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SAA After Outmaneuvering US Forces at al-Tanf Vows Complete Cleaning of Syria from Terrorists

Syrian Arab Army SAA Arrives at Iraqi Borders Northeast of Tanf

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies managed to outmaneuver the US forces illegally positioned at al-Tanf border crossing and reached the Syrian – Iraqi borders northeast of Al-Tamayz to the surprise and dismay of the real axis of evil. 

Despite the continuous attacking by the US forces and sustaining direct losses, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies pushed forward and reached the borders with Iraq outsmarting the US and its terrorist backed groups it calls ‘moderate rebels’ and tightens the noose on ISIS, Nusra Front and other branches of the FSA Free (from) Syrians Army, the umbrella the US and its followers used to recruit tens of thousands of terrorists from all sides of the planet and sent them to Syria.

The move, completed on June 10, 2017, is just the first phase of the Syrian Desert Operations as the General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces mentioned in its statement.

The regime of Donald Trump, following the steps of his predecessor the Nobel Peace Laureate and war criminal Barack Obama, was trying its best to isolate the Syrian forces and pushing them away from the borders with Iraq inside Syrian territories and against all international laws and in blunt violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic. The attempts of the USAians and their servants using ISIS and other terrorist groups was mainly to divide Syria into a number of religious and ethnic based entities fighting each other like what they’ve accomplished in Libya.

Syrians had other thoughts, enduring what no other nation can alone and by themselves for the first 3 years until their allies started to assist, they managed to regather their strength and turn the table on the evil powers, restoring and cleaning large areas and strategic cities and districts from the filth of ISIS and its likes.

Once connected with their Iraqi brothers on the other side of the borders, whom also have achieved major gains against US sponsored ISIS, the plot to divide this region will be in history books forever. The separatist Kurds, however, must watch and understand the new balance in power and must not depend on the promises of their US and Israeli buddies of support in their quest to steal large lands in the north and northwest of Syria and connect it to the land they stole in Iraq and now want to carry out a referendum on ‘independence’ from the central state there. Kurds throughout their history have always taken wrong decisions and aligned themselves with the wrong powers, we hope this time they’ll realize their mistakes before it’s too late.

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