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SAA and Allies Clean More Territories in Suwayda Countryside

image-SAA and Allies Clean More Territories in As Suwayda Countryside

05 August 2017, al Suwayda (As-Suwayda) Countryside South of Syria – The Syrian Army and their allies have continued their advance in the southern part of the country against US sponsored terrorists operating in the area. More land has been cleaned from the terrorists and SAA strengthened their positions.

Tal al-Dhabih, Talat al-Assadiya and Talat al-Hardiyah southeast of Al Suwayda Countryside have been cleaned from the filth of the FSA and its many variants: ISIS, Nusra Front or newly re-branded as HTS: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham – Levant Liberation Organization..! or other group names.

The following footage from the SAA and allies battles against terrorists in the most difficult terrain in the very south of the country in Al-Suwayda Countryside not far from UK Colony called Jordan:

Al-Suwayda province in its entirety never witnessed any riot acts against the Syrian state throughout the crisis of over 6 years and half now, not even a single protest against the state, on the contrary, it was targeted by Takfiri (anti-God religious) terrorists and their international sponsors in Israel, Saudi, Qatar, US and others for its patriotism.

As a basic: Any individual carrying weapons against his state is a terrorist. Any individual carrying weapons against another state is an international terrorist. Any individual carrying weapons supplied by foreign powers against another state is a mercenary international terrorist, and that last one is what the Syrians are fighting since the breakout of the Syrian Crisis. However, the US insists on calling them ‘moderate rebels’…!

image-Syria Map - Suwayda
Syria Map – Suwayda

All over the country, a very dirty war was imposed on the Syrian people to subdue them, they reject to be subdued, their Heroic Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces are battling the terrorists daily non-stop since the first day of the Syrian Crisis on each square meter all over the country and some allies joined the fight when they saw the determination of the Syrian people to win this battle at all costs.

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