo under NATO occupation were forcibly privatized and sold to giant Western multinational corporations. Cheney’s Halliburton, of course, got the contract to build Camp Bondsteel in the first place. Now almost the only employment in Kosovo is working for the U.S./NATO army of occupation or U.N. agencies. The U.S. base guards the strategic oil and transportation lines of the entire region. Over 250,000 Serbian, Romani and other nationalities have been driven out of this Serbian province since it came under U.S./NATO control. Almost a quarter of even the Albanian population (!) has been forced to leave in order to find work. On Russia Today TV, the lawyer for Radovan Karadzic, Svetozar Vujacic, stated that Karadzic believed that it was just a matter of time before he (Karadzic) was poisoned, as was Milosevic, or otherwise murdered on orders of the U.S. and NATO. Vujacic also confirmed that the “Civil War in Herzegovina was provoked by Germany, England, the Vatican and the United States.”

    The 1983 Korean Airliner Provocation was Designed
    To Set the Stage for the 1988 Soviet Surrender!
    An Altitude Bomb Was Placed on Board the
    1983 Korean Airliner Shot Down By The USSR!

    The U.S. has a well-known and long history of engaging in provocations designed to blow up airliners (see above), including the Korean Airliner Provocation on September 1, 1983. The Soviet pilot Gennadi Osipovich, who finally shot the Korean airliner Flight 747 down after it had deviated greatly from its assigned flight path and continued to make evasive maneuvers up and down even after the fuselage had been depressurized by cannon fire, reported: “A LARGE SECONDARY EXPLOSION WHICH DESTROYED THE AIRCRAFT AS IT DESCENDED!” (!) That “large secondary explosion” was apparently an altitude bomb to make sure that the plane exploded when the Korean pilot finally tried to land the plane deep inside the USSR, following the instructions given to him by RICHARD NIXON, the disgraced murderer, who was flown in specially to the Anchorage Alaska stopover to speak to the Korean pilot. Personally! That plane was going to be destroyed period!! Nixon apparently assured the Korean pilot that the Soviets would DEFINITELY NOT (!) shoot the plane down, assuring the Korean pilot that HE, Richard Nixon, knew the Soviets better than any other living person (!) undoubtedly referring to his close relationship with former General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, and that the Soviets “would not risk the bad publicity which would damage international relations,” and that this “test of Soviet air defense capabilities” was nevertheless essential, even while instructing the pilot to do everything conceivable to provoke an actual shootdown, including instructing the pilot to keep ALL the window shades drawn and closed to conceal the actual passengers from the Soviet jet interceptor! The phony official story was that Nixon “almost took the flight!” So disingenuous! The MOTIVE for the Korean Airliner Provocation was primarily to DISCREDIT the German Communist Party-led opposition to placement of Pershing II First Strike Nuclear Missiles in Germany 10 minutes from Moscow, which completely changed the political equation to LAUNCH ON WARNING, a step up from MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). After this provocation those First Strike nuclear missiles were placed in Germany in late November 1983 and in 1988 Gorbachev, after internal maneuvering and “preparation” in the Soviet Union after taking state power in April 1985, surrendered to the United States in order to prevent a nuclear war, the inexorable outcome of a nuclear arms race, which was instigated by the United States, as part of the strategic FULL COURT PRESS against the USSR in the 1980s after the U.S. had given up on peaceful coexistence.

