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senator compares poison gas attack syria hitlers gas chambers

Hawkish US Senator John McCain (C) poses with infamous kidnapper in Syria, Mohamed Nour (seen with his hand on his chest and holding a camera)

Arab League supports Russia’s proposal about Syria’s chemical weapons.

While the so-called Arab League (AL) announced that it will also support the proposal to put Syrias chemical weapons stockpiles under an international control, the US Senate Majority Leader Harry Mason Reid has compared the alleged poison gas attack in Syria to the killings by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany in World War II (1939 to 1945).

However, there is not much information about the new statement by the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League (AL) in regards of the Russian-American proposal about the chemical weapons in Syria available so far.

More information about the statement by the hypocritical Arab League (AL) in regards of Syria’s chemical weapons and the international supervision about these chemicals is certainly later available. At least, it seems positive that even the biased Arab League (AL) supports the Russian-American proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under an international supervision of the United Nations (UN).

As mentioned, US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has compared the alleged poison gas attack in suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus to the killings by the dictator Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany in World War II (WWII).

The democrat and senior US Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, said in his new statement about the chemical weapons attack in Syria and in terms of the accusations by the Obama administration against the Syrian government in Damascus that it has used chemical weapons in attacks on Syrian civilians, that the United States have to make sure that “such poisonous weapons of war” will never be used again.

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referred in his remarks about the alleged use of chemical weapons near Damascus to the World War II and Nazi Germany. The member of the Democrats said that “millions and millions of civilians and prisoners of war were murdered by gas in Nazi death camps, Treblinka, Auschwitz. ‘Never again,’ swore the world. ‘Never again would we permit the use of these poisonous weapons of war.”

The Liar John Kerry at dinner with Bashar al-Assad
The Liar John Kerry at dinner with Bashar al-Assad

Harry Reid, not only the US Senate Majority Leader but also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, further said that the United States could be held responsible if the administration does nothing to prevent the use of chemical weapons against civilians and to underline his remarks, Harry Reid cited an inscription on the wall of the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

It is known about the US Senator from Nevada, that he supports the ideas of a US-led war on Syria. Thus, his new remarks in terms of the alleged use of chemical weapons are no surprise. That Harry Reid referred to Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust is also no surprise in this regard. He knows how to do it and how to influence some people in the United States.

Thus, Harry Reed has also warned that the United States of America would be held responsible for failing to act if a government is using chemical weapons against their own people.

US Senate Majority Leader Reid also cited an inscription on the wall of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in his new statements in order to influence some Americans. Reed was quoted as saying: “It’s on the wall. It’s from Dante’s Inferno. (…) The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

Yes, he knows how to do it. However, Obamas war plans will receive a historical defeat at the upcoming vote. At least, this historical defeat is still to expect.

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  1. Arklight

    Harry Reid. There’s a real piece of work. He was born and raised in Searchlight, which is a mining town south of Las Vegas He did work in the gold mines for a while, and earned the nickname ‘Pinky’, which is, basically, a little guy who consistently pulls the same weight as his bigger and stronger colleagues, comparing the ‘shrimp’ to the ‘pinky finger’. He graduated law school, and put his newly earned skills to work by (allegedly) stealing his aunt’s gold mine, through some legalistic trickery. He then got elected to the House of Representatives where he did, in fact render a lot of assistance to his constituents, then moved up to the Senate, then he began to become a sneasel (cross between a snake and a weasel), was often found involved in shady land deals, but not to the point of culpability resulting in arrest. Now? Well, he’s the poster boy for how high a sneasel can rise and the slimy crap one has to pull in order to get there. I don’t know how often he actually appears in public in Searchlight, which is a conservative small community. I don’t think he goes to dinner much at the casino because one of the townspeople might pull a six gun and cap his miserable *ss. If that happened, I’d just have to go and get one of my very rare, celebratory, cans of Foster’s.

  2. Johann

    Ha ha, note that any uncultured man can be a US senator,

    it´s been showed unequivocally by revisionism that Nazi Holocaust and gas chambers are a hoax and a myth created by Zionliars to use it as a weapon and to justify their unhuman crimes throughout and towards their world government, apart a form of theft and cheat. There´s plenty of documentation about it, the false Nazi Holocaust, by very serious men.

    Holocaust = Big lie from Jews. Nazi could kill the Jews if they wanted without implementing camps or even during the period 1933-39, and they didn´t, or like the Soviet killed Polish officers in Katyn shooting them from behind intothe head and then blaming the Nazi.

    6.000.000 of lies, that u can see in 1919-1920 USA newspapers, just almost 20 before it´s alleged suceed.

    All mass media controlled by Jews are lies and lies for people uncultured and without brain.

    Anti-Semite = Someone who is not of the pleasure of the Jews because he exposes their lies and atrocities. Wanna see atrocities? Just go to racist demonic state of Israel and check by yourself what they have done to Palestinians over more 60 years with total impunity.

    He, the senator, is a yes-man without dignity of Zionists who rule USA.

    Israel and Zionism = Cancer to humanity


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