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Syria’s Chemical Weapons as Counterbalance to Israel’s WMDs

Jobar. Photo by A. Filatov / ANNA News

Syrian Conflict: Barack Obama, the Ally and Foe of Israel.

“The Syrian crisis is resolved. The war in Syria continues.” This was said in a comment at ITAR-TASS on the current situation on site in Syria and about the result of the US-Russian negotiations in Geneva.

Notwithstanding the shown determination, it is obvious that the United States have drawn the short straw in this crisis. Outwardly, everything looks good, Obama retains the upper hand:

The planned destruction of the Syrian chemical weapons is a nice gift for the most important ally of the U.S. – Israel.

Here, however, one would have to neglect the fact that Israel is not Obama’s ally. Israel is now rather a more serious opponent of Barack Obama, because it has been nobody else than Benjamin Netanyahu, who has done everything possible to draw the United States into a war, which they have not needed at all.

For this reason, one can actually only detect a defeat of Obama – he was made to look silly, instigated, and he was forced to do what he hasn`t intended to do in any way. Even more – if it would have come to the U.S. war of aggression against Syria, this would have been actually the first US-led war for which they had hired the States quite banal and blatantly, just how one does it with mercenaries.

Now, Obama is able to return to his “Plan B”, the negotiations with Iran; however, his problem is that the escalation around Syria has demonstrated his weakness and relative inability to pursue an independent policy.

This means two things for the current administration of the United States. First, the Ayatollahs will draw their conclusions from the case and negotiate with Obama just like somebody talks with a weakling and Jonah (unlucky fellow), of course.

Secondly – in case that Barack Obama comes to acceptable results for him in the wake of the already announced open talks with Iran, he will always feel the breath of his fiercest allies in his back, which will either immediately thwart these negotiations or its results by launching new provocations.

With other words, the trust of the Iranians in Barack Obama might have suffered severely. Don Corleone has a problem: as long as there is turmoil in his Famiglia (La Familia), he is no credible leader of the largest Mafia in the eyes of the other Dons. These other Dons will certainly first wait and see, but when the first opportunity arrives, they will take advantage of the shown weakness of the competitor.

Jobar. Photo by A. Filatov / ANNA News
Jobar. Photo by A. Filatov / ANNA News

Therefore, Obama has no choice: he must prove and demonstrate that he is capable to resolve issues with his political opponents, even then, if they are considered as his allies. Otherwise, the remaining three years of the current U.S. administration will go to the ground in fast spins. His task would now be the punishment of the culprits for this crisis.

Not the punishment of somebody, but of the culprits – the usual approach of the Americans to carefully investigate a matter and to then punish anyone will not function this time. Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan are responsible for the defeat of Barack Obama. All the already declared enemies of the United States will closely look over Obama’s shoulder how he gets along with this task.

There is one option – it was just indicated in the impromptu interview by Putin on 10 September, and Bashar al-Assad says, asked about it, the same and it is simultaneously published in the media.

It’s about the “counterbalance”, which should be the chemical weapons in Syria for the various, miscellaneous Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) of Israel. The delivery of the Syrian chemical weapons arsenals is a tactical decision, which has been able to resolve the recent escalation. Strategically, however, this leads to a worrying imbalance. It would have dire consequences for the region.

The only way out is the international control of the Israeli nuclear weapons and the other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). This is not as exotic as it may sound – allow IAEA inspectors, the accession of the internationally applicable control systems by Israel – Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), Biological Weapons Convention, and so on; the detection and control of these weapons with a later liquidation; of course, in exchange for international security guarantees.

All this sounds almost like a breach of taboo, but it would be medium and long term fatal to leave alone such an aggressive state like Israel with this dangerous war toys.

The Middle East is in a vague balance in two cases: either by mutual deterrence, when Weapons of Mass Destruction in the hands of different countries form the above mentioned “counterbalance”, or the region must be completely freed of this type of weapons. The tactical manoeuvres by this “partly disarming” of Syria has an inevitably impact on the stability in the long term.

Strictly speaking, this is namely also in the interest of Obama. The provocation of East Ghouta, in which the Saud are behind it, and the provocation in the Mediterranean Sea in the face of weapons-bristling naval forces show clearly who are the beneficiaries of the crisis, who made Obama look like a fool.

Such things won’t be forgiven. And that has nothing to do with emotions and offended sense of honour, but here, it is about the situation to prevent the production of a precedent, because otherwise, the temptation would be so great, to organize these and other provocations.

At least since the above mentioned campaign, inter alia broadcasted by Russia Today (RT), one is able to imagine that Russia will emerge with a demand of an international inspection of the nuclear facilities of Israel sometime in the near future, according to which the much vaunted international community can persuade Israel to open itself to the common control mechanisms and to then initiate a gradual destruction all Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Of course, as said, in exchange for comprehensive security guarantees.

It is certain that such a possible turn will find little enthusiasm in Israel, but here, nothing can be depend on its enthusiasm. The Israelis have to and must be persuaded for this way, or just force them to their happiness (luck).

At the bottom of the facts

(Supplement, in order to publish no separate post)

In the sorely afflicted Syria, the clashes and fighting still focus on the environment respectively the suburbs of Damascus. The gradual encirclement of Duma has started.

The Syrian military estimates the remaining force levels of the terrorist brigades there on about 15 to 20 thousand. Duma is well fortified, and in contrast to Jobar, a lot of civilians remain there. A frontal attack on Duma is therefore excluded.

Therefore, the annihilation of these rebel groups has to be proceeded “cautiously”, district to district.

Damascus and surrounding areas - 15.09.2013. Source: Sergey Kondrashov / WM Commons
Damascus and surrounding areas – 15.09.2013. Source: Sergey Kondrashov / WM Commons

Source: apxwn

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