    The Soviet Surrender also demonstrated Soviet recognition of the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism. See below. There was NO “collapse of the USSR” whatsoever, economically or in any other way! There was the 1991 START nuclear weapons agreement and what amounted to a surrender agreement which both sides agreed to. There were also several quid pro quos, which included ending the official rule by the Communist Party in the USSR in 1991 through a STING/”coup d’etat” carried out by Mikhail Gorbachev. See below. In exchange the U.S. engineered the freeing of Nelson Mandela of the ANC in South Africa where the U.S. abandoned support for that regime, which also ended its nuclear program. Gorbachev also gave the green light to the brazen assassination of the charismatic and hugely popular Cris Hani, the General Secretary of the South African Communist Party in April 1993 so that the South African Communist Party would not follow Nelson Mandela and the capitalist ANC! Gorbachev himself also had assassinated a veritable laundry list of Soviet diplomats and “bad memories” for the U.S. capitalist dictatorship including Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko in July 1989, Kim Philby in May 1988, a Soviet Agent who had led the Russian division of British Intelligence (!) for 19 years (!) and “Gorby” agreed to the assassination of NAZI Rudolph Hess in Spandau Prison by the U.S in August 1987, to name just a few key personnel. These events were followed by a long and painful dismantlement of the Soviet Worker’s State during the 1990’s. The CIA, which at that time did not want to be known as a false propaganda source because it would decrease morale, came on network TV news in 1991 and stated that they “had no evidence that the USSR was headed for an economic collapse.” The reason that they “had no evidence” was because there was no economic collapse of the USSR! That is the Big Lie False Propaganda anti-Communist Media Campaign designed to demoralize the masses who did not understand what actually happened in the USSR with Mikhail Gorbachevl!

    There was No “Collapse” of the Soviet Union!
    Gorbachev’s 1988 Soviet Surrender Was Based on
    Lenin’s Strategy of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk!

    The capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires constantly repeats the Big Lie every day that the Soviet Union “collapsed.” That is a very Big Lie! Gorbachev actually surrendered to the threat of a nuclear war created by the United States. In carrying out his 1988 surrender to the threat of a nuclear war Gorbachev was following the Strategy of Brest Litovsk, where Lenin was forced to sign an onerous peace agreement with the German Kaiser in order to gain time with the understanding that all the Russian land that the early Soviet Union was forced to give up would be later regained. That was indeed the case and the Soviets later recovered all of the land which they had given up to the Germans. Gorbachev was completely correct in believing that the inexorable outcome of a nuclear arms race was nuclear war and that the situation at that time left no other choice at the time but to surrender. Gorbachev also knew and calculated that by the Soviet Union leaving the field in the so-called “Cold War” that the dynamic of capitalism would continue unchecked thus exacerbating and accelerating the contradictions of capitalism-imperialism. This has indeed occurred but because there is NO ORGANIZED COMMUNIST OPPOSITION this has resulted in the United States Capitalist Dictatorship waging war against the entire world including its own people, innocent civilians. Rather than making these contradictions stand out in even bolder relief and bringing capitalism closer to the final scrap heap of human history, capitalism is on course to destroy all life on the entire planet Earth, by the Fossil Fuels Global Warming Runaway Greenouse Effect alone! The dynamic of capitalism has indeed been accelerated in spades! Today we are living in End Stage Capitalism, where the U.S. is waging war against one country after another, its own people, and where the U.S. is once again on the Russian doorstep. Gorbachev wanted to try to eliminate the nuclear threat. And he did so—but only for a time! Gorbachev did buy important time just like Lenin did. But was it enough time? Gorbachev also wanted to temporarily integrate the former USSR into the world capitalist economy making it much less likely to be a nuclear target of world capitalism. And he did so but only up to the point of Bush’s abandoning the 1972 ABM Treaty, on June 13, 2002, in U.S. preparation to continue its so-called “missile defense” in the Czech Republic and Poland on the border of the Russian Federation, which combined with the NATO presence now on the border of Russia, is nothing more than an attempt to force a Second Russian Surrender. (Romania has taken the place of the Czech Republic which opted out in June 2011!) But the 1988 Soviet Surrender to the Threat of a Nuclear War also created many more contradictions. The Russian Federation was made a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on December 17, 2011 in a straight Quid Pro Quo in exchange for turning over Libyan oil with its “No-Fly Zone” UN Vote. Libya had the highest standard of living in all Africa. See above!

