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Paris, Sinai, Syria – the Western Double Standards

Car explosion in Waar residential neighborhood in Homs killed 6 & injured over 30 civilians

Car explosion in Waar residential neighborhood in Homs killed 6 & injured over 30 civilians

You did assume people in western Europe had lost their religion and would not believe in God anymore? You thought, the french revolution, the bolshevik revolution or at least McDonlads finally made the once dominating Christian religion to a sect of the fewest? You thought, the masses were materialistic and following the agenda of capitalism with a happy smile? How false did you guess! Western people are true and deep believers. Give them some incidend, hysterically blown up by the mainstream-media, and masses will believe, will follow the broad way paved for them. Like sheep do.

I accept you need a proof: How about this?
Just hours after the dreadful attacks in Paris, which have to be condemmed, THOUSANDS of Facebook-users almost simultaneously changed their profile pictures, now showing their face with the french flag. Amazon and Google – global corporations – immediatly came up with the french flag. TV and radio channels broadcast on the “terror attacks” all day.

There is a giant flood of blabla, a giant flood of images and a giant flood of cheap virtual “solidarity”. With Paris. With France. Vive la France!

What do you think do the masses really KNOW about what happened? To which extend did they gain valid information on what occured? And, just asking, did they recognise that there were dozens of syrian children, women and men being slaughtred, the very same day?

You may bet the masses do know that much, or better: that little, about terrorism like they knew the day before the attacks. They may think they know what counts, but in reality, they were and are being fed with propaganda, hysteria, allegations, assumptions, rumors, all nicely cooked to a really nice piece of propaganda shit. “Before it’s news, it’s Reuters” – how could we ignore this!

The only thing the mainstream corporate media, the mouthpieces of the Real European God named Ignorance, unfortunatly ‘missed’ to do was and is: to thoroughly INFORM their consumers.

The masses may know the names of the locations where, alas, innocent people were killed in a brutal terror attack staged by the french and maybe foreign secret service. The masses also know this attack is not to be blamed on those who actually ordered, planned and performed it – the République francaise, but on “Muslims”, on “Jihadists” coming from Syria. Of course, the whole thing was made to blame it on the Muslims and to use it as a pretext for further strikes on Syria.

Evidence? The french airforce conducted attacks on Raqqah – a “revenge”. Let that sink in for a second: in a blatant aggression against Syria, a violation of international law, the french state again bombs Syria and, in the worst case, hurt those who are completly innocent for the attacks in Paris. Syria is again being hit by the very same french government that first createt terrorist groups as proxies to fight in Syria and now is claiming to fight terrorism. Jews call this “Chuzpa”(chuzpe), and I think that word fits.

You are confused now? Never mind. Who would not be confused being confronted with the shimmering fact that those western leaders who loudly and massivly claim to “fight terrorism” (by illegally bombing civilians and infrastructure in a foreign nation) are the very same who made the terror. Or did we forget it was France who openly supported the so-called “uprise” in Syria from the very first minute? Did we forget it was the french FM Laurent Fabius who, in 2012, stated that the legitimate syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad “does not have the right to live on this planet”? What else than murder would this mean, being transformed into action? Did we forget it was France (together with the ugliest terrorist in history, the UK, and USA, EU, Turkey, Qatar) who created the so called “Syrian National Coalition, a bunch of criminals who were selected by the criminal psychopaths ruling the USA and EU? The “SNC” was created by the western leaders to label the western puppets “sole and legitimate representation of the Syrian people” and to use it as a tool for the western colonial agenda. Did we forget that France (together with Turkey) created the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA)? Did we forget the FSA committed the massacres of Al-Houla, Homs, Tremseh, Al-Ghouta? Did we forget we watched videos of FSA-“moderate rebels” eating organs of Syrian soldiers, beheading officers of the Syrian army, and executing hostages? Did we forget the pictures of little girls being raped and killed? Did we forget we watched the videos of FSA throwing civilians from a bridge and a rooftop of a house? Did we forget it was the french-made FSA that commited attacks on civilians with chemical weapons given to them by Turkey? Did we forget all the horrible pictures? Did we forget the FSA filmed her terrorists committing the most savage, most brutal atrocities – until the US-armed “Islamic State in Syria and Iraq” (ISIS) appeared on the dancefloor and made it possible to screw it even harder? Did we forget it was the US-led “coalition”, recently joined by France, which bombed syrian infrastructure instead of ISIS?

