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National Defense Forces Clean 1 Sq. Km from ISIS in Deir Ezzor

image-NDF and SAA Clean 1 Sq Km in Cemetery Area Der Ezzor

Syrian National Defense Forces in a tense military operation managed to liberate 1 square kilometers in the Cemeteries Area between Der Ezzor City and the Military Airport.

The volunteer forces mainly from the young men and women in Der Ezzor province and around with the help of the Engineering officers and personnel in the Syrian Arab Army took over the area after a lengthy and heavy battle with the world’s filthiest filth ISIS.

The military operation started on 27th of July and lasted for 72 continuous hours was to commemorate the Syrian Arab Army Day on 1st of August, the NDF spokesperson said.

Digging trenches and fortifying positions in the 1st phase of the operation night and day while sustaining the terrorist group’s attacks, the heroes set their new perimeters only 500 meters away from the military airport.

There are about 120,000 civilians living in the city of Der Ezzor which is besieged by ISIS terrorists who came from Iraq under the very eyes and support of the US Air Forces without even trying to stop them, bomb them or inform the Syrian or Russians about them, on the contrary, the United States Air Force acted as ISIS Air Force and bombed the Syrian Arab Army post on the strategic al-Thardah Mountain that was protecting the who area and slaughtered in a continuous 50 minutes bombing 84 SAA soldiers.

The US bombing of the SAA post in September 2016 was instantly followed by a large group of ISIS terrorists storming the same post and taking control of it. In case anybody still doubts how the ISIS became so strong in both Syria and Iraq.

US regime of Donald Trump continuing the Obama regime plans wants to cut off the rich in oil and land for agriculture northeast of Syria and gift it to a new state they’re working on to grow current Iraqi Kurdistan, and in the south there are other plans: US Invades Syria to Establish Buffer Zones.

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