    Today, the Russian Federation in a typically bizarre Stalinist opportunist fashion, sounding especially strange in light of the mounting above contradictions of capitalism in its End Stage, which do actually threaten the possibility of a nuclear war, continues to repeat the U.S. Big Lie, the fraudulent propaganda claim of “economic collapse of the USSR” in order to try to placate and guarantee peace with U.S.-led world imperialism, now that the Soviet Workers’ State has largely been dismantled. And even Russia Today TV, while still presenting the Russian response to world events, which correctly always seeks to avert confrontation, took the mildly polemical “In Context” by Peter Lavelle completely off the air and replaced it with the sickenly obsequious “Crosstalk,” discussions with outright Fascists, a gesture to placate the United States prior to any possible new arms agreements, which are a lost cause. Russia Today TV never loses an opportunity to repeat the Big Lie about the supposed “Soviet Collapse” in order to try to ingratiate Russia with the U.S. capitalist dictatorship. But now “Russia” finds how fast that “peace” has disappeared, with the U.S. breaking virtually all of the U.S.-Soviet Peace Treaties of the 1990’s starting with the cornerstone of the agreements with the Soviet Union, the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty of 1972, which Bush formally broke on June 13, 2002 (!) thus forcing the Russian Federation to withdraw from Start II, which banned the use of MIRV warheads on ICBMs. Meanwhile the impounding of ships bound to Abkhazia by the U.S./Georgia (!) is to be mostly ignored and forgiven in anticipation of possible nuclear arms agreements (?), while the U.S./NATO plan to try to force a Second Russian Surrender continues on track. See below! Forcing a Second Russian Surrender is the present strategic centerpiece of U.S. “statecraft” with the Russian Federation in order to try to take over all natural resources of Russia for U.S.-led capitalist exploitation.

    NATO and U.S. ships now fill the Black Sea as a further provocation after the 2008 U.S./Georgian Invasion/Provocation of South Ossetia and the U.S. indubitably has also rearmed Georgia! The overwhelming election 2010 victory in the Ukraine by Viktor Yanukovich REVERSED the policies of U.S. stooges Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko, who had petitioned to join NATO (!) and had demanded that the Russian fleet abandon its main Sevastopol base in the Crimea inhabited by 70% Russians!! But in another act of obsequious subservience the Russian Federation also opened its airspace to all U.S. military flights involved with the U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan and directed Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the president of Kyrgyzstan, to reverse his “permanent” decision forcing the U.S. to “leave (the Manas airbase) in 180 days” in exchange for increased rent, still only a pittance to the U.S. To placate the U.S. even further Russia then had Bakiyev overthrown in an April 2010 coup d’etat! The U.S. is also building air bases in Georgia, just like Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, which it plans to use against Iran and other central Asian and Mideastern countries. Simultaneously the U.S./Ukrainian Natural Gas Provocation of 2008-2009 was set in motion as a pathetic attempt to discredit the Russian Federation and increase support for U.S.-backed political parties in former Warsaw Treaty countries and also to decrease the profits of Gazprom and the Russian Federation. In addition, the U.S. tried to steal Russian natural gas by planning to divert Caspian natural gas supplies away from Russia with the Nabucco Pipeline, but is having no success there either because the Nord Stream Pipeline and the South Stream Pipeline, both designed by Putin himself (compare Bush or Obama!), make much more sense and eliminate the possibility of U.S.-instigated provocations in transit countries such as the Ukraine. Germany received its first Nord Stream gas in the autumn of 2011! Public opinion in Europe does not support US/NATO anti-Russian adventures regarding missiles shields or anything else. The false claim of “economic collapse of the Soviet Union” following Gorbachev was fabricated by the United States in order to try to demoralize the masses of the world, and the United States especially, against the only solution to the entire complex of problems created by world capitalism-imperialism. That solution is World Socialism! Which can only be achieved beginning with a Socialist Revolution in the United States, which itself can only be carried out by peacefully winning over popular support as occurred in the October Socialist Revolution of 1917. Mikhail Gorbachev’s Op-Ed column in the New York Times, August 20, 2008, was the typical Stalinist (Not Communist!) opportunist, anti-Communist response, which did not explain the “clever” U.S. strategy of using Georgia as its Proxy to invade South Ossetia/Russia and U.S. strategy of continuous and relentless provocations, primarily in order to create ethnic division in the Caucuses, for example, and throughout Russia designed to last generations. Gorbachev did not even explain that Russia was forced to respond to the Georgian provocation.

