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Syria: This Is Why We Call Them Rats

Qussayr Rats

Years of experience gained in digging tunnels to support the besieged Gaza gave Hamas the idea of digging an underworld all over Syria to aid their ‘brothers’ in the international Muslim Brotherhood organization working in Syria under the umbrella name of FSA.

A whole network of tunnels are discovered in each town infested by the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists starting with Baba Amro suburb in Homs last year. In Darayya town in Damascus countryside there was a tunnel 7 kilometers long reaching the Damascus International Airport Road. It’s no coincidence that Hamas would turn its back against Syria when their Muslim Brotherhood organization received the instructions from their MI6 enablers as they thought time was due for the anti-Islamic Islamist Wahhabi Caliphate to be announced, especially after they started gathering power in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, while they had already Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Gaza Strip.

It was late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who was the first to call the NATO freedom fighters ‘rats’.

While fighting in Qussayr city, Homs countryside, the Syrian Arab Army units were keen on locating tunnels, and they found a network there, the following tunnel was discovered by an SAA unit which managed to raid it from both sides eliminating all members of the terrorist command group that was living in this underground den, in their normal habitat.

Video also available on BitChute: (

You may also want to check the following video aired last year of a ‘captain in the FSA’ who was flushed out of one of the sewerage tunnels to find out that this captain was only a shepherd lured into posing as an FSA due to his ‘looks’ and was offered an amount of money he couldn’t raise his entire life even if he owned the sheep he was grazing:

Honestly? We’re starting to run out of bad slurs to describe these terrorists due to their low crimes they commit and the lifestyle they command, yet there are still some ‘Sheeple’ in the west played by their own governments to believe it’s a ‘spontaneous public uprising’ in Syria and they need to support it.

A typical western family following mainstream media
A typical western family following mainstream media

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