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A Strike against Syria will Trigger Crushing Response

Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

Shanghai Daily editor speaks about Syria, the US war threats, and Russia’s CW proposal.

It is always interesting what other people and experts think about current events and especially when these analysts and political experts talk about the Syrian conflict, the US rhetoric of war against Damascus and the recent proposal by Moscow to place the chemical weapons stockpiles on Syrian soil under an international supervision.

Of course, this becomes even more interesting when these experts, analysts, and editors are from foreign countries. For example, when the editor of the Shanghai Daily, Lancy Correa, speaks about the conflict in Syria and the possible US-led military strike on Damascus.

In a new interview, the editor of the Shanghai Daily, Lancy Correa, said not only that he is convinced that U.S. President Barack Obama was isolated in terms of Syria when he was supporting the possibility of a US-led military action against the Arab country last week, but also that the Russian proposal has presented Obama a way out and a face-saving change.

This makes the editor of the Shanghai Daily to the next person who states that Russia’s proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons arsenals under an international control is simultaneously a face-saving chance for U.S. President Obama. It seems more and more analysts are convinced that the recent developments happen too fast and that this suggests that certain sides might have pre-planned these developments.

The editor of the Shanghai Daily, Lancy Correa, also said in his new interview with the Farsnews agency that a possible US-led military strike against Syria would be met with an intense reaction by the Syrian Army.

According to the statements by the editor of the Shanghai Daily, it would be very stupid to believe that “Syria will sit idly by if it is attacked” and this is certainly correct. Not only that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has already spoken about a military response and retaliatory measures by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), but also officials from Tehran (Iran) have said that they will not just watch if Syria gets attacked by foreign military. Not to mention the rumours about Russia and a possible strike on Saudi Arabia and the talk about Israel as the “first victim” of a US-led war on Damascus.

Lancy Correa underlined that Syria will not back down if it is assailed militarily by foreign powers and as said, this is correct. Any military attack on Syria will lead to a full-scale war and dire consequences for the Syrian people and even for the entire region of the Middle East. Not to mention the possible of retaliatory measures by Syria’s allies (e.g. Iran), and thus, the increased threat of a new World War (WWIII).

The editor of the Shanghai Daily, Lancy Correa, is known as a foreign expert and was formerly a news editor at “The Nation” in Bangkok as well as the chief sub-editor at the “Indian Express”. Correa should have some skills in terms of the current developments in and around Syria and in the rating of events and actions by governments and organizations, especially in the Middle Eastern region and Asia.

According to the statements by Lancy Correa about the US threats against Damascus, the situation in the US Congress and the Russian initiative and four-stage plan about Syria’s chemical weapons, it is pretty obvious that the American people and the world public reject a possible military strike in Syria. Correa also calls it a “military (mis)adventure” in Syria for the United States.

Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia
Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

Correa said in his interview with Farsnews that the Americans are in particular tired of all the wars around the world and especially about the wars in Asia and the Middle East. The editor of the Shanghai Daily is convinced that the US Congress is “deeply divided over the (Syrian) issue”, but that the majority of the members of the US Congress reject a US-led war on Syria.

For Lancy Correa, it is clear that U.S. President Barack Obama has pushed himself into a corner when he spoke about his red line in case of the use of chemical weapons in the conflict in Syria. Correa explains about this in his new interview with Farsnews:

“Now that it has been “confirmed” chemical arms were used in a so-called attack last month, even though there is no absolute proof that it was President Assad who ordered it, the mere fact of its use has propelled the US to look and act tough.”

Of course, Lancy Correa also spoke about the results of a possible US-led military attack on Syria and said, for example, that any kind of military action against a country in the Middle East is “pretty volatile with its layers of ethnic and religious sensibilities.” Correa added that in case the foreign-backed terrorists take control of Syria, that it is then likely that the country will go the same way of Libya and Iraq. That means, that it will “unravel and the timorous peace that has held its different people, the Alawites, Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians etc will undoubtedly be shattered.”

Afterwards, the editor of the Shanghai Daily spoke about the possible response by Syria (or its allies in the region) to a possible US strike on Damascus. Lancy Correa said that Syria’s President al-Assad has already pledged retaliation and that there are still the allies of the Syrian government, such as Iran and Russia, which “may not join in the conflict militarily but will use their influence elsewhere to rally the world.”

In terms of the Russian proposal and the four-stage plan to put Syria’s chemical weapons under an international supervision by the United States and the reactions to this chemical weapons-plan for Syria, Correa gave the following answer in his interview with the Farsnews agency:

“Apparently, the US also seems to like the idea though President Obama has been a bit sceptical. He has, however, agreed to consider it thoroughly. So it seems there is a broad agreement over the control of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal. Whether it will lead to a long-term, political solution is still to be seen, since the Syrian opposition seems to be out for blood, and I can’t see them agreeing to anything short of President Assad’s ouster.”

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