    Materialist Analysis of the 1988 Soviet
    Surrender to the Threat of a Nuclear War

    In his 1988 surrender to the United States Gorbachev, in his efforts to please the capitalists, carried out some rather heinous acts of murder of prominent Soviet statesmen, prominent Soviet representatives and assorted “stones in the shoe” of the capitalists. For example, Gorbachev undoubtedly had his own Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko assassinated in July 1989 because it would be inconceivable that Gromyko could espouse the surrender terms that Gorbachev had agreed to and very likely openly opposed them. Gromyko, was thus seen as a past and potential “troublemaker” in the planned Soviet surrender. A living Gromyko would be more respected than a live Gorbachev. The U.S. and the USSR had also previously agreed to the murder of NAZI Rudolph Hess in preparation for the rather long-planned Soviet Surrender. (Remember even before he took power on March 12, 1985 British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s December 1984’s highly publicized statement: “We can do business with Mr. Gorbachev!”) Hess was a totally frail 93 years old NAZI imprisoned in Spandau Prison in Germany and simply refused to die a natural death. Hess was a continuing symbol of the NAZIs and the need for a continuing Soviet presence in Eastern Europe and thus an obstacle to the planned Soviet surrender and the planned break-up and Soviet withdrawal from the countries which made up the Warsaw Treaty Organization. An extremely frail Hess, who needed help in tying his shoes by a male nurse, was very clumsily assassinated on August 17, 1987 by the Americans on the U.S. watch with USSR agreement, by wrapping an electric cord around his neck and choking him to death. The media trumpeted “suicide,” when he had never ever discussed or attempted “suicide” previously, despite media “Big Lie” claims to the contrary. And the prolific Hess left no suicide note and was moreover physically totally feeble and completely unable to choke himself to death according to testimony by relatives! See extensive coverage in the New York Times on and after August 17, 1987. In addition, Gorbachev in May 1988 also gave the order for the murder of Kim Philby who was the Soviet Agent who led the Russian division of British Intelligence (!) for 19 years (!) from 1944 and had escaped to the USSR in 1963 just in the nick of time. His existence was a total embarrassment to British so-called “Intelligence,” which was and is a total joke! In 1965 Kim Philby was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, one of the highest Soviet awards, and was made a General in the KGB. Philby was another “stone in the shoe” of the capitalists who had to be removed! With these people dead no one could ask THEIR opinions on the Gorbachev surrender. Because they were all dead! Several others who had defected to the USSR were also murdered to “clear the slate” for the coming Soviet Surrender.

    Gorbachev’s own wife considered him to be a traitor and was estranged from him after Gorbachev carried out the final provocation(s) he used to discredit the Soviet leadership, many of whom were previously the respected and personal friends of both Gorbachevs, but who were not allied to him in his surrender to the United States and had to be eliminated. On August 4, 1991 with great fanfare the hugely unpopular Gorbachev took a vacation to the Crimea while behind the scenes encouraging the so-called “Gang of Eight,” some of whom accompanied him to the Crimea (!), to stage what was described later as a “coup,” but unknown to them Gorbachev cut all their lines of communication and chain of command. Gorbachev controlled the media completely, NOT the other way around as officially portrayed, thus setting this “Communist (Stalinist)” opposition up to be discredited and removed officially from all top government posts. Boris Yeltsin, an expert demagogue, was appointed beforehand by Gorbachev to move into the gap while Gorbachev was supposedly being “imprisoned in the Crimea.” Yeltsin was new and did not share Gorbachev’s mantle of unpopularity in the Soviet Union and the crowds were peppered with shills to scream his name, which the world capitalist media reported with glee. The media showed Yeltsin “heroically” denouncing the “coup” from the top of a tank. Gorbachev himself directed the so-called “Gang of Eight” to set up a plan of measures that supposedly could be taken in case a state of emergency!

