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Syria’s Chemical Arsenal: Russia with Four-Step Plan for the Deal

Chemical Weapons

Syria’s chemical weapons: Russia gives plan for proposal to the United States.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has recently already mentioned that Moscow would already work on a plan for the proposal to put the chemical weapons in Syria under an international supervision by the United Nations (UN) and to destroy the Syrian chemical arsenals later.

Now it seems that the Russian plan for the proposal to put the chemical stockpiles of Syria under an international control by the United Nations (UN) and to destroy the chemicals later (maybe by building a relevant installation in the desert of Syria) is already finished and ready to be evaluated by the United States.

First the slip of the tongue by U.S. Secretary of State, followed by the quick response of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Syrian counterpart Walid al-Moallem (al-Muallem) in Moscow, and then things started to happen very fast… suspicious. At least, a little bit suspicious.

However, as it is now reported, Moscow has already handed their plan about the chemical weapons in Syrian stockpiles to the United States. The plan by Russia is about the handover of the chemical weapons by the Syrian government into an international supervision and according to the report, the Russian plan for their proposal includes four stages.

The first stage of the Russian plan provides that the Syrian government in Damascus becomes a member of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is located in The Hague, Netherlands, and is an alleged intergovernmental organization.

The second step of this four-stage plan by Russia about the chemical stockpiles in Syria provides that the Syrian governance of President Bashar al-Assad has to declare the location of the chemical arsenals (chemical weapons stockpiles) and also to say where the chemicals are produced on Syrian soil.

The third step of the Russian plan on Syria’s chemical weapons provides that the inspectors of the alleged intergovernmental Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are allowed to enter Syria and are able, without preconditions, to investigate and examine the locations of the chemical weapons arsenals and the production centres for the chemicals.

The final step of the Russian four-stage plan provides that all sides have then to decide, in a cooperation with the inspectors of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), how to destroy the chemical weapons substances and arsenals from Syria.

However, as stated, under the consideration of these stockpiles and the destruction of those chemical weapons in Syria, the best solution would probably be to build a relevant installation, maybe in the desert of Syria, for the destruction of these chemicals.

Syria - Maaloula (Ma’loula)
Syria – Maaloula (Ma’loula)

But so or so, till these Syrian chemical arsenals (weapons) are destroyed, a lot of water will flow through the Barada (Main River in the Syrian capital, once upon a time clean, now often dirty or just missing) in Damascus. Simply said, this will take a long time.

Who would physically destroy the chemical weapons and arsenals in Syria has yet to be decided but it was not excluded that the United States and Russia could do this jointly, according to the report. Further, both Foreign Ministers, the Russian Foreign Minister and his American counterpart John Kerry, will discuss this topic about the chemical weapons in Syria in Geneva on Thursday.

However, according to the information, the U.S. administration can add further details to the four-stage plan by Russia about the chemical stockpiles in Syria. Both sides will discuss the plan about these chemical weapons in the arsenals on Syrian soil. It is to hope that a US-led war on Damascus will thus be avoided.

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  1. Bobby

    Another capitulation of Syria ordered by russia after that it is easy for american troops to enter any time because they know the danger is away! Check the method: Libya, Iraq! The same mistakes being repeated!! US and Israelis would never strike knowing there is a deterrent but would quickly do so when they know you have nothing! The minister of foreign affairs of Syria should go on retirement! he has no idea what he is up to!

  2. Bobby

    Remember when the Atomic inspectors came to inspect the atomic site of Israel Damona, Israel built a wall to hide the real uranium production plant. Why not Syria just trick the Kerry and his United Satanic Army! Pay them with lies and tricks. They believe in that readily as in the truth!!

  3. John

    Most likely the same tactics will be played again, as it has had been played in past in the Iraq. After destroying its weapons under the United nations supervision, America invaded Iraq under the command of General David Petraeus Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces. In Iraq and Afghanistan millions of innocent Iraqi and later Afghan people mercilessly killed and displaced ( berated as war criminal ). Most likely through the recent chemical weapons pact, offered by Russia with the agreement of Assad, it would be impossible for United State or any other country to attack. Even a limited surgical strike on Syria, Russia a stalwart ally of Syria can’t ignore her decades old friend and for this reason Russia was ready to protect her time tested ally. Recent huge build up of Russian warship, destroyer, missile career, submarine in the north coast of Syrian Mediterranean Sea, and a couple of months ago Russia has done a huge military exercise and its combat readiness is giving a clue that Russia is ready to go beyond any limit.
    Here is video link of General David Petraeus.

    • Arklight

      Hi, John. Russian has been engaged in an all services modernization, restructuring, retraining and consolidation of its entire military, including changing over to an all volunteer force, with professional personnel, dumping the Soviet model that Russia was still stuck with. Apparently, there was a whole host of senior officers who are, I guess, flipping burgers now, because they were still hooked on the Soviet style military. President Putin has used a cold chisel, crowbar and sledge hammer to bring the Russian military into the modern age of conventional warfare, and videos of their training exercises are a treat to watch. I don’t really know what they’ve done with their strategic missile weapons, but they’ve apparently weaned themselves away from liquid fueled to solid fuel rocket motors, a great tactical advantage for field weapons, and a much increased safety factor for strategic missiles. Reports are that if Obama had not grown a brain cell, and had persisted in the tough guy BS, Russia was, and is, ready to rumble. To choose between Putin and Obama which one is the worst enemy of the United States, my vote would be for Obama.


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