No, we did not forget these facts. They are clear and visible to us. But they are hidden to the masses. The masses rely on the propaganda-fabrications of the mainstream media like addicts do rely on their drug-dealers. The masses are not seeing these facts. They are too dumb, too less informed, too bainwashed. And for sure, the masses are far too ignorant on the subject of colonialism. What do the masses ‘know’? The masses know that the west is fighting a bloody dictator who kills his people AND the terrorists fighting this dictator at the very same time. To the masses, the western leaders do appear as knights of humanity. They see heroes where there are bloody killers. The masses are blindly followin manipulations. It is easier to post “Pray for Paris”-stickers and to turn your profile picture to the french-flag-shit: Like what all like, do what all do. Because you are told to do so.

These people are no individuals, they are manipulated zombies. They are lucky slaves, thinking they were well-informed individuals. And busy watching kitten videos…

Maybe, this judgement appears too harsh for you.

Well, then, how about the “solidarity”-hysteria, when only weeks before Paris a russian jet crashed in Sinai, due to a terror attack by the western-made ISIS-terrorgang, and all passendgers died? What about Google and Amazon waving the russian flag, what about thousands of users changing their profile pics to demonstrate their “solidarity”? What about “revenge”-rhetorics on the media? What about “passports” being shown on TV, allegedly hinting at the terrorist’s background? You have not seen anything of this, because it did not happen. No flags. No solidarity. Even no business, as, unlike now, no retailer sold “Pray for Russia”-shirts on Ebay just three hours after the incident. And no-one did inform” his followers about the incident on Twitter just before it happened. So, why are people being in passionate concern for for the victims of terror in Paris, but do not care for the russian victims of the very same terrorists (presumably)? Why these double standards?

And what about the hundreds of thousands Syrians who had been killed in the bloody proxy war imposed on Syria by France (and the other western terroristic entities)? Why do people, who claim to be passionate about the fate of poor french civilians being killed in a staged atatck, give nothing for the fate of Syrians being killed by the french mercenaries? Why do people call for bombing Syria after one drowned child had been photographed at a turkish beach, not regarding this bombing will kill hundreds of syrian children?

Syrian Children
Syrian Children

Why this cold-hearted ignorance on he one hand, and the hysteria on the other?

Because it is all staged. An orwellian matrix is unfolding its perfectly designed show on us. We are being manipulated. And the masses watch the show and buy the message. The message
is easy to buy, it is simple, and this makes it comfortable to buy fabrications instead of thinking by your own.

Proven by evidence, the western masses are mentally disordered, braindead zombies.

As soon as you ask the “cui bono”-question (“who profits”), you will get your nose sticked deep into the tracks, your eyes will detect the fingerprints all over the place, and your intellect will present you the most logical explanation.

The French authorities now dare to state the terror-attack was made in Syria. I just read this headline: “The trace leads to Syria”. Maybe. Maybe it was planned by some of the intellectually more capable ISIS (aka Mossad / CIA/ MI-6)-thugs who had been illegally deployed to Syria by France and its allies to destroy Syria and topple the legitimate president. But even if the bad guys are in Syria now (where they had been brough to after they destroyed Libya), the origin of terror is located in the Elysée-palace and at Qay d’Orsay, Paris, France. The french president, the french regime and the french secret services are responsible for creating, arming, funding and directing terrorist gangs in Syria.

By international law, this has to be regarded as terrorism. The french government has staged a false flag operation on french territory, causing the death of french civilians, to push her anti-syrian agenda and to make the french people be afraid of terror, using this panic and fear as a pretext for harsh cuts of domestic civil rights. By hysterically showing passion for “Paris”, by hysterically applauding the killing of syrian children under the disguise of “war on terror” or “anti-terror-coalition”, the western masses do give away not only their civil rights but also destroy their legitimation for being called humans. The results will be

The masses believe everything that is cheap and easy to buy. The masses of Europe do have a God. They pray to this God and fully obey to his instructions. This God is the Ignorance, caused and fed by excellent psychological propaganda. This propaganda is being fabricated by the secret services, the political advisory boards, the think-tanks. The media spead the propaganda. This elite is telling you what the elite wants you to know. You are part of the dumb masses as soon and as long as you accept what you are being told, as you obey to what you are instructed. Obedience is the indication of a manipulated mass-
civilization. But, relax: There is a way leading out of this horrible and shameful matrix:


By the way: your brain was given you by the real God. Use it.

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