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Somebody Fired 35 Missiles from Lebanon into Northern ‘Israel’

Dozens of missiles fired from southern Lebanon onto northern Palestine -Israel

Conflicting reports from northern Palestine occupied by Israel of dozens of missiles fired at the Zionist entity with very few of them shot down by the Israeli failed Iron Dome air defense system.

Absolute chaos among the anti-Jewish Zionist leaders and settlers of Israel as waves of missiles started pouring into the northern region of occupied Palestine, some reports spoke of at least 10 sites targeted, and as usual, the Zionists report there were no casualties in their initial reports.

Some panicking Israeli sources reported over a hundred missiles fired at them in the early hours as the settlers were ordered to head to the shelters and to avoid heading north. Later reports reduced the number of missiles fired from southern Lebanon to 30 – 35, depending on the source.

The Israeli IDF terrorist organization bombed southern Lebanon with artillery claiming it targeted the launch sites of the missiles, residents in southern Lebanon reported hearing the shelling.

Many Israeli pundits, analysts, and politicians instantly accused the Lebanese Hezb Allah resistance forces of firing the sporadic missiles with no evidence.

The Israelis have recently escalated their terrorist attacks against everybody in the region, mainly bombing civilian neighborhoods and factories, and military posts, bombing the northern parts of the besieged Gaza Strip, and their heinous desecrating of Islam’s second sacred Al Aqsa Mosque in Al Quds (Jerusalem) during Ramadan beating the worshippers, breaking the glass and furniture, and kidnapping dozens of Palestinians praying at their mosque in their city.

Isreal is itching for war, a distraction is needed by Israel and its sponsors the fading US empire and its European stooges, as countries and as ruling parties in those countries. These Israeli escalations are seen in this context.

By the time of this report, no party claimed responsibility for firing the missiles.

There’s a saying in the intelligence world on how to identify attacks: if it targets civilians, especially to murder children, it’s the Israeli Mossad’s fingerprints, if it’s very criminal and bloody in nature, it’s one of the European French speaking ‘intelligence’ agencies if it’s carried out by any member of the Axis of Resistance (Syria, Iran – Iranian IRGC, Hezb Allah, Iraqi PMU, or the Palestinian factions) they declare it publicly, and if it’s chaotic, undeclared, and foolish, it must be the CIA.

We’re waiting for someone to claim responsibility for the attack or for further evidence to surface pointing to who fired the missiles from southern Lebanon against Israel, if none, it could very well be the US’s CIA carrying out a false flag to stir things up in the region as it is losing its strong grip on its proxy regimes.

In the meantime, the region is embracing Israeli terrorist aggression, as usual, to save the ugly faces of the anti-Jewish Zionist terrorist leaders among their followers as many Israeli leaders and propagandists threatened, seems they only like to bomb others and don’t like to be bombed.

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    • Roy

      From today’s news, elsewhere, April 7, apparently, it was Israel that fired those rockets as a pretext to begin an act of genocide upon its neighbors; of course, they’ll refer to it as a justification for slaughtering millions of human lives, but then, that’s them; after this last attempt by ‘good’, Jewish doctors on my life here in America for exercising my supposed right to “Freedom of Speech”, I think that I’m just about ready to give up on the myth of the good Jew, because, for as much as they talk about turning all of us into slaves, it’s rather obvious that it is the Jew that is the slave, but is so blinded of the fact by their own self-induced hatred. I have Jewish friends, so I know I’m lying, but enough is enough.


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