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Joseph Biden Forces Steal More Syrian Wheat to Feed ISIS in Iraq

Biden forces in Syria - USA - Trump - Obama - Kurds SDF -I SIS

Biden forces operating illegally in Syria to support ISIS and the separatist Kurds stole a new quantity of wheat stored in Tal Alo Silos and smuggled it into Iraq to feed their ISIS-affiliated terrorists, local sources confirmed.

The Syrian news agency SANA also reported on the latest food theft from the mouths of the Syrian people saying: ‘a convoy of 32 trucks loaded with stolen wheat from the Tal Alo was removed by the US occupation forces guarded by (Kurdish) SDF militia into Iraq’s territories through the illegal Al Waleed border crossing.’

Local sources told Syria News that the Kurdish SDF separatists are using the stick and the carrot to buy the wheat from the Syrian farmers offering much higher prices than what the Syrian state is offering relying on their deep pockets filled with US taxpayers money, and those farmers refusing to sell their wheat to the Kurds or their US patrons get their fields burned out or stolen anyway, many farmers kidnapped along with their sons and taken to concentration camps to be used as cannon fodders against their own people in the Kurdistan project to establish a second Israel over lands they occupy in northern Syria.

The ‘most inclusive and diverse’ Biden’s junta at the White House continue its predecessor’s policies in Syria by looting Syria’s oil and wheat, wheat is Syria’s main food staple, to deprive the Syrian state of its main source to feed its 16.5 million citizens living in regions under its control and to deprive them of fuel needed to bake their bread, fuel their factories, their electrical stations, and to run their cars.

Hundreds of trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat have been smuggled from Syria to Turkey by Al Qaeda and ISIS affiliates working for the Turkish madman Erdogan, and to Iraq by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists who the Biden’s top general in the region said in a recent interview: ‘the Kurds provide excellent security to his forces when smuggling wheat and oil from Syria.’

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Different clowns same policy and same criminality, nothing good comes from the USA, nothing good ever came out of that country built on skulls and bones of the people of America.

  2. Greg Casey

    The sooner SAA clear Idlib & concentrate on blowing US out of the lands on the east bank of the Euphrates that were never Kurd lands and never formed any part of the Kurd Homeland, the better for all concerned. These lands have been the lands of the Assyrian people for thousands of years & were the first Christian homeland in the world. During 1910, 1911 & 1912 the British prepared an ethnographic map of Syria, eastern Turkey, Iraq & western Iran – known as Maunsell’s Ethnographic Map which clearly shows that the lands which became the Syrian Arab Republic held no Kurds apart from a small number just NW of Raqqa and a scattering on the Iraq/Turkey/Syria border on the banks of the river Tigris. You cannot have a situation where <30% of the population on east bank of Euphrates is gifted the right to compel 70% to bow – or as has been the case with Kurds throughout 19th+20 C’s, a requirement to submit to them or suffer Genocide as was the fate of Assyrian & Armenian Christians. Little wonder the rabid Zionists are so invested in seeking to ensure that Kurds can flip NE Syria from Damascus but what will be extraordinary is that if SDF + PKKK succeed, they will have created a mini Kurd Statelet on lands that were never Kurdish.

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