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SAA Units Advance in Deir Ezzor Western Countryside Chase ISIS Remnants

image-SAA Units Advance in Der Ezzor Western Countryside Chase ISIS Remnants

Footage of the Syrian Arab Army units advancing in the western countryside of Der Ezzor chasing the remnants of US sponsored ISIS terrorists in the region.

The units advancing from As-Sukhnah town after the city was cleaned from the terrorist organization filth and became a base for the SAA and its allies in the march towards Der Ezzor to uplift the siege off the city, which was empowered with the US bombing SAA positions in Al-Thardeh Mountain September 2016.

Over 120,000 civilians are besieged in the city and one Syrian Arab Army unit is protecting them for over 3 years now.

Map of As-Sukhnah area:

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