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Military Intervention in Syria – Road to WWIII: Political Analyst

World War III - Dead End Syria.

Military Intervention in Syria could lead to World War III – Kevin Barrett.

The political analyst Kevin Barrett said in a recent interview with Press TV that any US military intervention in Syria can lead to WWIII (World War 3) and the analyst means that there is a certain possibility that a missile attack by the U.S. military on targets in Syria will lead to the start of another world war under consideration of the importance of Syria in the Middle East and by the stances and defence pacts with other Arab states as well as the stance of the Russian government in Moscow.

Kevin James Barrett, a former American university lecturer, is a member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11 and one of the funding members of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance (MUJCA), which has the agenda of improving “interfaith dialogue, coexistence, and understanding” in light of the events of 9/11. Kevin Barrett has also published several books and the political analyst had already some problems due to his statements and stances with the authorities in the United States.

The U.S. political analyst, Kevin Barrett, also said in his recent interview with Press TV that any U.S. military involvement in Syria will obviously not resolve the Syrian conflict, but just “make it worse”. Barrett pointed out that it always “gets worse” when the military of the United States gets involved in regions of the globe where it has no real business being.

Already some weeks ago, a former member of the US Marine said in principle the same and also warned about the possibility to trigger WWIII (World War 3) by a military intervention and attack in and on Syria.

Kevin Barrett also stated in his interview with Press TV that the world is “really on the edge of a potential World War III” because the current preparations of an intervention in Syria by the U.S. military and the possible attack on Syria is a very dangerous move. The Middle East, so Barrett in his interview, is being destabilized currently more and more, and every further destabilization of the region increases the threat of more violence and terrorism in the region and other places.

In addition, a military intervention by the U.S. military and / or NATO forces will call on other players to act and certainly not help the Syrian civilians. In general, the political analyst Kevin Barrett said similar statements as the Syrian Information Minister in his recent remarks in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Both warned about the situation that a military intervention in Syria will only trigger more violence and bloodshed in the Arab nation.

The analyst from the United States, Kevin Barrett, also noted that the intense pressure by the hard-line Israeli lobby in the United States is also behind the hawkish posturing of these warmongers in America.

Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar
Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, demanded from the international community, the so-called hypocritical “Western community of values”, to finally act on the use of chemical weapons by the foreign-supported terrorist groups in Syria.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the international community has to show a serious reaction to the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups in Syria and at least to condemn the gruesome use of these chemical substances by the foreign-backed terrorists in the Arab nation. Iran’s Foreign Minister made these remarks in a telephone call with the Italian Foreign Minister, Emma Bonino, on Saturday.

The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran also pointed out that any use of chemical weapons agents are contrary to human principles and violates international laws. Thus, the international community has to condemn the use of chemical weapons by the terrorist groups in Syria as Iran and Russia already have done it. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad

Javad Zarif also said in his telephone conversation with his Italian counterpart Emma Bonino that there are reports that confirm the use of chemical weapons by the foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria and that the Iranian administration is in close contact with the Syrian government in Damascus and that the government in Syria have reassured that they have never used “such inhumane weapons”.

The Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad has also reassured, according to the Iranian minister, that they support the UN experts in their investigation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria and that the team of experts from the United Nations (UN) have the fullest cooperation by the government in Damascus.

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  1. Arklight

    Well, first thing, the ‘Western community values’ are a myth. The Western community has no values that are not measured in currency. The Western community has much in common with the jihadi thugs, and little in common with decent people anywhere. The politicians in DC and London don’t care what destruction, chaos, Red Hell and death the initiate because they don’t have to live with any of the physical consequences. So long as they each get their agreed price, they could care less.


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