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Russian Chemical Experts Return to Syria

Smetlivy coastal guard ship

Russia rejects reports about plans to send more warships to the Syrian coast.

After yesterday’s slip of the tongue by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the quick reaction of Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, it seems the threats of an imminent US-led attack on Syria has decreased. However, it remains to be seen what will happen in the upcoming days in terms of the Syrian government in Damascus and the powers behind the decisions of the Obama administration in Washington.

Not to mention the pressure on U.S. President Obama by the Israel lobby, Tel-Aviv and the regimes in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is probably not really satisfied with the developments from yesterday.

Of course, there is now even a new statement by Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov, following his meeting with the Libyan Foreign Minister Muhammad Abdelaziz today. While the talks between both Foreign Ministers from Russia and Libya certainly were really interesting, there is not much detailed information about the content of their talks available. However, the two Ministers from Libya and Russia made their statements in the following press conference.

For example, Moscow’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that even if the Syrian government will put its chemical weapons unter an international control, that will not make the verification of every report and investigation in regards of the use of chemical weapons in Syria as well as in terms of a return of the chemical inspectors of the United Nations (UN) to the Arab country unnecessary.

After his meeting with the Libyan counterpart, Muhammad Abdelaziz, the Russian Foreign Minister went on and stated that the “verification of all reports on the use of chemical weapons (poison gas) in Syria is important” and has not become unnecessary after the developments from yesterday.

Further, Lavrov almost demanded that the UN experts will return to Syria to continue the investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict and to hopefully be able to travel to Khan al-Assal (near Aleppo) and to conduct some investigations in this important area in terms of the alleged use of poison gas / chemical weapons in Syria by whatever side.

According to the statements by Sergey Lavrov, the UN experts should return to Damascus and continue their investigations in Syria. Before the chemical experts under the lead of the Swedish arms expert Ake Sellström present their report to the UN Security Council (UNSC), so Lavrov, they should fully implement their mandate. It seems that the Russian Foreign Minister is convinced that only a complete investigation is really useful and that is understandable.

Sergey Lavrov went on and said that a full report on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria would consider the entire body of evidence and this includes testimonies of religious leaders, public organizations and by numerous experts as well as others.

Sergey Lavrov has afterwards confirmed that Russia will soon announce a plan for the chemical weapons control in Syria. It sounds interesting. According to the statements by the Russian Foreign Minister, Moscow is currently working on a feasible plan in order to create an international control about the chemical weapons in Syria.

The plan to control Syria’s chemical weapons is implementable, concrete and clear, so Sergey Lavrov. The Russian and the Syrian side already discuss this plan. The Russian plan about the control of the chemical weapons in Syria will soon be finished and Moscow will then be ready “to fine-tune and discuss it with the UN Secretary General, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the UN Security Council.” So or so, it is an interesting addition to the events from yesterday.

Russia’s Foreign Minister even said that the proposal to put the chemical weapons from Syria under an international control is not only a “Russian proposal” but that it comes from the Russian-American contacts about the conflict and turmoil in and around Syria as well as from the statements by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Sergey Lavrov said in this joint press conference with his Libyan counterpart Muhamad Abdelaziz that the proposal in terms of Syria’s chemical weapons derives from the talks between the Russian side and their American colleagues as well as from yesterday’s statement by the US Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry said yesterday that a US military strike on Syria could be avoided “if this problem is solved” and it seems that Russia and even the Syrian governance in Damascus were somehow prepared to solve “this problem” of the chemical weapons on Syrian soil. At least, the chemical weapons in the stockpiles of the Syrian government / Syrian Army.

In the meantime, the reports by several media agencies that the Smetlivy coastal guard ship will sail to the Syrian coast were rejected by the Russian side. At least, a source said that the reports about the Smetlivy coastal guard ship are false.

According to the source, the Smetlivy coastal guard ship will sail from Sevastopol on September 12 in direction to the Bosphorus-Dardanelles strait zone. Afterwards, the Russian coastal guard ship will join the squadron of the Russian Navy in the eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea.
© Igor Terokhin

The source also explained that the squadron of the Russian Navy is permanently stationed there and that the manoeuvres and routes have nothing to do with the US threats against Syria.

And other news in regards of the chemical weapons in Syria and especially about the chemical weapons attack (poison gas attack) in suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus on August 21 say that there is evidence that the terrorists in Syria have carried out these attacks with chemical substances. First, there are the new statements by two freed hostages. Second, there is the information by the Foreign Ministry of Russia.

Third, Iran has now said that it is in possess of evidence that the foreign-backed terrorists have deployed chemical weapons in Syria. According to the statement by the Iranian administration in person of Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who made this statement at a press conference in Moscow, Iran has such evidence.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said at this press conference in Moscow, that Moscow and Tehran would have “strong evidence that terrorist organizations deployed chemical weapons.”

The Deputy Foreign Minister from Tehran further gave an example in his remarks about the evidence that confirms that the terrorists have chemical weapons in Syria. Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister said in Moscow that Iran has received information in last December that “two capsules with Sarin were moved by terrorists across Syria.” According to the information, the two capsules were shipped from an Arab country. Guess what! It is probably easy to give this Arab country a name.

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