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Syria: FSA-Thugs give Hezbollah 24-hour Deadline

Hezbollah (Photo: Al-Akhbar - Marwan Bu Haidar)

The foreign-backed jihadists and fighters have given the Lebanese resistance Movement Hezbollah an ultimatum to stop the support of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the battles. According to the reports and statements of some thugs of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the radical militants fighting the secular government and nation of Syria have given Hezbollah 24 hours to stop their fighting alongside the troops of the Syrian army.

The pseudo-commander of the US-backed militants on Syrian soil, the so-called Brigadier General Salim Idris, spoke about this ultimatum against the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah in a telephone interview with the (what a surprise!) biased propaganda agency al-Arabiya news channel, located in the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia. The interview was conducted yesterday.

The warning of this rat of the foreign-backed Islamists and gunmen in Syria comes just a day after the so-called Brigadier General Salim Idris had a meeting with the US Senator John McCain on Syrian soil and again, the crossing over the Turkish border into Syria was easy. It is still a problem and it still raises many questions.

The US Senator John McCain spoke with the Brigadier General Salim Idris and other alleged high ranks of the radical groups of militants and US-sponsored jihadists. Not to mention the usual al-Qaeda thugs and thus, there is no option to deny that these armed jihadists and fighters, who are far away from any democratic rebellion or revolution, are backed by the US administration under the led of the drone-warrior Barack Obama. The United States have created al-Qaeda, according to Hillary Clinton. Thus, why not using them again? The administration of the United States never cared about what might happen afterwards as long as their support and teamwork with Islamists, jihadists and dubious people could lead to the intended “aims”.

Hezbollah (Photo: Al-Akhbar - Marwan Bu Haidar)
(Photo: Al-Akhbar – Marwan Bu Haidar)

The pseudo-leader Brigadier General Salim Idris has not mentioned the actions of the foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria and on Turkish soil, near the Syrian border, if the Lebanese resistance movement refuses to accept the warning and starts to withdraw from Syrian soil and to stop their support alongside the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the fights against such armed thugs and uneducated human resources, who are supported by such “democratic nations” as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but also by some European governments, Israel, and last but not least, the United States. If the American people or European people would know the truth about the events in Syria and the actions of their governments, they would demand the arrest of their governments, at least.

Meanwhile, Nasrallah has defended the interventions of Hezbollah in the battles against the armed jihadists and mercenaries. For example, Nasrallah said recently that if the foreign-backed militants claim victory in Syria they will come after Lebanon. Not to mention that some of these thugs and Islamists are best friends of Israel and thus, very strange freedom fighters while they are fighting on the wrong soil – for money, fame, radical religious nonsense and the “benefits” of the implemented free sex jihad, made possible by uneducated females and damnable humans, while it often is nothing else than a pure rape of women, may they be educated or not, that does not matter. Crime is crime.

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  1. Mikko

    SAA and its allies have a lot of friends and supporters here in Europe. Problem is press and other public sources only publish anti-assad propaganda so therefore people get wrong picture of the whole situation.


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