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President Assad Visits the Industrial City of Hassia, Meets with the Workers

Syria President Assad in Hassia Industrial City - 03 May 2021

President Bashar Assad visited the Industrial City of Hassia in Homs province today and greeted the workers on Labour Day, and met with the industrialists, and was briefed on the difficulties they face in light of the blockade imposed on the country by the US-led fake humanitarian evil camp.

The Syrian Presidency which reported the visit said: During the visit, President Assad met with workers, technicians, and factory owners, and held talks with them about the production process, its requirements, and ways to support this process, stressing that increasing production is the most important goal for the advancement of the economy and the investment of available human and technical energies.

The video is also on YouTube and Bitchute.

President Assad considered that a country that does not produce is not an independent country, and that working in conditions of war, in addition to being an honor and morality, also becomes a defense of the homeland.

“Meeting with workers is an honor, visiting workers and meeting them in places of production is an honor for any human being because the worker carries the values of work. You are creating the future for future generations through the dedication of production and dedication of knowledge.”

President Bashar Assad – Hassia Industrial City 03 May 2021

President Assad likes to surprise visit sectors of the Syrian people, the workers at their factories and work sites, the farmers in their lands, the soldiers on the frontlines, students in their schools and colleges, and the families in their homes, to check on their needs and support them in their struggle going through the burdens of life exacerbated by the US-led war of terror, direct invasion, and war of attrition topped with the blockade imposed on any country or company that deals with Syria.

The fake humanitarians of the USA and its European and regional stooges have worked overtime to destroy Syria using tens of thousands of proxy terrorists, stealing Syria’s resources especially oil and wheat, and lately stealing Syria’s share of the Euphrates water by NATO member state Turkey, and by blocking Syria’s banks access to international markets while threatening any entity that deals with Syria of sanctions. The USA and its stooges pirated ships delivering fuel to the Syrian people, they prioritized destroying Syria, killing Syrians, maiming and orphaning Syrian children, destroying their homes over building their own economies, and catering for their own people.

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