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SAA Updates North and East of Syria 07 August 2017 Morning

image-SAA Updates North and East of Syria 07 August 2017 Morning after Sukhna

The Syrian Arab Army and allies road to Der Ezzor is now clear via 3 axes. Cleaning Sukhna, ISIS’s last stronghold in Eastern Homs Countryside was followed by the restoring of Rajm as-Saboun, Tal Abu-Qill, and Rajm al-Qinn.

Pan Arab Al Mayadeen News Channel reports: The last hours battles confirm the collapse of ISIS fortifications after the liberation of Sukhna which forced it to impose compulsory recruitment in the areas they still control to compensate its killed, and the ones who fled before the accelerated progress of the Syrian Arab Army towards Der Ezzor, from Bu Kamal axis in the east, Sukhna axis in the west, and from the northwestern countryside of Der Ezzor at Wadi Hmeimah from the banks of the Euphrates River.

The liberation of the deserts returns to the Syrian state control more than one-third of the country’s territory within the Raqqa Countryside to Tadmor (Palmyra) and from the Syrian – Iraqi borders to Der Ezzor, soon to break the siege off the SAA units protecting Der Ezzor city.

This will give back the Syrian state control over the areas with natural resources to support the economy reaching the return to the Eastern borders of the country with Iraq.

The Syrian Army’s control over the borders and its advancing towards al-Waleed border-crossing at Bu Kamal renders at-Tanf Border crossing its strategic importance useless, thus, the terrorist groups at at-Tanf were left to face its fate in an area besieged by the Syrian Army, especially after Washington stopped its program to support the terrorists at at-Tanf.

In the north of Syria, more than a thousand terrorists were killed in the ongoing infighting for influence and to control the border crossings. Hundreds fled to Turkey (Erdoganstan) while Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) took control of most of Idlib Province from the city of Idlib to Sarmada and Bab al-Hawa to Maarat Noman and Saraqeb.

The struggle between these terrorist groups have lost its ability to take the decision to launch a military operation against the positions of the Syrian Arab Army and allies spread from Aleppo and its countryside, Hama, and Latakia countryside.

Politically, Turkey has failed to stop the advances of Nusra Front and the groups classified as ‘terrorist’ pushing it to set its focus on confronting the Kurds at its borders from Ain Arab to Manbij to Afrin.

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