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Deir Ali Electric Power Station Expansion in Operation Despite Sanctions

Der Ali Electric Power Station Damascus Countryside

Deir Ali Power Station second expansion is put in the operational trial, a new achievement by the Syrian Ministry of Electricity in the important power plant in the southeastern Damascus Countryside.

This power station in particular and the whole Syrian electric sector was a constant preferred target for the NATO-sponsored ‘Rebels’ who wanted to bring ‘democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ to the Syrian people by bombing the essential assets the Syrians needed in their daily lives.

We hope this gives an awakening shock to those who still think there was a ‘peaceful revolution’ in Syria and it was a ‘spontaneous public uprising’ and not a NATO regime change operation from the very beginning, we’re sure many will still remain under the brainwashing western mainstream propaganda convincing them that the Syrian Arab Army soldiers are killing their own families and that Al-Qaeda Wahhabi terrorists coming from all sides of the world with the help of the Syrian people enemies are there to protect the Syrian people from their fathers, brothers, and sisters in the Syrian armed forces.

Deir Ali power station comprises of the main station and three expansion phases, two have been completed, the second of which was just put in trial operation, and 40% progress in the third phase achieved so far, the second phase expansion will have a full capacity of producing 750 Mega Watts and costs 670 million Euros.

500 Mega Watts will be produced from two gas-powered turbines with a capacity of 250 Mega Watts each, and a third steam turbine with a capacity of 250 Mega Watt, making the total electric power produced from the second expansion phase 750 Mega Watts.

Deir Ali Combined Cycle Power Plant supports the Syrian grid with 1500 Mega Watts, its second expansion phase commenced in 2011 and was completed during the crisis where the workers were building and NATO-sponsored ‘Freedom Fighters’ were bombing their work and the workers as well in targeted killings.

Read (video included) The Syrian Electric Army for further insight on the suffering and sacrifices of these unknown heroes.

The station and its expansions are done and maintained using Syrian experience due to the complete blockade and sanctions imposed on the Syrian people by the United States of America and its European Union lackeys.

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