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Terrorists Are Enemies of Islam

War on terror is actually war on Islam

The main source of Islam and all its rituals, beliefs, guidances and style of life is the Holy Quran. The collection of verses revelated to prophet Muhammad from Allah (God) through archangel Gabriel. It’s the Muslims constitution.

A Muslim must follow the instructions in Quran without deviating and after understanding all related matters about any particular instruction, no cherry picking in Islam. Muslims must understand each verse in Quran, the words, the different meaning of words, the reason the verse was introduced, the full context of the verse and then discuss it with other learned Muslims if still there are any doubts. The main thing is the instructions must follow logic and common sense when it’s related to material matters, the do and do not.

An instruction in the Holy Quran do not come in contradiction to another, or in very rare cases where an implementation of a rule came in gradually like the case the prohibition of alcohol in Islam.

Contrary to what some western and Zionist owned mainstream media tries to imply about Islam is the peaceful nature of the religion and the explicit very strict prohibiting of killing human beings in Islam and the rules where it is applied like in the event of self defense for instance, or the death penalty against killers or those who carry out mischief in the land, and even those there’s an alternative to killing those criminals which is expelling from the land.

Terrorist organizations emerging in the world spreading fear and horror among people are seen by Muslims, mainstream Muslims, as anti-Islamic criminals backed by enemies of Islam to further some evil agendas in the world. Have you not noticed that for each non Muslim killed by these terrorists there are tens if not hundreds of Muslims they killed? Have you not noticed that main terrorist attacks take place in cities and towns of Muslim populations like in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen aren’t other Muslim countries? Have you not counted how many Mosques and Muslim worshiping places have been destroyed by these terrorist groups?

I invite you to search the net for the crimes committed against and in Muslim countries by ISIS, alQaeda, Nusra Front (alQaeda Levant branch), FSA, Muslim Brotherhood and other groups created by Western powers. Or have you already forgotten that alQaeda and all its derivatives have been created by the CIA? Funded by the USA and its allies and emerged and flourished wherever the US have interfered militarily?

The following video clip was published in October 2012, long before ISIS during the days of Freedom Fighters of the Free Syrian Army, the terrorist groups created by the CIA to fight againt the Syrian Arab Army and when your media was telling you fairy tales about peaceful protests met by brutality of a dictator:

These terrorist groups do not follow the Holy Quran instructions, they, in fact commit acts prohibited in the Holy book in so many chapters, especially the crimes they commit against other Muslims accusing them of not being Muslims enough as per their definition of Islam they obtained from the CIA doctrine. Muslims call these groups ‘Takfiris’, which means those who deny the Islam of others. The Holy Quran as we mentioned in this former post does not allow the killing of humans from other religions to force them into Islam. Obviously, these Takfiri groups are into their acts non Muslims and definitely they are real enemies of Islam.

The following verse from Surah An-Nissa (Women Chapter, the 4th chapter of Quran) explains enough how these terrorists do not follow the instructions of their supposed to be constitution, the Holy Quran, thus make them criminals deserving the appropriate punishment in Islam.

image - Quran instructions defacing Takfiri terrorists
Quran instructions defacing Takfiri terrorists

And when they do kill other believers then they deserve the heaviest punishment promised to them by God in the verse that preceded the above:

image - Terrorists punishment in Islam as it's mentioned ithe Holy Quran
Terrorists punishment in Islam as it’s mentioned in the Holy Quran

Next time you hear in the news the media channel trying to link a terrorist act with Islam, know for sure you are being fooled, deceived and used to attack people who never posed any threat to you just for some of the military industrialists need your money and you’ll be used to serve your own real enemies evil agendas.

Sheeple Family
A typical western family following mainstream media

Now you western citizens tell us please how do you see these terrorists as Muslims and what are you going to do to stop your governments from dropping tens of tonnes of advanced weapons to these terrorist groups, financing them with your hard earned tax money, training them in camps run by your own non-intellegent intelligence agencies and what you will do to stop the killing of Muslims in their own countries under the guise of exporting to them ‘democracy’ you lack in your own countries?

Have you ever wondered why ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA or the original alQaeda never attacked Israel? 

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  1. borhan

    Alhamdulillah. Good article about the true understanding Islam of the Holy Quran.
    In reality all the true Muslims knew very well that only one of the 73 Muslim groups will be accepted by Allah, the one Muslim group that follows the Holy Quran and Hadiths shahih

  2. akhtar

    We Muslims must unite without making any distinctions because our God is same and our prophet is same. But our enemies are many some visible and some deceptive……. Let us love each other and realise and ponder over why Islam came and what is its mission and objective. What our prophet would think if had earthly life today…… Thank u for the article…..


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