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Russia Delegates Arrive in Syria, Bring 160 Tons of Humanitarian Aid

Russia Sends 160 Tons of Humanitarian Aid

Russia delegates arrived in Damascus on Saturday, bringing 160 tons of humanitarian aid, and other goodwill. Holding a delivery ceremony at the airport, Major General Mikhail Mezentsev “expressed his country’s continued support for Syria and the Syrian people, and reaffirmed the Federation’s status as “a reliable ally and strategic partner.”

Russia sappers clear 966 hectares of liberated Aleppo, of explosives left behind by terrorist.

Russia sappers begin demining liberated Deir Ezzor facilities

Noting that the major reason for “the difficult economic situation” in Syria involves the unilateral coercive economic measures of various western countries (in breach of the United Nations Charter, which requires a Security Council resolution), Gen. Mzentsev stated full support also for Syria’s efforts to repatriate its externally displaced countrymen.

In comparison:

Russian humanitarian aid deliveries to Syria started in April 2020, prior to that and even during the decade-long US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people, Syria was a self-sufficient state in all essentials and was a leading exporter of high quality less costly medicine in the region among other basics of food and consumables.

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