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SAA Advances in Deir Ezzor ISIS Loses More than 1,500 in the Cemeteries Area

image-SAA Kills More than 400 ISIS Terrorists in Der Ezzor

Heroic Syrian Arab Army and its allies withstood the fiercest attack by thousands of ISIS anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists Suicide Bombers in Deir Ezzor, thousands of them came from Mosul under the cover of the US Air Force and its fake coalition against terror. The same US air force that targeted an SAA post on Thardeh Mountains September 2016 killing 82 SAA soldiers and allowing this breach of ISIS into the area.

The Syrian Arab Army moved from defensive to offensive, brought in reinforcements into its positions in the city where they protect over 120,000 civilians, and managed to push ISIS to the defensive gaining large parts of the land lost to the terrorist organization a month ago.

Feras Jahham, National Defense Forces Commander in Deir Ezzor confirmed ISIS terrorists sustained more than 1,500 killed in the battles in the cemetery area saying ‘the cemetery became theirs’ as in their final destiny and adding: ‘If these are their losses, you can imagine how many were their numbers when they attacked Deir Ezzor last month’.

Our previous report dated January 20, 2017, has put the number of ISIS terrorists killed by the SAA in the cemetery area at 400, the SAA has killed another 1,100 of them in the past 18 days alone. That’s more than 61 ISIS terrorists killed per day by the SAA units in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor alone.

General Hassan al-Muhammad, Commander of the Syrian Arab Army in the Eastern Sector of Syria, is comfortable ‘the situation is good in general, and the air force raids have been very effective’ in accompanying the military operations in the area. The General added ‘within the coming couple of days we will connect with our comrades in the eastern sector of the city’.

This is an exclusive report by pan-Arab al-Mayadeen news channel from SAA positions near Deir Ezzor:

SAA Reclaims Large Areas in Deir Ezzor

The SAA withstood their positions in the city and near it towards the military airport for over 2 years until the last US ‘mistake’ crime assisting ISIS.

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