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Syria Launches Work on a 110 MW Solar Power Project in Adra Ind. City

Adra Industrial City - Damascus Syria

Syria launched the work on a solar power project aimed to produce 110 Mega Watts in the industrial city of Adra, north of the capital Damascus.

Part of rebuilding and developing the Syrian economy after the decade-long US-led war of terrorism and war of attrition against the country, the Syrian government main focus is on restoring the electricity sector; the electricity sector faced systematic destruction by the US-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ of Al Qaeda and its affiliates and derivatives.

Before the US-led regime change in Syria, Syria was producing electric power enough for its population, industries, and development, and was exporting the excess to neighboring countries like Lebanon.

The new solar power in the Adra Industrial City said this project is a step toward providing sufficient electric power for the city’s industrial needs and providing the excess to the national grid. This is the second project depending on alternative and renewable energy sources after the project in the Hasiya Industrial City in Homs province, a third is considered for Aleppo where a solar energy project to produce 42 MW is under implementation.

Syria’s shortage in electricity is not only due to the direct targeting by the US-sponsored Al Qaeda freedom fighters, Biden forces occupy Syria’s main oil and gas fields in northeast Syria and ship the production to neighboring Iraq to finance the black operations of ISIS there. The country’s thermal electric plants would generate enough power needed once the Syrian Arab Army liberates the oil and gas fields from Al Qaeda, the Kurdish SDF separate terrorists, and their NATO Turkish and US sponsors.

President Bashar Assad visited Adra Industrial City last month, June, and one of the main concerns raised by the city’s industrialists was the shortage of electric power, the Syrian president promised to find solutions for the pressing issue due to the importance of the industrial sector for the Syrian economy on all aspects.

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  1. Roy Booher

    Wow! Not like putting a lot of faith in your two psychopathic neighbors that they won’t throw stones at your green house. Anyway, maybe you can stall the installation and put in the infrastructure first, and then put in perovskite panels and not silicon, save your nation buku bucks.

  2. Roy Booher

    Yeah, I need a rest, I’m reading this thing about the equations for the second time, just trying to grasp the full implications of it, lay people don’t know it yet, but God has just laid down at the feet of humanity all the secrets to the universe, if we wanted to, we could build a thousand earth’s on just this one planet alone.


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