    Deputy USSR Defense Minister General Valentin Varennikov stated that Gorbachev himself had supported the coup and was behind all eight and had told the group: “Do what you think is needed, damn you” to restore order and declare a state of emergency. Gorbachev knew these individuals actually opposed his surrender plans to the USA and gave them the rope to hang themselves. The official name for the group was the State Committee on the State of Emergency (GKChP), and was headed by Vice President Gennadii Yanayev. Others included KGB head, Vladimir Kryuchkov; Soviet Prime Minister Valentin Pavlov; Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov; the USSR Internal Affairs Minister, Boris Pugo; Deputy Chief of the USSR Defense Council, Oleg Baklanov; Chairman of the USSR Peasant Union, Vasily Starodubtsev and President of the Association of the State Enterprises and Conglomerates of Industry, Transport, and Communications, Alexander Tizyakov. This group was almost immediately dismissed from their offices by Gorbachev after the coup began and Gorbachev returned to Moscow with some of those very members (!), with whom he had just “vacationed,” who were then all immediately arrested. (!) Pugo and his wife supposedly “committed suicide” but the reported circumstances at the time indicate that it was a clear case of murder. A highly publicized and staged attack on the Soviet Parliament, the so-called “White House,” which had to be put down militarily, was then carried out as yet another provocation to send the message of intimidation to the Communist Party members of Parliament and the masses (who hated Gorbachev and what was happening under his leadership), that the Soviet military supported the Gorbachev/Yeltsin leadership. Later Gorbachev resigned officially and the Soviet surrender was consolidated under Yeltsin who liquidated the USSR officially on December 8, 1991, when the USSR, Belarus and the Ukraine signed the Belovezh Agreement, dissolving the Soviet Union and establishing a Commonwealth of Independent States. Pretty quick work! No? In his August 20, 2008 New York Times Op-Ed Gorbachev also lied through omission by omitting the obvious long-range U.S. objectives of the U.S. instigated and led Georgian Invasion/Provocation of South Ossetia. Putin and Medvedev to their credit eventually exposed these objectives although only secondarily and without appropriate focus and emphasis! Russia has used others wherever possible such as Alexandr Chachiya, for example. (See Materialist Analysis of the August 7, 2008 U.S./Georgian/Ukrainian Invasion of South Ossetia.) By honestly and precisely explaining these provocations Russia would be able to explain how the U.S. intends to and does manipulate public opinion. This way the public in all countries would be on guard not to allow itself to be so manipulated by the USA, which lied about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq and is repeating such Big Lies falsely claiming Iran possesses a “nuclear weapons WMD program” and claiming Syria is using “chemical weapons,” while conducting false propaganda which accompanies the new type of capitalist/imperialist warfare: “Facebook”-Assisted Invasions by Proxy: “He’s killing his own people! We need economic sanctions! We need a No-Fly Zone! He’s an international criminal!” This should be a no-brainer but Stalinist opportunism blocks the mind and is the ONLY GAME IN TOWN! The key point regarding the USSR is that all Workers’ gains which were achieved by the 1917 Russian Revolution and which existed in the Soviet Union right up until its surrender to the threat of a nuclear war in 1988 by Gorbachev, when they were largely abolished, but which were then partly restored under Putin must be defended! These include full employment, no homelessness, free education to the highest level and free medical and dental.

    The 911 Attack was a U.S. Government-Assisted
    Mass Provocation/Set-Up NOT “an Inside Job!”

