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Fourteen New COVID-19 Positive Cases Reported today in Syria

Coronavirus COVID 19 positive cases in Syria - Syria News

COVID-19 is not over yet, the pandemic or season flu with no cure yet, still adding further pressure on the Syrian people, in addition to Trump and Erdogan, and other suffering these two embattled but dangerous are connected to.

The Syrian Ministry of Health added 14 new cases to its toll since the first case of the virus in Syria, the total today stands at 372 cases.

Out of the total cases, 126 cases were cured and 14 died while being infected with the virus, as per the ministry.

Unlike previous announcements, the Ministry of Health didn’t include in its statement where were the cases discovered, only referring to the new cases as occurring among those who were in contact with previous cases.

The first case in Syria was discovered on 22nd March, earlier this year, with someone returning to the country, the first death of someone who had the virus was on the 29th of the same month March 2020.

Syria is under severe sanctions by a US unilateral sanctions regime dubbed Caesar Act, the main purpose of this act is to prevent Syrians from rebuilding their country and limiting the Syrian Armed Forces from the capabilities needed to fight al-Qaeda and its derivatives in Syria. Trump demands that Syria give him for free within these coming months any help in a virtual victory he could use to get re-elected with his chances are growing slimmer by the day due to his incompetency in his years in office.

The Turkish madman and Ottoman Caliph wannabe Erdogan has similar dreams but he’s more dangerous than Trump as he directly controls herds of tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood brainwashed terrorists. He’s using these terrorists in different regions in the north, northwest, and northeast of Syria to Israelize the region from his side, and the Kurdish SDF separatists from the other side. The Turkish Pariah Erdogan is also recycling his terrorists throughout the countries he wants to include in his Neo-Ottoman Empire.

The European Union is no less in their criminality assisting the US in its inhumane sanctions against the Syrian people, despite the pandemic and despite their own financial issues and problems, they renewed their unilateral sanctions against Syria earlier last month June for one more year.

They, the USAians and the Europeans say that healthcare equipment food essentials are exempted from the sanctions but their sanctions on the Syrian banking system and trade make it impossible for the Syrians to buy even the much needed medical threads used in surgical operations.

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