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SAA Foils ISIS Attack near Hmaimeh, Homs – Video Included

image-SAA and Allies Clean Hmaimeh Town in Homs Eastern Countryside from ISIS Terrorists

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies foiled an ISIS attack on their barracks in the vicinity Hmaimeh town in the countryside of Homs, central Syria. The terrorists sustained a heavy loss due to their failed attack.

Hmaimeh was recently cleaned from ISIS by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies less than a month ago. Vigilant, well experienced, brave and heroic SAA units weren’t surprised by the attack carried out by the world’s filthiest filth the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists who see everybody else as ‘infidels’, it was the terrorists who were surprised by the reaction and retaliation of the Syrian Arab Army units and their allies.

5 vehicles destroyed and 13 terrorists sent to hell express trip and others fell between injured, captured and fled, some bad news for their sponsors in Saudi Arabia and its camp.

image-Before failed ISIS attack on SAA positions near Hmaimeh
Before failed ISIS attack on SAA positions near Hmaimeh when terrorists thought God is on their side
image-After ISIS attack failed attack on SAA positions near Hmaimeh
After ISIS attack failed attack on SAA positions near Hmaimeh when terrorists realized God is not on their side.

The first part of the following video clip recorded by the terrorists themselves and you can hear how terrified they were, the second part of the video is recorded in the aftermath of the attack by the Central Military Media:

Some activists identified the accent spoken by the terrorists to be of Iraqis from Anbar province. These are the first who welcomed ISIS commanders and joined the ranks of the terrorist organization but when they lived the horror killings, rape, and different heinous crimes by ISIS terrorists against their own, their tribal elders called for help from Iraqi Army and PMU ‘Popular Mobilization Forces’.

The US has directly overseen and protected the transport in large convoys of these terrorists from Iraq into Syria, US former Secretary of State Kerry admitted the same.

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