    The 1988 Soviet surrender set the stage for the 1991 Persian Gulf slaughter, the breakup of Yugoslavia, the 911 Trade Center Attack/Provocation orchestrated by the United States and the U.S Invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and the present so-called “Arab Spring” Regime Change Gambit, Attempted Coup D’Etats and Proxy Invasions of Libya, Syria, Yemen and Beyond. In the 2001 Trade Center Provocation the Bush Regime kept the U.S. military jet interceptors on the ground for over one hour in order to permit the Islamic Fundamentalists to fly their hijacked jets into the Trade Center and Pentagon in order to create a mass provocation and pretext to invade Central Asia—Afghanistan—and later, after a bait and switch using the fraudulent “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda as the pretext, to invade the main target—Iraq.

    Both the Clinton and the Bush Regimes allowed the 19 Islamic Fundamentalists to enter the United States, followed all of their movements by constant telephone, computer and email surveillance, and made sure that those who were going to fly the planes received the higher education they needed at special flight schools to fly jumbo jets into the World Trade Center. When lower level FBI agents reported their suspicions to FBI headquarters in Washington in writing they were told to shut up and they were reassigned! This all appeared (was blipped) within the first 3 weeks in the New York Times after the Trade Center Attack. Later these lower level FBI agents brought suit against the US government but the suit was quashed by the capitalist dictatorship. See for the timeline documenting how the interceptors were kept grounded (we do not support the political position of this site which supports “Israel”) and also see: (pages 51and pdf 63). is also a prime example of disinformation called information overload designed to mislead people into believing that they must know every single detail that happened and the precise minute that it occurred that day in order to understand what actually happened and WHY, which is actually very simple! It is an example of trying to get people not to see the forest for the trees! The latter website of the New American Century contains the Wolfowitz document entitled: “Rebuilding Americas Defenses,” which is an expression of the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism and is the present continuing game plan of the U.S. government and is being carried out with virtually no deviation! That game plan, which calls outright for projection of U.S. military power into Central Asia and the Mideast and overthrow of the Peoples’ Republic of China, etc., was published in September 2000, one year before the 9/11 Attack, states on page 51: “Further, the process of transformation (the Fascist game plans of the Bush Regime—now Obama Regime), even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a New Pearl Harbor.” Incidentally, there were no “bombs in the Trade Center!” Single issue anti-Communist groups supposedly attacking “the official explanation” of the Trade Center attack such as 9/, etc. deliberately make the false and completely unsubstantiated claim that the Trade Center buildings came down because of planted “bombs” in all 7 Trade Center building (Or would you believe 2?) and that the attacks by the Islamic Fundamentalists in those huge planes filled to the brim with 90,000 liters of jet fuel and the totally flimsy design of the Trade Center Buildings and subsequent huge fires in all 7 buildings had nothing to do with it! What a joke! \

    The Proof that There Were No “Bombs” in the World Trade Center:

    Any person can prove to himself or herself that there were NO BOMBS in the World Trade Center Attack/Provocation Set-Up: In examining footage of the collapse of the Trade Center Attacks watch where the collapse begins! The collapse begins precisely where the planes hit the building. If there had been bombs in the World Trade Center, the Islamic Fundamentalist pilots of the commandeered jetliners would have to know on what floor the bombs had been planted and would have to be able to hit that precise floor flying at between 500 mph and 600 mph. That is totally IMPOSSIBLE! That would be IMPOSSIBLE e

  3. Arklight

    About the WTC attack, let’s think about directed energy weapons, which the US does have; as to Syria, I really, really, REALLY doubt that Russia was in on this from the start, but I am willing to credit the report that Syria, in succession after Iraq and Libya, either had, or was about to, dump the US dollar as international trade currency. The dollar is finished, Iran is reportedly moving forward with a gold dinar, much as Libya was about to roll out; Red China is prepared, if it becomes advantageous, to move to the gold Yuan, Russia has been nudging a ‘basket’ of currencies as replacement for the dollar – – the banksters whomever they may be, are in a muck sweat and have come down like a ton of bricks on countries which dump the petrodollar. If Russia, Red China or Iran ditch the petrodollar, the pathetic American Empire is finished. Kaput. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.


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