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Russia Vetoed UNSC Draft for Al-Qaeda Free Logistics Flow into Syria

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As anticipated and promised Russia and China vetoed the new attempt of NATO member states at the UNSC to extend the free passage for al-Qaeda into Syria for another 12 months for the 7th year, since 2014.

During the past 6 years, there was no sufficient real humanitarian aid that went through those crossings sanctioned by the UNSC in its infamous resolution 2165 for 2014, whatever real aid, food and medicine, reached were ‘entrusted’ to members of al-Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front aka HTS to distribute to the civilians, which as it’s widely known now they were stockpiling the aid and selling little of it at very high prices to the civilians who are in dire need living in the ‘oases’ and ‘democracy havens’, these terrorists control.

The other aid that crossed generously and easily into Idlib and the other regions, through the above-mentioned crossings, unchecked, were the Turkish-provided poisoned vaccines which killed 36 Syrian children, and tonnes of weapons provided by the same NATO member states whose representatives at the United Nations flooded its headquarters ‘virtually through the video meeting’ with their crocodile tears over the suffering of the Syrian people!

The crossings that Syria and its allies Russia and China want to be closed are the makeshift border-crossings from NATO member state Turkey in the north, from the UK-controlled Jordan in the south through At-Tanf area where the US holds thousands of Syrians hostages in a remote desert area in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp, and a third one from the US-occupied Iraq northeast of Syria.

Suffering of Displaced Syrians in the Rukban Concentration Camp
Suffering of Displaced Syrians in the Rukban Concentration Camp

The ambassador of the embattled Trump to the United Nations Kelly Craft disrespecting the UN Charter and its mechanisms threatened to carry on acts circumventing the UNSC resolutions through illegal means: “The U.S. will not relent in its efforts to reach those in need in Syria” she said after their failure to pass their resolution.

Less than a week ago the same ambassador threatened to have ‘Mass Graves’ of innocent Syrians if their intended resolution gets blocked by Russia, she told Fox News in an interview last Wednesday in an Orwellian style and just adding one more million to the ‘3 million Syrians’, since nobody pays attention and she can sell her story better: “What we’re really focused on in the Council is the outcome, and that is saving lives, that’s reaching over 4 million Syrians. And if we don’t, the COVID outbreak is going to … I hate to say this … it’s going to be mass graves of very innocent people.”

Trump UN Ambassador Kelly Craft warns of Mass Graves in Idlib
Trump’s UN Ambassador Kelly Craft warns of Mass Graves in Idlib if Russia blocks the free flow of logistics to al-Qaeda – interview with Foxnews 01 July 2020

Diplomats and politicians take such ‘warnings’ as credible threats. Interpreting her words: If you don’t allow free flow of logistics to our sponsored terrorists who we spent dearly on over the past decade to destroy the last sovereign and secular nation in the region, Syria, we will spread COVID among the civilians there and cause an outbreak of the virus leading to ‘mass graves’, reminding us with the infamous war criminal who headed the US State Department who when questioned about the half a million Iraqi babies dying of the US-imposed sanctions on Iraq, said: ‘the price is worth it’.

Syria is one of the least infected countries in the world with the ‘pandemic’, the US has imposed severe sanctions last month dubbed Caesar Act crippling the Syrian government’s ability to import needed food and medicine essentials to cater for its 18 million citizens living in the cities and regions under the control of the Syrian state, the EU also renewed for one year their inhumane similar sanctions against Syria early last month, they didn’t bother for their suffering or the possibility of the virus outbreak there.

USA and Turkey and their terrorists burning Syria wheat fields
Trump and Erdogan burn Syrian wheat fields in regions under the control of the Turkish and US armies and their Al-Qaeda and Kurdish SDF affiliates: Trump’s maximum pressure policy.

What Trump’s ambassador says is exactly what her boss is doing in his ‘maximum pressure’ policy against the Syrian people.

Russia, in a counter draft resolution, offered to extend one passage through the previously legitimate cross-border of Bab Al Hawa for six months, instead. International law must be restored, invading countries directly and through herds of tens of thousands of terrorists under humanitarian guise should be stopped.

The Syrian people have had enough of this US-led War of Terror waged against them.

What’s surprising though is the vote drafted by the 2 NATO and UNSC member states Germany and Belgium was approved by the 11 other member states including India and Tunisia, both were recently elected to the United Nations Security Council as non-permanent members, the first, India, is the world’s largest democracy and the second, Tunisia, is supposed to be the example of ‘success’ in Arab Spring ‘democracies’, the first under Prime Minister Modi preferred aligning with the USA and Mr. Modi’s personal mentor and close friend the Israeli Netanyahu, maybe in exchange for their promise to help in the face of the newly escalated tensions with China and against the minority Muslim community in India (195 million of them!).

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli War Criminal Netanyahu
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli War Criminal Netanyahu February 2019

Syria was hoping that India will play a constructive role as a new UNSC member, that is what Dr. Jaafari told his Indian counterpart, India had other thoughts:

“I am confident that India will play a constructive role during its membership of the Security Council to help maintain the international peace and security away from politicization and interventional agendas”

Tunisia facing the economic hardship of following the US camp is still under the direct occupation of Qatar through the Muslim Brotherhood faction ‘An Nahda’ which controls the majority of the parliament and promised to receive some dollars from the USA. Tunisia is also NATO’s ‘non-member ally’ as per a treaty signed between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood controlling the country.

Russia already delivering humanitarian aid all the way to areas where Trump forces and the Kurdish separatists operate in northeastern Syria, Hasakah province through Damascus:

The new compromised resolution introduced by Russia which includes the extension of one border crossing for six months, only, is expected to be voted on later this evening.

In the meantime, Russia and to a lesser extent China, have to face the onslaught demonizing western mainstream and diplomatic campaigns for their attempts to uphold the international law breached and shredded by NATO member states, and to uphold what’s left of the United Nations own Charter.

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